by Amitakh Stanford
(republished from the Nara site)
26 January 2006

from Xee-ATwelve Website

Spanish version



The ruling elite is trying to hold things together on the physical level so they can maintain the appearance of normality. However, they know very well that the systems they set up are rapidly failing.

The climate is heating up as the glacial ice melts away. The ruling elite are employing misdirection to divert people's attention from the truth. Even many of those who are sincerely working to expose global warming are stuck in the ruling elite's trap of examining the greenhouse gas effects and arguing for the Kyoto protocols instead of going deeper into the issue.


The Antarctic Peninsula is melting away, but the condition of the Ross Ice Shelf is much more serious. The ruling elite want the public to focus their attention on the Antarctic Peninsula instead of the Ross Ice Shelf.



The inner Earth is collapsing and the beings inside the Earth are experiencing extreme difficulties. The cube-shaped suns within the Earth are spinning faster and producing tremendous instability and catastrophic occurrences in the inner Earth.

The alien wars are expanding and the aliens are becoming bolder in their approaches.


Many of the battles are fought in the air under the guise of severe thunder and lightning storms, which are becoming more commonplace. People around the globe have reported hearing loud explosions that sound like booms that are muffled by surrounding thunder. Many people now suspect that these are unnatural storms despite the cover stories the ruling elite are feeding the media and meteorologists.

New "designer" diseases are being spread around the globe. Human minds are being tampered with more and more. People are being invisibly injected during waking and sleeping hours, which injections can cause mental problems and behavioral changes. Diseases, too, are being introduced by invisible means. Depression is growing in all age groups. Inaudible sounds are being broadcast to destabilize people. Mental health workers are at a loss as to what to do to combat the mental chaos around the globe.

Cellular phones, while they have beneficial uses, are significantly programming the users in obvious and subtle ways. Ultimately, the programming is detrimental to the users.

Apart from all these things, worldwide, commercial and financial markets are failing and the ruling elite are propping them up by artificial means to maintain the illusion of stability and prosperity. Some astute analysts have reported this, but it is covered up for the most part.

Shooting wars are rampant around the globe, as is civil unrest. It is dangerous to travel to many parts of the world now. It suits the ruling elite's future plans to restrict and control all types of travel.

Racial, cultural and religious tension continues to escalate everywhere. Again, this suits the ruling elite.

Biological imbalances are appearing and the ruling elite responds by culling certain species. The ruling elite is also culling certain human groups and entire races. Many groups are now being targeted by propaganda and other means.

The above are but a few obvious examples of the current trend as the planet deteriorates on all levels as all systems are in various stages of failure. Some more esoteric examples will follow later. In totality, the situation is catastrophic. The ruling elite are trying to hide the bleak status to hold onto their power on the planet for as long as they can.


Contrary to popular belief, the ruling elite are not in full control of the planet; they are being programmed by their masters - the Anunnaki - to maintain the illusion that things on Earth are "normal" for as long as it is possible.


Of course, many of the ruling elite on Earth are Anunnaki Remnants.

The ruling elite are fighting a losing battle. The illusions they hide behind are collapsing.

Some of the aliens now know that the Atu-waa is failing. Hence they have given up hope that time will be re-started. As this information filters through the alien communities, the aliens will restrain themselves less and less. Conflicts will erupt amongst the aliens; humans will be caught in the middle as the aliens begin expressing their desperation.

Recently, we visited the areas where the Atu-waa has been soaked with rain. The Atu-waa is tucked away in a mountain in a region that the aliens caused to be stricken with drought. As one enters the area near the Atu-waa, there is a large sign put up by the government to remind people that they are entering a drought zone and to be water wise.

Despite what the sign proclaims, it is no longer a drought area! The dams are overflowing, whilst the grass is so lush that one local remarked that it "pricks the eyes" to see all the green.

The rain has been regional, with the Atu-waa getting the biggest share of it. Just last week alone, the areas near the Atu-waa were reporting 7 to 9 inches of rain. The locals commented that they have never seen so much rain at this time of the year.

The Atu-waa can be stored in areas with moisture.


