by Sungazer
Jan 24, 2010

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I am writing these thoughts because they have been on my mind for awhile. I am inspired to put them down after returning home from seeing the new Hollywood film called “Avatar.”

I realize that the hundreds of Nanotransformation members that frequent our website come from every walk of life. Conservatives and liberals alike have been infected by strange new and emerging anomalous diseases.

Reactions to this film may vary.

Outside your window this Christmas, it seems like the rest of the world goes walking on by as normal, ignorant of the silent changes taking place in the “world of the very small.”


Out of sight, out of mind.

  • You may feel alone and isolated.

  • You may be afraid and terrified.

  • You may be itching and confused.

The human species is driven primarily by the reptilian brain.

The frontal lobes (flight-simulators) do not allow our species to process and plan data in a complex way. We first must have strong evidence that there is a problem (or a pandemic) in order to take action. We almost require a “crisis” or we simply cannot manage. Thus “crisis management” becomes a truism.

Our species is rather young. Our knowledge of microbiology is frankly, remedial at best.

Because we cannot comprehend cause-and-effect data in a complex way, we have created organisms that could potentially destroy the human race and change the face of the planet forever.


In fact the main occupation of Big Pharma and Big Agro is to make sure that you do not understand the extent of the alteration of the Integrated Membrane Protein Pathways (IMP’s) so that you will continue to buy a three dollar pill that carries the following disclaimer:

If you alter or re-purpose a single protein pathway to perform tasks that it was not meant to perform, you can knock the whole biological machine out of balance.

What does this have to do with Avatar, the movie?

The movie takes place on the planet of Pandora. It is a world of phosphorescent plant life and tree-size mold spores that form an interconnected world of unity and consciousness. It is PanGaia. Life is abundant and obviously connected. All the inhabitants of this world understand this connectedness in a deeply experiential way. This connection is obvious.

The dream-world phosphorescent glow of the Pandora home planet is deeply meaningful to anyone who has done research into quorum sensing. Here is our previous article and video on quorum sensing called Exactly How Bacteria Kills You.

This is related to morgellons disease in that anyone who has been infected with the disease and dives into the research discovers how deeply connected all life is at the very foundation or Shrub of Life.


Plankton-like phospho-luminescence is caused by bacteria, as Dr. Bonnie Bassler reveals at TED 2009. It happens when all the bacteria communicate “every-one-all-at-once” and decide to “glow.”

Again, the kingdom of Avatar was a living phosphorescent world that was alive with bacteria, molds, fungus, shrubs and at the Great Center, the Tree of Life itself (see below video).




Gaiam Theory of Morgellons

Fibers of the Tree of Life and Knowledge

Man Becomes Plant





Bonnie Bassler has studied that phosphorus bacteria use quorum sensing. She is trying to find ways to make bacteria STRONGER, because she believes (correctly) that we come from bacteria.


We are the vehicle for bacteria and other micro-organisms... they “built” us:

But, what many people generally don’t know is that bacteria also do all these amazing, fantastic things. In fact, we mostly don’t get sick. Most often, bacteria are keeping us well.

- Bonnie Bassler

With this in mind... it appears obvious that genetically modifying the “stuff” that helped build “us” is risky business. Arrogance...

This is one of the many faults of fundamentalist genetics and the Big Pharma conspiracy to hide the implication of epigenetics from the masses. Most of you who think you are sick with morgellons are experiencing the effects of GMO foods and Agrobacterium combined with “Biowarfare gone Wild.”

For more information on Agrobacterium by world defining geneticist Mae Wan Ho, see:

Agrobacterium and Morgellons Disease - A GMO Connection?

Dr. Mae Wan Ho warned everyone about the use of Agrobacterium and it seems that her predictions are coming true. With a vengeance.

It is the combination of these two things that are causing the itching, biting, knawing discomfort that result in unexplained dermopathy. Much of this process is happening within your internal biofilm and is accidental. It was not exactly planned out by all of the greedy corporations and GMO crop builders. This pandemic is likely a combination of several badly planned experiments and bio-products that combined with several other badly planned experiments and bio-products.

Frontal lobes... We need bigger ones.

In 2010 please move AWAY from the central medical dogmas (below video).






It’s the environment stupid!

“You cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that caused it.”

– Albert Einstein.

You will NOT find any answers for this disease using conventional thinking. It is simply too complex for the reductive thinking that drives the Darwinian approach within the current medical establishment.

They simply do not know enough about proteins, their integrative pathways and the resulting signal transduction. These people are school children. Literally...

The size of this pandemic, this global “nanotransformation”, will only be known in years to come, perhaps decades if we survive this initial wave: Be ahead of your time.

The solution lives in Light Therapy and the methyl-group supplements (epigenetic stabilizers and modifiers).

  • 7.82 FAR infrared

  • Visible light spectrum

  • Full spectrum proteins

  • Meditation and prayer

These are to name a few.

