The Flying Saucers Are Real -- cover art

The Flying Saucers Are Real

by Donald Keyhoe


from SacredTexts Website

This was one of the first books published about the UFO phenomena. We are fortunate that it ended up in the public domain.

It is a template for much of what would follow: the paranoia, the government disinformation, the inescapable conclusion that the saucers are not of this earth. Keyhoe, with his spare, matter of fact writing style, which also conveys a profound sense of wonder, has to be the prototype for the deadpan Fox Mulder of the X-Files.

On one hand we can see the birth of a key modern mythology. On the other, there is a body of almost naive evidence in this text unpolluted by that very mythology. The case studies are real. The witnesses were highly reliable.

These cases are still unexplained.


  1. Chapter I

  2. Chapter II

  3. Chapter III

  4. Chapter IV

  5. Chapter V

  6. Chapter VI

  7. Chapter VII

  8. Chapter VIII

  1. Chapter IX

  2. Chapter X

  3. Chapter XI

  4. Chapter XII

  5. Chapter XIII

  6. Chapter XIV

  7. Chapter XV

  8. Chapter XVI

  9. Chapter XVII

  10. Chapter XVIII

  11. Chapter XIX

  12. Chapter XX

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