However, to activate it, an arid region is required. Some of you might recall that I wrote that the aliens were very worried that they had to maintain the weather now that the Four Elements have been released. Even though the Atu-waa is inoperable because the aliens who possess it do not have the "code" to initialize it, these aliens have nonetheless been preparing the Atu-waa for full operation in the hope that they could later extract the "code".


In preparing the Atu-waa for full operation, the aliens were forced to expose it to a tremendous vulnerability - the Atu-waa cannot be exposed to extreme moisture during its initial stages of preparation for operation. Once the aliens commenced the process of preparing the Atu-waa for re-starting time, there was no turning back. The timing was such that at this critical stage, the region had to be extremely dry.

The first day we arrived at our new location, the rain came in abundance, as we had expected. We had to leave for about one week to attend to other matters. During our absence, the rain stopped. It started falling right after we returned. Those areas (in Australia) near us received lots of rain, while others only a few kilometers away often received little or no rain.

Once we returned to the area, the Atu-waa was thoroughly drenched again. Pinpoint accurate, colored lightning struck repeatedly with amazing force at the Atu-waa and the invisible alien headquarters near our new property.


Onlookers watched the celestial displays with fear. The timing was extremely critical. The aliens were powerless to protect both their headquarters and the Atu-waa. The alien headquarters is a very sinister place that contains all sorts of data and is also a genetic bank. What goes on in and around the headquarters is truly horrifying, shocking beyond belief.

For example, inside the huge headquarters complex are torture chambers. Some humans are abducted by aliens and taken to these headquarters for experimentation, programming, torture and other purposes. Some of the abductees believe that they have gone on a spacecraft, when, in fact, they were in a cyber-space virtual reality inside the headquarters.

The aliens are now powerless to stop the rain, and they cannot prevent the Atu-waa or their headquarters from being exposed. The exposure to excess moisture at this critical time has thwarted the alien attempts to re-start the Atu-waa.

The Light had allowed six months for disabling the Atu-waa - it took less than two months! This is far ahead of schedule.


Hence, other things could be brought forward also. Everything that is occurring is putting more pressure on the ruling elite, and pockets of certain systems are so weakened now that the whole illusion will one day suddenly collapse and the floodgates will burst as "all hell breaks loose".

Now that the Atu-waa is nearly dismantled, there will soon no longer be an urgent need for a constant supply of rain to the areas near it! The Atu-waa is fracturing, and the viable, trapped True-Light being who has been forced to co-operate with Darkness has been rescued from imprisonment in the Atu-waa.


Without that True-Light being, the Atu-waa can no longer function. Hence, time cannot be re-started.

For a long, long time, human life on Earth has been manipulated by unseen dark alien forces. This fašade will drop as the aliens become more and more desperate.

The Anunnaki are the most powerful aliens on Earth. Humans are so hopelessly ignorant in comparison to aliens - especially to the Anunnaki aliens - and so prolific in breeding that the aliens view humans as pests and an infestation of the Earth.


That is why the aliens will exterminate humans just as humans would exterminate termites or cull herds.

Humans have been sucked into following many Anunnaki customs, such as:


  • pedophilia

  • animal and human sacrifices

  • cannibalism

  • shooting wars

  • dark arts

  • culling of species

  • genocide

  • torture

  • exploitation

  • religions

  • hedonist lifestyles

  • bureaucracies

  • corporations

  • socialism

  • capitalism

  • slavery

  • autocracy

  • democracy

  • nationalism

  • racism

  • male chauvinism

  • prostitution

  • gambling

  • and so on...

Thus, individually and collectively, humans are being enslaved by their Anunnaki masters.

Little do most people realize that for a long, long time the governments of the world have been surreptitiously manipulated and controlled by unseen alien forces. Today, there are even some governments that are consciously co-operating and obeying alien directives.

Humans have learned to cull rabbits, kangaroos, sheep, cattle, goats, frogs, whales, sharks, dingos, wolves, caribou, deer, moose, cats, tigers, dogs, forests etc. from their Anunnaki masters.


