by Tom Valentine

True Health radio program

May 18, 2009


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The world is abuzz with talk of "Swine Flu," a controversy that may prove to be hype or an epidemic. No matter, Carotec urges everyone to keep your immune system healthy.


Recently scientists, like Dr. Mort Walker, have been trumpeting the virus fighting ability of Olive Leaf Extract - used for centuries in Europe and the Mideast to fight colds, flu, infection and generally boost the human immune system. Traditional remedies may prove to help against superbugs and pandemic - only time will tell - but initial results and historic use of Olive Leaf are impressive.


The following is an interview taken from Tom Valentine’s True Health radio program with Dr. Morton Walker in which Walker brings us up to date on the natural immune-boosting power of Olive Leaf Extract.

Tom - My guest today is Dr. Morton Walker, a prolific investigator and health writer for many, many years. Mort, would you care to tell us what you have learned about Olive Leaf Extract?

Mort - I am happy to tell the world about Olive Leaf Extract, which is the finest antimicrobial product that exists in the market today. It is a marvelous substitute for antibiotics, which are no longer working.


Do you know that we have only one antibiotic left, Vancomycin, and now it is no longer functioning because staphylococcus and streptococcus both are very serious hospital infections and they have become resistant. You go in [to the hospital] without it and come out with it.


Anthromycin no longer works against streptococcus and the only thing I can see that does work is Olive Leaf Extract, an over-the-counter dietary supplement product. With Olive Leaf Extract you will have an antimicrobial that if you take on a regular basis preventively, as I do - I take 2 capsules a day; 275 mg of a minimum 16% oleuropin - you might never get another infection, or ever suffer a cold or flu anymore.


You would need no influenza shots or anything like that.


Tom - Mort, what first got you interested in Olive Leaf Extract?

Mort - Back in the mid1990’s, a biochemist friend told me there was a new product coming from Europe that I should investigate and write about. So I did investigate it. I did an online search through the Internet and then my wife who is a researcher, went to Yale Medical School Library and came back with about 700 articles on Olive Leaf Extract going back a couple of centuries.


I selected some of the more pertinent ones, about 70 articles, and I wrote a clinical journal article published in the July 1996 issue of the Townsend Letter. That article elicited tremendous response from all over the country from physicians, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors -  even homeopaths - because this is an herbal, not a pharmaceutical, product.


I had over 2,000 phone calls and faxes and pieces of mail inquiring about Olive Leaf Extract. It was the most enthusiastically received piece that I had written... With so much interest, I decided there was a book there. I went to Kensington Publishing with a proposal. They bought it and I proceeded to write the book. You will see that my book is very well documented.


It has several hundred clinical journal articles, documentations, and interviews with health professionals and patients.


Tom - What is it that makes Olive Leaf Extract so valuable?

Mort - Well, the olive tree is historically famous for its fruit, olives, from which oil is made. However, the leaf extract has nothing to do with olive oil or olives. It turns out that the leaves may be becoming as valuable as the olives.


Tom - In the old testament, there is mention about the tree whose leaves are also good for medicine, and the olive is widely assumed to be that tree.

Mort - Well, it makes sense because the Olive tree leaves have an antimicrobial agent in them called oleuropein.


Oleuropein is so antimicrobial that it actually kills the yeast in other ingredients used to ferment the olive oil. Consequently the olive leaves were always a source of irritation to the olive oil manufacturers, they actually gathered up all of the leaves and burned them.


Now they find that this antimicrobial factor that was ruining their olive oil crop is very valuable because it is bringing them massive amounts of income - it kills germs.


Tom - All germs, or specific germs?

Mort - Tom, it kills virtually every germ. It kills fungi, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and parasites. It eliminates problem pathogens from your body. When you do not have infectious problems, it does not disturb the friendly flora in your gut, it only works against the pathogens, not the good guys.


Tom - Why is that?

Mort - The Olive Leaf Extract is actually an extract of the oleuropein because the oleuropein has important ingredients in it - in fact it has 23 ingredients in it. Especially vital is elenolic acid, which combines with calcium to form elenolate.

Elenolate is the chief ingredient that kills all of these microbes. The calcium elenolate attaches itself to the microbe and causes a break in the germ’s membrane so all of the protoplasm in the microbe leaks out and the microbe implodes. It disintegrates into itself. It doesn’t have any substance anymore because of what the calcium elenolate is doing to it.


When it does that, you get rid of the germs. They eliminate themselves.


Tom - Does it appear that the germs can mutate a protection and become a supergerm as they have with the antibiotics?

Mort - No, they apparently cannot mutate a defense. We know this because Olive Leaf Extract has been brewed as a tea for several hundred years by Italian grandmothers who took care of their grandchildren this way.


