February 26, 2012

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If you pay attention to the World Health Organization (WHO) and most health agencies around the world, youíd be under the impression that half the population is likely to die of bird flu within the next few years if people arenít vaccinated.


They cite a death toll of well over fifty percent.

A recent study published in the journal Science has found that the hype is based on nothing better than smoke and mirrors. They found that somewhere between one and two percent of the population has already had the H5N1 strain of influenza - the dreaded bird flu.

They all lived through it, and apparently without even realizing theyíd suffered from an ailment the WHO says is deadly more than half the time.

The WHO has claimed that only 586 people in the entire world have had the disease, and that 346 - 59% - have died.

However, researchers of the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York analyzed blood samples of 12,500 people and found that a minimum of 1% and as many as 2% of them had antibodies to bird flu.




The Real Bird Flu Death Rate

In a world population of nearly 7 billion people, that means as many as 140 million people have already had the dreaded bird flu. If the lower estimate of 1% is used, it means that the danger of death from H5N1 flu has been overstated a minimum of 238,866 times greater than it is.

Hereís how that figure is calculated:

1% of 7 billion people: .01 x 7,000,000,000 = 140,000,000 million people

346 deaths out of 140,000,000 people: 346 ų 140,000,000 = .00000247 (.000247%)

Deaths overrated by 59% ų .000247% = 238,866 times the real rate of death

If the higher estimate is used, then 280 million people have had bird flu, which would make the death rate overstated by twice as much, 477,732 times the actual death rate.

This is the real story behind bird flu scare mongering to stampede people into having the vaccination.




Bird Flu Fear Mongering

Attempts to evade this reality are interesting.


One is to point the finger back at the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, which killed millions. While itís true that a pandemic did kill millions, the fact is that it wasnít influenza.


People died of bacterial pneumonia. (1)


Health agencies are fully aware of that fact, as the indicated reference clearly shows. Use of the 1918 pandemic to push people into flu vaccines is clearly scare mongering.

There are claims that the meta study done by Mt. Sinai researchers is flawed because it didnít take into account that the referenced studies were of different varieties of bird flu. That, though, is hardly relevant, since itís completely unknown what sort of bird flu is likely to show up - and the fear mongers certainly make no distinction between types of bird flu.

Because the authors didnít give an estimate of the actual bird flu death rate, critics seem to feel free to pull numbers out of the sky. Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota, is a member of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity.


He stated,

Even if H5N1 had a 20-fold lower mortality, it would still kill more people than the 1918 pandemic.

This is wrong not just in using a mortality rate pulled from the sky, but also for neglecting that the world population was 1.8 billion in 1918. Today itís 7 billion.


This is another attempt to justify fear mongering to drive people to vaccinate.




How the WHO Came to Its Faulty Death Rate Calculation

The World Health Organization used an obviously faulty - one might even say fraudulent - method to calculate the death rate from bird flu.


They only counted people who were ill enough to go to hospitals. They presumed that the only people who had contracted H5N1 influenza were those who had gone into a hospital, and calculated the death rate from that.


In the entire world, only 586 people have become ill enough to go to a hospital for treatment. Of those, 59% died.

Did the WHO actually not realize what they were doing? If one wishes to assume that the WHOís researchers are stupid and naive, it might be possible to accept that they just missed the truth. That is, though, a pretty far-fetched assumption. Itís difficult to believe that this was a simple mistake.


Considering the influence of Big Pharma on the WHO, itís quite obvious that they set out to promote world-wide acceptance, and even institutionalization, of H5N1 vaccinations through fear mongering.

Even if my estimate of a .000247% (about 2Ĺ per million) death rate from bird flu is low - even if itís insanely low - itís obvious that bird flu is not a significantly dangerous disease to anyone who isnít already seriously weakened by another disorder.


There is simply no question that the entire bird flu fear mongering campaign has been driven by Big Pharmaís wish to profit from a nearly useless, yet highly dangerous, vaccination.