Humans give little thought to the extermination of household pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, termites etc. Since the Anunnaki view humans as pests and nuisances, they will give little thought to the eradication of the ones they view as threats or nuisances to them. Ultimately, the Reptilians plan to exterminate the human race with the exception of a few select humans that the Reptilians will choose for various reasons.


The culling of humans has already begun...

The Anunnaki aliens have their invisible headquarters located on the Earth. They thought the headquarters was tucked away in a safe spot. But, urbanization got out of control due to the greed of their own "servants" on Earth and a major highway was built near the headquarters.

It has taken many years of maneuvers and sidetracking the aliens before we were finally able to re-locate very near to the alien headquarters. Although I knew that it would be no picnic being so close to them, it had to be done. It is, in fact, a fierce battleground. Our animal friends and warriors are constantly being bombarded by the annoyed aliens.


For example, a few days ago, many of the animals were perturbed and frightened by various invisible and visible beings. Some of these are giant reptiles and birds that charge the animals and try to frighten them for no apparent reason. These are not creatures that are native to the Earth.

Some animals have told me what has happened to them, especially during the night. On two occasions, I was actually there when those events occurred. On one, our horse was stirred by what appeared to be ghost horses running all over him. On another, a huge black snake, the size of an anaconda, with fierce fangs exposed, charged at a warrior dog.

I never doubted the animals when they told me what had happened to them previously. But, on these two occasions, I actually saw what happened to them. These events were realistic appearing, holographic projections generated by aliens. I told the animals that it was all right to be afraid, even warriors are allowed to be afraid under certain circumstances. However, the fear is only a programmed response of the physical bodies.


Warriors are not actually afraid, only their programmed bodies can feel the fear. Fear is a programmed response designed by Darkness to control Its subjects. However, fear can be very real and paralyzing in the physical dimensions. Fear is a powerfully destructive weapon.

Many people repeat the Anunnaki propaganda that "the universe will provide".


Superficially, this phrase may appear to be quite harmless and sometimes even encouraging, but the pitfalls are indeed deep and subtle. If one looks to the universe as one's provider and refuge, then one is treating the universe as their trusted deity and true home.


If only people could understand the implications of this trap, they would realize the danger of this seemingly harmless phrase. Those sincere ones who have unwittingly supported and spread this falsehood will feel very uncomfortable about it. Not surprisingly, many of the trapped ones who profess to understand energies are also amongst the ones who claim to understand the occult. Many so-called teachers are caught in the trap that "the universe will provide". Hence, many students follow their teachers right into the trap.

Not only is the universe and all its systems breaking down, time is also breaking down. One of the critical illusions for time to appear to exist is for there to appear to be a chronological order. In the True Realm, there is no time as we know it in the physical dimensions. Predictably, in certain parts of the astral world, Darkness has mimicked the Timeless Realms.


Beings, including the sincere guides from the astral, are deceived into believing that they have reached the true timeless realm when they have only reached the pseudo timelessness, which is another trap by Darkness to keep beings ignorant.


This goes to show the extent of falsehood and deception used to keep beings from awakening.

The breaking down of time is underway and can be momentarily experienced as "jerk-and-start" processes. It can also be experienced as something similar to lapses in continuity of television broadcasts when the screen stops showing the illusion of motion and the tiny cubes become momentarily frozen and visible. When motion hesitates in the "real" world, some people do observe the temporary glitch in the illusion of matter created by motion. More and more people will experience this phenomenon in the future.

As foretold earlier, we could expect more and more people to become aware of the astral world, with increased communication between the physical and astral worlds as the veil breaks down more and more. It has now reached a point where the astral world is breaking down to the extent that many of the astral inhabitants are crowding into the physical realms. This has caused increased nightmares in humans and animals.

The astral world, just like the physical world, is now being propped up by artificial means. There are illusions within the illusions and even though the "normal" illusions of the astral worlds are fracturing, on the surface, unbeknownst to the majority of the inhabitants of the astral world; the signs of fracturing have been covered up by other illusions of normality so that, for all intents and purposes, everything appears "normal".

Last year I spent several days in the astral world. I decided that while there, I would behave and live like one of its inhabitants. While there I stayed in a high-rise resort. As I looked down from the balcony I saw a cluster of beautiful yellow and orange trees grouped together like a small island. Although they were pretty to look at they appeared artificial to me.

