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Those that donít think that the corporations run the World must have been living in a cave for the last 30 years. This 1984 Orwellian fictional place we inhabit is getting more and more non-fictional every day. 20 years ago anyone that thought that there was a conspiracy to kill JFK was labeled a kook. Five years ago Oliver Stone made the majority of the Country question the Oswald single shooter theory and now thereís a convicted killer in Joliet State prison that made a very believable video confessing to being part of the crew that did the job.

Our Governmentís curtain of lies has more holes in it than a sieve and more and more hidden agendas are coming out every day. 15 years ago UFOs were being reported by civilians and pilots almost every day over the Western desert States and they were fired or discredited until a few years ago when the Government unveiled the Stealth Fighter and bomber which had been test flown there for years.

One of the most sinister secret control plans was buried as atmospheric research that was covering up a weather control system and underneath the shroud of that is a mind control system that makes subliminal flashes a joke.

On October 17th 1977 there was a hearing in Congress by the Committee on Science and Technology that was briefed by THE WEATHER MODIFICATION ADVISORY BOARD (WMAB). WMAB was chaired by Harlan Cleveland. Harlan (who when working for the U.S. Senate during the Kennedy Johnson years tried to bring Alger Hiss back into Government) has a long history of trying to establish a New World Order (Based on the idea that Corporations and Banks have the best plans for the future of Mankind). His plans include:

1 Create a World food bank,
2 Provide for international control of all sources and supplies,
3 Internationalize commodity markets,
4 Establish international control over the wealth of the oceans and deep seabeds,
5 Provide for international control of the "weather at human command",
6 rewrite the rules of trade and investment,
7 Create a world currency,
8 create a world police to "keep the peace when is threatened and restore the peace when it is broken," and
9 Provide special programs to teach the benefits of the New Order in each of six categories of American institutions, namely business, corporations, labor unions, nonprofit enterprises, communications media, educational systems and government agencies.

There was a name for this style of Government and it is called Socialism. It failed in Nazi Germany but they still want to force it on the rest of us.

Now they have a major hammer. Nicolas Tesla discovered thousands of uses for Electricity and many of his ideas are only now coming into being because of the technology and huge power demands required. He theorized that 10hz of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) beams bounced through the Earth and up into the ionosphere would start electron resonance 50 kilometers above the Earth. This would effect thunderstorms by causing a dielectric breakdown above the clouds and forcing them to release their energy and water in a non natural way.

Meanwhile back in Congress they believed it enough to investigate and try to regulate it. The Congressmen set up what they thought would be adequate measures to regulate it but when the military found that the same beams could effect the guidance systems of Rockets and Airplanes and it could disrupt the communications of entire countries suddenly it dropped from sight, became TOP SECRET and had tons of money thrown at it. Also the Russians were developing their own ELF technology.

Thereís a pattern of discoveries over the years that show how far the ideas have gotten since 1976:

July 4, 1976 Soviets turn on their Tesla Magnifying transmitters with a primary ELF frequency of 10hz and start Weather Modification experiments. These are monitored by the U.S. National Security (NSI) which listens to all radio frequencies that originates in Russia.

June 5, 1976 The New York Times described the great Earthquake, which destroyed Tangshan China and killed 650,000 people as: "Just before the first tremor at 3:42 am the sky lit up like daylight. The multi hued lights, mainly red and white were seen up to 200 miles away. Leafs on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side as if by a fireball." These electrical effects are tied to electromagnetic plasma and ball lightning which result from Tesla style and HAARP like transmissions.

July 4, 1977

Exactly one year after the start of the Russian experiments, the U.S. Government conducted an ELF experiment that created an enormous downburst of rain in six counties of Northern Wisconsin. Winds of up to 157 mph devastated a wide area and the ELF generated storm destroyed Phillips Wisconsin, destroyed 350,000 acres of forest and caused $50 million in damage. The Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) Newsletter described the storm: "Downburst activity has been described as occurring when the top of a thunderstorm cloud topples over bringing with it masses of wind straight down. The U.S. Governmentís transmitter sent about 1.2 million watts of energy into the ground. The ground connections are at each end of the antenna and up the other end, forming an antenna loop. Signals are sent by shifting the frequency. The antenna began transmissions at 13:00 hours by shifting from 76 hertz to 72 or 80 pulsed at a rate of 16 times a second. THE ACTION OF THE ELF TRANSMITTERS IN SETTING UP A RESONANT CIRCUIT DUPLICATES THE PROCESS THAT OCCURS IN NATURE DURING THUNDERSTORM ACTIVITY."

October 1977

The United Nations Security Council investigates the possibilities of Weather modification and agrees to a ban of utilization. (C.N. 263. 1978 treaties 12)

November 1977

U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) declassifies a report describing how vast advances in Soviet psychotronic technology can create the ultimate Big Brother Society by using electronic mind control against populations to implant ideas and thoughts into the heads of unsuspecting victims using ELF transmissions.

January 1978

Specula Magazine described the Russian ELF effects: "An electromagnetic signal of certain frequencies can be transmitted through the Earth which, depending upon the frequency used, focusing, wave shape, etc., one can induce a variety of effects such as earthquakes induced at a distant aiming point, severe disturbances in the middle and upper atmosphere over the target area and anomalous weather effects. This is called the íTesla Effectí originally discovered by Tesla."

January 1978

Dr. Andrija Puharich, M.D., LL.D. of Russia issued a detailed research paper titled, "Global Magnetic Warfare - A laymanís View of Certain Artificially Induced Unusual Effects on the Planet during 1976 and 1977." Describing early Soviet work with Teslaís method of "Controlled Earthquakes," he stated "Of the many great earthquakes of 1976 there is one that demands special attention - the July 28, 1976 Tangshan, China earthquake."

