by Valery Uvarov

Third Edition - December 2001

from Neilos Website



For the priests and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus were a tool for “attainment”, allowing them to achieve a step by step evolution of their psychic, energy and, consequently, physical capacities, the development of which was a decisive factor in preparing to enter into “intercourse with the gods” through the pyramids.

New knowledge from ancient Egypt



Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. What are the Wands of Horus?

  3. Secret Recovered

  4. The “Energy Source” The Wands of Horus & the Structures of Deep Meditation

  5. A Brief Historical Commentary about BA & KA

  6. The Use of the Wands of Horus in Medicine & Everyday Life

  7. Different Types of Wands of Horus

  8. The Results of Studies into the Effects of the Wands of Horus

  9. Sensations Experienced When Using the Wands of Horus

  10. The Use of Copper Patches to stimulate the immune system & direct the effect to pathological conditions of particular organs

  11. How the Wands of Horus Were Made

  12. The Results of Research Into The Effect of Pyramids

  13. Instructions for Using the Wands of Horus

  14. The Construction & Basic Parameters of the Wands of Horus



  1. Appendix - What is “harmonic resonance”?

  2. Appendix - The Westcar Papyrus

  3. Appendix - Illustration of Energy Projections of the Hypothalamus & Hypophysis

  4. Appendix - Shafts of the Great Pyramid

  5. Appendix - The King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid

  6. Appendix - Tables of Cycles

  7. Appendix - Parameters of an Individual Pyramid

  8. Appendix - The Language of Symbols

  9. Appendix - Exposure of Living Organisms in the Pyramid

  10. Appendix - Pyramid Field Effect on the Electrical Resistance of Carbon Materials

  11. Appendix - Mini-pyramids

  12. Appendix - Osteochondrosis

  13. Appendix - Maximum Permissible Levels for Permanent Magnetic Fields

  14. Appendix - “Principle of Correspondence

  15. Appendix - Ancient Way of Looking at the World

  16. Appendix - Experience of Paul Branton in the Great Pyramid

  17. Appendix - “Atlantean Diadem

  18. Appendix - Influence of Pyramid Exposed Water on the Coagulatory System

  19. Appendix - Effect of the Pyramid Field on Lymphoblastic Cells & Antiviral Activity

  20. Appendix - Effect of the Pyramid Field on an Electrical Field