I wanted to take some photos of the colored trees to show others when I returned to the physical. So I went into the motel room to get a camera. As I came out the colors of the trees had disappeared and what remained looked like dried up greyish skeletons with only a thin, faded strand of orange color remaining. When I went back to the room the film started falling out of the camera. The stream of film was very long - I must have taken hundreds of photos. Light hit some of the exposed film, and I tried to salvage the remainder by covering the film up. I was hoping to have a processor develop the film.

At the same time this was happening, I noticed that the miniature model in the motel room that was a replica of the cluster of trees outside had also gone from being vibrant and colorful to being withered, faded, and they too had only a single strand of orange color remaining.

I took the film and descended to a lower level where I saw a lot of people walking under a huge cover along a white staircase. In the midst of the crowd I saw someone I knew who had passed away a few years ago.


I asked him where I could get the film processed. He said I had been very good to him and had helped him a lot, especially in the last few hours before his passing. He pointed to a lady wearing a white, old-fashioned nurse's outfit and asked me to approach her. I walked over to this lady and told her the name of the person who had sent me to her.


She replied with a different name. It was obvious that she knew him by another name. She pointed towards a building and said that if I would go to it, I would be at the place where they process all their business film. I looked at the building and saw that everything they were producing was dark and murky - yet nobody else seemed to notice that.

I approached the building. It had a white entrance. I stood outside the entrance and exclaimed,

"But these are toilets! This is all sewage!"

However, the people there seemed to think this was such a beautiful, magnificent, important and productive place. Nobody could see through the illusion that they were urinals and toilets. The people around me were moving about quickly, but they appeared unaware and aimless.

I then went back to the motel. Just then, an executive appeared outside the door and he said that he could not find something that was his that he thought was in the building. I shook my head and gave a sigh as I told the man that what he was looking for was not here because it was in another building down below. As soon as I told him that, he could see that I was right.


He smiled and asked,

"How do you know that?"

Then he exclaimed,

"Ah, you are the assessor I heard about who has been here for a few hours."

I replied that a few hours here is a few days from where I had just been. I then told him that,

"In the few hours I have been here I have organized, reminded and helped you so-called executives, managers and secretaries with work that you should know and be familiar with."

I also remarked that they are sloppy, disorganized, irresponsible, not with it, and absolutely hopeless.

I then descended to a building on a lower level. I went to a white counter of a reception room and a man in white overalls was standing behind the counter. I asked him to show me what appeared to be four sheets of oblong-pictured stickers. Each sheet was about two feet by one and one-half feet containing several blocks of pictures arranged either vertically or horizontally. Some of the sheets had only a few pictures left while other sheets were unused.

I stood there looking at the stickers that had pictures of sunrises, animals, seascapes etc. (These pictures were the only colorful things left in the whole astral world by this time as everything was rapidly fading into murkiness. However, the administrators were using illusions so the inhabitants were unaware of the real situation in the astral world).


As I was looking at the posters, I heard an announcement from an overhead speaker stating "New arrival," followed by the name of a person I knew. Since I knew the lady I said I would write her name down on a picture. The man pointed twice to a vertical picture from one of the sheets. I did not like the picture. Instead I chose a horizontal picture from another sheet. Before I could finish writing her full name, the ink from the pen began to run out.


I said to the man in the white overalls,

"You are all so hopeless and disorganized! Even the pen does not work. Just as well you will not be doing this for much longer as everything here will finish soon."

I briskly collected all the sheets of pictures that were used to record the coming of each "new arrival" and put them together with all the other papers I had collected from other buildings. Then I left. Nobody objected to me picking up the documents and nobody challenged my assessment of them and the situation.

As I was leaving the astral world, an astral inhabitant approached me and asked,

"Can you tell me what is going on here? I sense something is not right, but I cannot put a finger on it. I was a well-known psychic before I passed over."

I told the woman that she would soon know the truth and that it was not her fault that she was trapped in the astral world. She then asked for help and asked me to pray for her. I smiled and told her that she would be all right and that there was not long to go.

