by Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.


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"To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he's doing is good... Ideology - that is what gives devil-doing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory Which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others' eyes, so that he won't hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors."
-Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn



and to those who, regardless of risk, labor tirelessly to tell it.





Part 1

  1. Chapter - The "World Health Organization Theory of AIDS"

  2. Chapter - Who Plays in the Big Leagues

  3. Chapter - Cold War, Biological Weapons, and World Health

  4. Chapter - The Road to Fort Detrick Runs Through Bethesda

  5. Chapter - The Emperor's New Virus

  6. Chapter - Gallo's Research Anthology - The AIDS Buck and Virus Stops Here

  7. Chapter - An Interview with Dr. Robert Strecker


Part 2...