by Steven M. Greer

14 August, 2008

received via Email





Dear Friends,

We have an urgent and momentous opportunity before us.


The idea of using water for fuel has been around for decades. Many have imagined it; but Stan Meyer did it... in the ‘90s! In fact, he received a patent for his Water Fuel Cell in 1989.


Meyer was a highly respected inventor and his research is one of the most widely known and publicized even today.


He powered a car with this technology and envisioned powering homes, planes and more with this ingenious invention. Stan discovered that resonant frequency was the key to unlocking the enormous energy contained in water; produced when hydrogen and oxygen combust. With his early and untimely death in March of 1998, this information was apparently lost.


To date no one has been able to reproduce his technology from his published material – though it has been out over a decade.

Now, the complete body of Stan Meyer’s work has surfaced again including notebooks, drawings, his Water Fuel Cell-powered vehicle, and other unique experimental designs!


For many months, The Orion Project has been working to acquire Stan’s legacy materials so we can solve the energy crisis that is draining this country... and the world.


In January, 2008 Dr. Ted Loder, our Chief Technology Officer, personally reviewed all materials on hand.




Stan Meyer - Water Fuel Cell






He found an extensive collection of Stan’s research journals and experimental equipment, much of which has never been known to the public.

Just recently we discovered this entire collection of Meyer’s work will offered for bid to interested parties effective this Saturday, August 16th!


The Orion Project is certainly one of the serious bidders.

We expect there will be very high interest in this bidding process for Stan’s materials. If we succeed in winning this bid, it opens the door to our recreating Stan’s remarkable technology. Please help us succeed in this extraordinary opportunity. While TOP is a contender in the process, the board is re-evaluating exactly what bid we will put forth.


There is no guarantee that we will be awarded the materials. However, the more money we have available, the stronger bid we are able to make.

If Stan Myer's work is obtained by another party who lacks the strategic contacts and leadership of TOP, it most likely will never be brought out to the public.


They may not have the considerable technical resources to recreate the working system.




Stanley Meyer's Water Powered Car





Furthermore, they likely lack the critical strategic understanding of how to bring such a controversial technology out to a global commercial market in the face of extreme opposition by entrenched energy giants.


Lacking either of these fundamentals skills will result in Stan’s work being lost and never realizing its enormous benefits to society.

The Orion Project is uniquely able to recreate this technology and fulfill the promise of Stan’s life work, making free, non-polluting, and sustainable energy available and freeing our country from its dependence of foreign oil.


TOP has direct access to some of the most experienced and talented researchers and inventors in this realm of water-fuel research.


If we succeed in obtaining his materials, it will still require a great deal of work by the brilliant scientists we’ve identified to reproduce and develop the technology since the systems have not been run in over a decade.




Stanley Meyer water car first





If just 5,000 people donate $100 each, it will give us a nominal starting budget of $500,000 allowing us to:

  • Acquire Stan's complete materials

  • Assemble a skilled technical team to study them in detail

  • Conduct testing to insure it performs optimally

  • Begin the steps towards commercial development

PLEASE DONATE NOW and help us succeed with this once in a lifetime opportunity to completely transform the doomed energy paradigm before us – replacing dwindling and polluting fossil fuel with abundant clean fuel. It is a gift to yourself and to all mankind. Stan Meyer started with a dream – we are committed to make his dream a reality!

We appreciate your support,



P.S. You can see an introductory article on our website about Hydroxy Gas Technology. If you’d care to see a more detailed technical brief written by Stanley himself, please see: Stanley A. Meyer, 1995. Water Fuel Cell - Technical Brief.