Strangely, when I returned from the astral world, I felt and looked taller. My eye level was higher than before; I could see things on shelves that were beyond my vision only a few days earlier. Someone measured my height, and indeed, I was one and a half inches taller! I knew that the height increase was temporary. Within a week, I returned to my normal height.

While television and Hollywood studios are unable to accurately represent the astral world in shows, they are readily cashing in on the breakdown of the dimensions by screening many programs involving witches, warlocks, demons, ghosts, time and space travel and other supernatural and/or science fiction subjects.


However, their representations, whether done intentionally or ignorantly, are invariably exaggerated so that viewers who are unaware of these things are often indoctrinated with false images and truth is obscured. For instance, some people now mistakenly believe that witches and warlocks are biological species. Other people aspire to be demons or witches because they crave the power Hollywood falsely portrays these entities to possess. Many now want to learn magic and proudly declare themselves to have the power to punish others.

Many who claim to know the astral world well are not aware that there is a tight-knit "conspiracy" to deceive the inhabitants of the astral. They are not aware that even the so-called guides and good spirits in the astral are also controlled, manipulated and deceived just like the people in the physical world are being deceived. This is because the systems in the astral world are created and run by the very beings who sponsor and control the systems in the physical world.


Fortunately, some of the astral and physical inhabitants are breaking out of the illusions and helping others see through the falsehoods.

Many people in the physical are becoming more conscious of unseen beings tampering with their lives. These unseen beings are often invisible aliens, astral beings, or living people from the physical who can consciously or unknowingly project themselves. In our recent increased battles with the malicious aliens, many physical scars and claw marks suddenly appear where the marauders strike. This has happened to animals as well as to humans.

In recent times, apart from other reasons, many more nightmares are occurring because astral beings from the lower levels of the astral worlds are crossing over more frequently and entering the physical dimensions to cause mischief.


The Anunnaki masters of the astral world are losing control of their "slaves" and "prisoners".


Order is deteriorating as the fašade is exposed and the systems are breaking down.

The ruling elite are desperately seeking answers to what is going on. They are at a loss as to where to look. In the past, they have corrupted the truth and introduced mishmashes of a little truth with lots of falsehoods and flooded the mainstream religions and beliefs with corrupted doctrines and practices. This has led many sincere seekers astray - some are fortunate enough to awaken to the untruths - most, however, are hopelessly trapped by the corrupted doctrines.


Thus, the ruling elite know not to seek answers in the mainstream religions. This leads the ruling elite to go undercover and infiltrate fringe denominations of various major and minor religions and so-called "primitive" cultures for answers.

In my quiet hours, I have watched some people attempt to rescue what many call "lost souls". These are the ones who, for whatever reasons, remain trapped in between the physical and the astral worlds. Some of the "lost souls" know that they have physically died, but most of them do not. There are those who mock the concept of "lost souls". However, "lost souls" do exist.


I have noticed an increase in failure to deliver the "lost souls" to their proper destinations by people in the physical realm who truly want to assist these "lost souls". It is important to know that some of the inexperienced "practitioners" can actually endanger themselves whilst also causing the "lost souls" to become more confused and trapped. It is said that the "path to hell is paved with good intentions".


This certainly applies to this situation.

"Lost souls" can be assisted to move into the astral world after their physical deaths - even though the astral world may not be their real home. Darkness has painted the astral world to be Heaven. This is false.


Until the Virtual Reality breaks down entirely, True-Light and False-Light beings alike, will continue to move from the physical to the astral in pointless cycles. The astral world is another trap of Darkness, so it is certainly not Heaven.

I have noted that, in recent times, many mischievous astral beings are now mimicking the blue light that many "lost-soul" workers have been using up until now to guide the "lost souls" out of their quandary. What sometimes follows is that, unbeknownst to the well-intentioned "lost-soul" workers, the "lost souls" who follow the mimicked blue light end up in situations where mischievous astral beings can further exploit them and cause them more suffering.


In other words, the "lost souls" are tricked into following the mimicked blue light from the mischievous astral entities, which the less experienced "lost-soul" workers thought was authentic blue light. Thus, the "lost souls" do not arrive at their appropriate destinations. Instead, they end up in a trap set by those who mimicked the blue light.

