The Wands of Horus

The Real Story

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After reviewing the information presented on the various web sites purporting to be the history of development of the Wand of Horus we have determined the following chronology of events.

As best as we can determine this is the history of investigation and production of the Wands of Horus and their derivatives. Much of what is presented can be verified against the various web sites, it is only that the other web sites are selective about how it is presented, but if you read carefully, all of the facts are there. It is just a case of putting it together correctly.

Valery Uvarov and colleagues of the International Information Centre for UFO Research (IICUFOR) started to investigate material regarding the instruments depicted in the Egyptian statues (wands).

A photocopy of part of Count Walewski’s hand-written book, which was published in facsimile in New York Indian Hills, Colorado in 1955, came to light. In this manuscript the process of making cylindrical-shaped rods, used in Ancient Egypt, was detailed.

First articles written by Vladimir Kovtun appeared in Anomalia newspaper about cylinders.

Valery Uvarov decides to prepare materials for publication giving more details about cylinders from scientific point of view and analysing historical materials to ensure that there was no misunderstanding as to what the cylinders were, and how they impacted the human body.

Kovtun Company produces “Cylinders of Pharaoh”. These are dimensioned 150mm x 28mm and contain powdered coal and ground synthetic ferrite.

Serguey Gorbunov (also known as Serguey Gorr), who was then still working with Vladimir Kovtun, asked Valery Uvarov to write a brochure to accompany the cylinders they were producing. Valery Uvarov agrees.

Valery Uvarov is granted patents and trademarks for his designs in August 1998.

Valery Uvarov asks the Kovtun Company to manufacture some wands for his research according to his dimensions (28mm x 151.4mm) and fillings specifications. There are the Kont, Quartz and Crystal types of Wands. (Most of these sets were given way to people to provide feed-back on their use)

Kovtun Company produces for sale sets of wands using Dr. Valery Uvarov designs (without his permission). These were sold by Kovtun company under various names ("Cylinders of the Pharaoh (Horus)", "Wands of Horus quartz" and "Egyptians’ Rods - quartz").

First edition of Valery Uvarov’s book “The Wands of Horus” is published in Russian. Serguey Gorbunov, via a direct contact with the Dilia publishing house, has a small section incorporated into the book on page 155 endorsing Kovtun manufactured wands.


  • Valery Uvarov stops ordering wands from Kovtun Company due to poor technical quality. Inconsistent dimensions, poor quality fillings and incorrect preparation being the main reasons (details here).

  • Second edition of Valery Uvarov’s book “The Wands of Horus” is published in Russian by Dilia.

  • Valery Uvarov finds another manufacturer and starts to produce wands Quartz, Knot & Crystal.

  • Valery Uvarov’s publishes on the Internet a second edition of his book “The Wands of Horus”. This is published in both English and Russian.

  • Kovtun Company continues to sell using the name “The Wands of Horus”.

  • Valery Uvarov starts legal action against Kovtun Company over use of the trademark Wands of Horus and material from the book The Wands of Horus.

  • Valery Uvarov puts warning about imitations on his web site.

  • Kovtun Company alters web site to prevent legal action in Russia for breach of copyright for use of material from the book The Wands of Horus.

  • Vladimir Kovtun leaves the Kovtun Company and continues to manufacture and market his wands as “Cylinders of Pharaoh”. There is only one type of “Cylinders of Pharaoh” produced, these containing powdered coal and ground synthetic ferrite, and according to the Russian patent 2160582 dated 21.03.2000 the copper content in the copper electrode is not less than 99.7%, the zinc-alloy electrode contains 95% zinc, 4% aluminium and 1% copper.”


Valery Uvarov introduces Wands of HorusMono.


A PDF version of the Internet version of The Wands of Horus is made available on the Internet. This is updated in late 2001 with additional material to edition 3.

Valery Uvarov wins legal action against Kovtun Company to prevent them selling product under the name Wands of Horus. (Kovtun Company apply adhesive sticker to their certificates to cover up the name Horus)

Kovtun Company is renamed Rods.RU


  • Valery Uvarov publishes a new book on the Wands of Horus in Russian, parts are made available in English.

  • Valery Uvarov introduces Wands of Horus Mono-6 and Mono-9.

  • Valery Uvarov introduces Wands of Horus BJA.

  • Valery Uvarov introduces Biostimulator Insoles.


Valery Uvarov introduces Wands of Horus Mono-12 and Wands of Horus BJA Pharaoh.

Egyptian Healing Rods Ltd ( continues to use material from Uvarov’s book The Wands of Horus in breach of copyright.