January 30, 1981

The WASHINGTON POST reported: "The world sustained 71 significant earthquakes during 1980, up from 56 the previous year and the world death toll climbed to 7,140, five times the 1979 figure, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Coincidentally with the increase in Soviet and U.S. ELF transmissions during 1980, there was a sharp increase in earthquakes around the world."

June 1981

P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER reported that Dr. Ralph Markson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Suggests that if a atmospheric variations do affect the weather, the appropriate use of ELF and VLF radio waves might do the same trick." "It is known the VLF radio waves such as those induced by lightning can destabilize plasma in the magnetosphere. Experiments to cause such effects have been conducted from the space shuttle."

August 9, 1983

The Washington Post reports, Lt. Col. Thomas Beardon, nuclear engineer and leading U.S. Tesla researcher lectured to the U.S. Psychotronics Association explaining how the Tesla wave generators worked said, "The U.S. had been working with ELF generators but found that the foundation of Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) transmitters were much more effective than standard ELF transmitters. The GWEN transmitters are being erected around the United States to continue our communications during a nuclear war."

March 1, 1987

The New York Times reported: "Col. Paul Hanson, GWEN program director for the Air Force said the GWEN towers will not help wage a nuclear war because they would be destroyed in any protracted confrontation. Currently 54 GWEN are operational at a cost of $235 million. The Government is planning to build 29 more units at a cost of an additional $11 million each.

August 11 1987

Patent Number 4,686,605 issued to Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund, a physicist whose design promoted the U.S. government building on a mammoth electromagnetic weather engineering system. The patent was assigned to APTI Inc., a subsidiary of Eastlundís then employer, the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company (ARCO).The patent states, "Large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpected high altitude. Weather modification is possible by for example altering the upper atmosphere wind patterns and that the earthís magnetic field could be decreased or disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the magnetic field."

March 1988

OMNI Magazine carried an article about Dr. Eastlundís invention: "As he did his computations, Eastlund realized that the amount of energy he was dealing with was enormous. He calculated that by lifting parts of the atmosphere the charged particles could reflect sunlight, heat parts of the Earth and manipulate local weather patterns. Richard Williams, a physicist at Princeton, stated that he thinks the Eastlund HAARP device "might become a serious threat to the earthís atmosphere and could cause irreversible damage. Effects in the atmosphere cannot be localized. The language of the patent indicates that it is clearly intended to provide effects on a global scale."

September 12,1988

The New York Times reported that each GWEN unit utilizes about 2,000 watts of power and are "relaying brief test messages every twenty minutes."

November 1988

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reported that GWEN involves a network of 299 foot high towers that "uses low frequency radio waves that hug the ground."

September 12, 1989

The Washington Post reported that during 1989, World Bank President Barber Conable made a speech in Tokyo at a conference on: "Global Environment" in which he revealed the long range goals of the international bankers. He said that "while higher temperatures may cause a number of disasters they might also warm cold and unproductive lands in the North into productivity." This candid admission described the real reason that the Soviets and the New World Order bankers have secretly promoted continuous weather engineering over the Northern hemisphere since the early 1970ís.

November 1989

The bulletin of the Atomic Scientists listed some of the GWEN tower locations. Of extreme importance were GWEN units directly in the middle of the high rainfall area of the 1993 flood in the Upper Mississippi Valley. The operating and planned GWEN units are at: Ledyard Iowa, Chelsea Wisconsin, Shepard Minnesota, Curryville and Dudley Missouri and other units in Colorado and Montana whose range could influence the magnetic fields in neighboring states. The resulting enhanced constant precipitation levels killed hundreds and destroyed billions of dollars of property.

January 1990

Because of the publicity about the weather engineering aspects of the Eastlund Arco patent, the U.S. Government suppressed all further news about the inventionís weather engineering features and the invention has been disguised as a device for conducting "atmospheric research.

June 1990

Progressive Magazine reported that each GWEN tower will have "a hundred copper wires, each 330 feet long, that will fan out from the tower a foot underground...The major environmental issue is Electromagnetic radiation...GWEN towers emit ionizing radiation, and they do so all of the time, with test signals broadcast every hour."

July 1990

CROSS CURRENTS: "The perils of Electropollution," by Robert O. Becker, M.D.; "GWEN is a superb system for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the United States. Therefore if one wished to resonate a specific ion in living things in a specific locality, one would require a specific frequency for that location. The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States would allow such specific frequencies to be ítailoredí to the geomagnetic field strength in each GWEN area." In response to the allegations that the GWEN system was built to enable the Government to continue communications during a war Dr. Becker countered, "The GWEN hardware is transistor based; even if placed in hardened bunkers it would still be vulnerable to electro magnetic pulse. The real purposes of the GWEN system is being kept secret from the American people.

March 29, 1992

The WASHINGTON TIMES reports the incidence of ELF signals associated with earthquakes are continuing. Satellites and ground sensors detected mysterious radio waves or related electrical and magnetic activity before major earthquakes in Southern California during 1986-87 and Northern California, Armenia and Japan in 1989.

There is great danger when Scientists deem it necessary to explore new concepts under the blanket of secrecy. Any invention or device that has the potential to completely destroy life on this planet must be supervised by people not involved with the project. There is no place for "oops" when it comes to global effects.

This is part one of this subject. Next month we will continue with what the boys have done with their toys, what will be coming on line next year and whatís in your future whether you want it or not.



For further education read "ANGELS DONíT PLAY THIS HAARP, Advances in Tesla Technology" by Jeane Manning and Dr. Nick Begich, published by Earth Pulse Press in Anchorage, Alaska.

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