To avoid this circumstance, if in doubt, "lost-soul" workers might want to employ the magenta light to guide the "lost souls". This is safer at this time because the mischievous astral beings are less able to imitate or hold the magenta light because of its frequencies. However, it should be known to the "lost-soul" workers that they are not sending anyone to their True-Light Home, that all they are doing is directing "lost souls" to parts of the astral world.


Those in the astral world, the "lost souls", and those in the physical who will be returning to their True-Light Home will be delivered when the time comes. Nobody, regardless of their level of consciousness, whether mineral, vegetable, animal, human etc. will be forgotten or will miss out.

About two weeks after we re-located to our new place, I saw a little spirit girl of about three years of age wandering about. I went over to help her. As I was approaching her, a spirit man dressed in white rushed anxiously towards me to protect the little girl. I told the man not to worry as I was only trying to help the little girl.


The man acknowledged that he was the father of the little girl and he said that many more children had been killed. I looked across the field and saw about 15 children of ages ranging from about three to seven clumped together, looking lost and frightened. I told the father that I would help them too. I knew that they had all been victims of ritual sacrifices. I asked the man how many children were killed. He replied 15, plus an adult. I replied that he was the adult, to which he agreed. He said he was killed while trying to save his daughter.

A few days later, I asked a local man if he knew of any murders of children in the area in the past. He replied that he was born and bred in the area and had not heard of anything like that. He assured me that things of this nature would not happen in this area.


I gave a smile and said that it has happened. A few days later, the man approached me and told me that I had been right about the children. His wife knew someone who knew the story. He asked me how I knew of this. I said a being told me so. Realizing that he did not understand this explanation, I bluntly said that a ghost had told me so.


You should have seen his face!

The clothing worn by the children indicated that the sacrifices happened about 60 years ago. This event has been hushed up. The spirit man gave me his name and his daughter's name. The man turned out to be quite a well-known figure in his time!

The ruling elite often employ their lackeys to cover up crimes and to promote propaganda and falsehoods.


This goes through many fields, including the religious, educational, technological, industrial, medical, legal, political, commercial, scientific etc. Most of these lackeys can virtually rise from nowhere overnight, so to speak, and take on a position of influence. A vast amount of propping up has been done in the past with technological improvements in silicon semi-conductors.


As economic systems begin to falter, breakthroughs in miniaturizing transistors occur to force people to change electronic hardware. The software industry is right in line and alters gear to fit only the newer computers.


This has kept the economies from faltering too much of recent. This is by design.

Many scientists suspect that semi-conductors can only go so small before they collapse, so they anticipate an end to the miniaturization of silicon semi-conductors. When this occurs, there will be no further breakthroughs in hardware to cause artificial stimulus to the economies. The ruling elite is aware that this date is approaching and they have sent out their lackeys to spread misinformation. Often, when these lackeys are exposed, they arrogantly behave as though they are untouchable.

One of the theories to allow the continued miniaturization of semi-conductors has been to use organic materials. False experiments have been set up and accepted in the scientific communities so there would be false hope of the possibility of the continued miniaturization of semi-conductors.

The technology for miniaturization of silicon semi-conductors has been given to various humans by aliens. The technology is given in various ways. Often, the recipient will have an inspiration or a dream and will be totally unaware of the source.

Most of the aliens on and about the Earth are intellectually and technologically far advanced in comparison to humans. The aliens have the technology to further miniaturize semi-conductors, but they will not give that information to humans for many reasons. So, the technological miniaturization of semi-conductors will cease.

Many of the alien races were special creations of Darkness to perform various tasks for Darkness. Thus, these alien races are composed of members who have artificial consciousnesses. All of these consciousnesses will cease to exist when motion stops and the Virtual Reality collapses.

As all the systems in the physical universe and the astral world falter, Darkness will attempt to mesmerize the population with a multitude of new illusions. Thus, many people are going to be more confused.


It is important for everyone to centre themselves in order to alleviate the suffering caused by insecurity and mental confusion due to the general state of decay.