Of course, not only the Italians had olive leaves, they are also in Greece and Turkey, and even as far away as New Zealand. Anyone who has ever brewed olive leaf tea knows that this is a very useful substance to drink on a regular basis. It is bitter and tastes awful so you don’t need that. You can bypass the taste and take a capsule.


And, Tom, the material you use in your capsules that is produced in Switzerland is absolutely top quality and could easily be used to make tea.

The fruit and leaves of the olive tree, like this one in Crete

have been harvested for centuries for their beneficial properties.


Tom - I appreciate that plug, Mort; and I know you are sincere. Also, I understand that the molecules in the oleuropein cannot be duplicated or synthesized, kind of like Gingko Biloba.

Mort - Yes, that is true. Nature has created it and we are not able to synthesize it. I doubt there will ever be an Olive Leaf Extract synthesized. Scientists might be able to isolate one ingredient, like elenolic acid, and synthesize that - that may be possible.


Tom - Based upon your experience, does it appear that it is better to have all of these 23 ingredients in the oleuropein working together because there may be some synergy going on?

Mort - Very definitely. Yes. The 23 ingredients are synergistic. Let me tell you a story. I was invited by the Hungarian government to visit their largest gynecological hospital.


I was there in May of 1998, and the Chief of Gynecology was using Olive Leaf Extract to eliminate cancer of the ovaries, the cervix, and the uterus. It was a general oral application designed especially for ovarian cancer. What they found was that these various female cancers - which are hormonal cancers - come from the invasion of a very rare kind of fungus.


It is in the same family of fungi as candida albicans, which causes millions of yeast infections. In this case however, the particular organism is called candida cubamondi. I saw it under the microscope. The gynecologist treated these cancers by administering Olive Leaf Extract orally in capsules as the primary therapeutic agent and the cancers disappeared.


The treatment reduced the patient’s pap smear readings from stage 5 down to stage 2 merely by giving them capsules of Olive Leaf Extract.


Tom - For some reason I thought it was a topical application treatment, but it evidently was not.

Mort - That is correct. There is no topical application unless you break open a capsule and mix the powder with distilled water or some other purified water... You make a paste and then you can apply it. In fact, you can use that for psoriasis, which affects some 2% of all Americans. Psoriasis clears up with the use of Olive Leaf Extract. I have before-and-after slides, which I was also able to gather in Hungary.


This country is very advanced in the use of Olive Leaf Extract. They grow olive trees in the Balkans and they are using olive leaves to overcome a variety of skin conditions including psoriasis. It also gets rid of dandruff and other types of eczemas. I have before-and-after slides of 9 patients, some with very severe psoriasis.


Incidentally, I showed this to the Cancer Control Society in Pasadena, Calif. and everybody in the audience who had a skin problem came running to me afterwards to find out how they could get Olive Leaf Extract.


Tom - I understand that Upjohn Company, a major chemical company, got into Olive Leaf Extract research in the 1970’s.

Mort - Yes that is correct. They did all of the detailed initial research. They were excited at the prospects of developing a virus killer that worked. There has hardly ever been an antiviral agent. Olive Leaf Extract has proven to work against viruses.


If you want to get rid of your herpes infection, any one of the seven herpes invasions that affect man, Olive Leaf Extract may be your best bet. If you have genital herpes, take about 9 of the 250 mg capsules per day, and you should get rid of that genital herpes permanently. Especially if you are in the middle of an infection where you have an outbreak, then, by golly, no more blisters.

...You know, we may be facing a shingles epidemic here in America, and Olive Leaf Extract will get rid of that too in a day or two. Herpes simplex around the mouth, the so-called cold sores, will just disappear as soon as you start taking Olive Leaf Extract. I would say give it four hours and then you will see the blisters starting to fade.

Olive Leaf Extract is good stuff. It really is the best product I have come upon and it has become a steady part of my nutritional supplementation. I took one this morning and will take another one this afternoon. My wife does too; two per day. Prevention is the key.



Tom - You have a lot of studies, witnesses and testimonials to these things that you have talked about and I think that is great. What about the safety? Have there ever been any side effects?

Mort - None - zero - no side effects. It is olive leaves. Olive leaves are a food.


You can brew a tea out of it; you can eat the leaves; you can put it into salads. It is a food but it has a major ingredient that is antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral. It kills bacteria. If you have worms, get rid of them with Olive Leaf Extract. Do you have guardia from drinking bad water? Well you can get rid of that protozoa now. It works beautifully.


Olive Leaf Extract is the answer that scientists have been looking for as a substitute for the antibiotics that no longer work.