Back to the movie Avatar.

In the end, Pandorian tribal authorities have the “bad humans” escorted (voted) off the island with their proverbial tail between their legs. They were sent back to earth, which was already an environmental wasteland, destroyed by the same adolescent thinking that got them kicked out of paradise in the new galaxy.

In the case of our REAL planet earth, there is no Pandora for us to move to. There is no way to export our current adolescent madness to the stars. More importantly, nobody is going to escort us somewhere else for bad behavior, because there is nowhere else to go folks.

This is LIVE. This is not a drill.

Most politicians, corporations and activists do not see through the eyes of an actual morgellons sufferer or “stealth virus” sufferer. (Unless they themselves finally get the disease, which is starting to happen more and more).

The big decision makers also do not see through the eyes of a microbiologist.

If they did, things like Copenhagen and the “mixed media propaganda machine” would change radically.

The argument over global warming and the climategate fiasco is all smoke and mirrors blocking something smaller, and much more insidious happening underneath the surface of all biology. People like Alex Jones seem justified that people like James Cameron are here to make films (like Avatar) in order to numb humanity enough to be enslaved by a global corporation. In his apparent position of “sovereignty at all cost” tossing out Yoda with the bathwater.

I have removed Alex Jones and other such conservative constitutionalists from my email list, because these guys are in denial that something HUGE is happening to the world environment. The complex diseases now emerging are not ALL slow-kill depopulation conspiracy agendas. Many of them are, but the problem is more complex. It has gotten more complicated, and much of it an accident related to Agrobacterium and free-roaming gene swapping. This is also called autonomous vectoring. Translation: End of the World as You Know It.)

You better HOPE what Bruce Lipton says about epigenetics is correct.

There are no other alternatives.

In summary, the GMO issues have gotten far more complicated than Left or Right. We need to move beyond tribalism and stop seeing the delicate ecosphere of planet earth as some sort of “wilderness to be conquered.” Adolescent I tell you! What we face is epi-political.

We are witnessing, in our lifetime, a genetic hybrid of several Genies that have gotten out of the bottle. The reasons why they got out no longer matter.

These are not the kind of Genies that can be put back in the bottle.

  1. Biowarfare-gone-wild. (Mostly insect delivery systems combined with slow kill mycoplasma for population control and for medical profits... it is a natural twofer)





  2. Agrobacterium-gone-wild. (Mostly for GMO foods and BT Corn, not to mention the natural buffers between man and the soil ribosomes that have been modified beyond repair, and biofilm is swapping genes with diseases of everykind (including weaponized bacteria) located inside the human body

But there is hope. In some ways this is all good news.

These new and complex emerging diseases are necessarily going to force man back to the Garden of Pandora. There will have to be some sort of collective acknowledgement and agreement about the interconnectedness of all things, and the wholistic Integrated Protein Pathways that we all have in common.

The alternative is to die.

There will be a rebellion against biological reductionism and Big Pharma. The alternative is to become slaves. (And then Die).

Some people, who still have a fraction of their frontal lobes in tact, will start to demand wholeness. They will demand a re-examination of the suppressed science of signal transduction and pleomorphism from the position of epigenetics. They will demand Whole food, Whole water, and Whole air. They will demand respect for all DNA, all stem-cells and all life.

If we do not GROW UP fast... If we do not learn to understand how all biological organisms are connected... the signal-to-noise ratio will grow too much for our body (and the earth’s body) to function.


The phospholipic cellular integrity of both the human bloodstream and the Earth’s bloodstream will be compromised. The bioacoustic habitat of our only home will be lost to yet another of Creators great experiments.

This is biological fact. This is not a left wing right wing conspiracy.

Like the biology of quorum sensing that allows an entire forest (like aspen trees) to communicate all-at-once, or a phosphorescent coral bacterial community to glow “all-at-once” and outshine the dark night - the world situation must also be approached “everybody all at once.”

“Only everybody-all-at-once can change the current chaos.”

- Adi Da

Not Two is Peace

Overunity signal transduction will never be realized by the masses if we do not escape adolescent tribalism.

Big Pharma will win if we do not signal everybody-all-at-once. This is something that the constitutionalist sovereigns do not care to understand. They want to make it about Climategate.

Avatar the movie was not some liberal left wing chatter blaming the Marine Corp for the worlds ills. No Praise, no blame.

It was about a violent species growing some frontal lobes in the heat of battle, and making another choice.

I know a lot of sovereign libertarians who are ex-marines. But I also know some ex-marines who are environmentalists.

Neither side will help us survive the global “nanotransformation” of planet earth.

Either the “Epigenetic Revolution” will cause humans to take action “everybody-all-at-once.” Or we will fail to outshine (with our “spiritual phospholuminescence”) the dark underworld we have created for ourselves. If we make that choice, we will enter into the 6th mass extinction.

How about you?

Are you ready to think beyond your genes?