by Shattered Paradigm
August 29, 2010

from FutureStorm Website





Most Americans don't realize it, but right now scientists all over the world are working feverishly toward bringing about a world where men have merged with machines.


Some very prominent futurists are touting this future as a world where humans will be far stronger, far more intelligent, will have abilities that are far enhanced beyond what is possible now and where some of us will literally be able to live forever. The name of this rapidly growing movement is transhumanism, and it has gained a tremendous amount of support in the scientific community.

At first glance, the goals of the transhumanist movement seem so noble. After all, who wouldn't want a future where aging, suffering, disease and even death have been eliminated?

That is what proponents of transhumanism actually believe that they can bring about - a perfect world that has been greatly enhanced by technology.

Wikipedia defines transhumanism this way...

Transhumanism is an international intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities.


The movement regards aspects of the human condition, such as disability, suffering, disease, aging, and involuntary death as unnecessary and undesirable.

But is there a dark side to transhumanism?

Yes, there certainly is.

The following is a short clip from a documentary entitled Technocalypse. In this video, a human cloning researcher named Robert Seed declares that the transhumanist agenda will enable himself and others like him to become living gods.


This is a scientist who is absolutely obsessed with his goal and he is clearly willing to do just about anything to achieve it...






This is the same lie that has been told since the Garden of Eden.


The forces of darkness always want to convince us that we can be like God and that we can live forever.

But there are a growing number of scientists all over the world that are absolutely convinced that dramatic advances in nanotechnology and biotechnology will enable humanity to far surpass any limitations that we are experiencing now.

To many of these scientists, transhumanism has become the overriding philosophy of their lives. It is almost a religion to many of them.

They see nothing wrong with what they are trying to achieve. After all, they argue, if we can dramatically improve humans by combining them with animals or with machines why shouldn't we?

In fact it is believed by many transhumanists that we are on the verge of seeing entire new "species" created. The transhumanist version of the future includes many different "lines" of humanity. In fact, many transhumanists are very open about the fact that humanity as we know it will eventually go out of existence as far more superior forms take over.

Perhaps you have not heard of transhumanism before, but the truth is that the transhumanist movement is becoming so prominent that even the New York Times is doing stories on it.

In an article entitled "Merely Human? Thatís So Yesterday", New York Times columnist Ashlee Vance described the moment that transhumanists are most looking forward to.


It is known as "the Singularity", and in her article Vance described the Singularity as,

"a time, possibly just a couple decades from now, when a superior intelligence will dominate and life will take on an altered form that we canít predict or comprehend in our current, limited state."

Many transhumanists believe that once the Singularity occurs those who embrace transhumanism will have dramatically enhanced intelligence and will be able to live for hundreds of years, and those that do not embrace transhumanism will slowly die off as they cling to their antiquated philosophies.

So will transhumanists actually be able to achieve their idea of utopia by merging with technology?

Let's hope not. Or at least let's hope that they are not able to achieve their goals any time soon.

But the truth is that they are working toward a "post-human" future very diligently.


For much more on transhumanism, we encourage you to check out the excellent YouTube video posted below, and we encourage you to get "Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed" by author Tom Horn.