by Ethan Indigo Smith

September 2, 2012
from ActivistPost Website



Ethan Indigo Smith is the author of The Terraist Letters and The Matrix of Four.




Death, brought to you by...


This article contains information you might want to ignore. California was nuked in the fifties.


The Matrix of Four types of information explained in relation to the enhanced entropy of nuclear experimentation. How nuclear experimentation killed ocean current power, and possibly is preventing us from understanding the god particle/the Higgs Boson counter-wave.

The first (known) meltdown of a nuclear power generator in the U.S.A. occurred in July of 1959 at the Santa Susana Field Laboratories in Simi Valley, CA.


Since this accident pre-dated any regulation of the nuclear industry, no one will ever know how much radioactivity was strewn around as a result. Reasonable people guess the released amount was comparable to what happened at Three Mile Island or Chernobyl, but much less than the ongoing disaster at Fukushima.

The Simi Valley reactor was an experimental “fast-breeder” type, bizarrely cooled by liquefied metallic Sodium, a substance which will explode when doused with water, and burst into flame when exposed to air.


Thousands of pounds of this laboratory curiosity remain unaccounted for. Obviously it has all long since oxidized, and remains in the biosphere as Sodium ions, the familiar Sodium part of Sodium Chloride, table salt. 


Except, of course, for such Sodium as absorbed a fast-moving neutron from the fast-breeder, turning into radioactive Sodium 24, which in view of a half-life measured in hours, has long since decayed to the radio stable Magnesium 24.

The point is, this was an experiment that only a national government had sufficient resources to undertake, and has already had disastrous results.

And all this is exemplary of the “atomic cowboy” culture of the Santa Susana Laboratories, in which flammable materials, placed in barrels would be dropped into a pit and then ignited by being shot with rifles, a practice which continued, at least sporadically, into 1994.

The point is all commercial nuclear industries are also experimental. Whether it is nuclear power generation or nuclear detonation, all nuclear industry is experimental. I refuse to go along with the status quo of painted euphemisms and call such a thing that can kill all life on the planet, a plant.


No nuclear facility is a plant, they are all experiments.

  • Will top management of utility companies - people whose focus seldom reaches beyond the balance sheets of current quarter and perhaps one subsequent quarter - exercise an appropriate level of control on wastes that will be dangerously radioactive for dozens of thousands of years?

  • Will the American nucpublic remain gullible enough to allow this nuclear experimentation, with all of us as subjects?

  • And, if so, for what fraction of those dozens of thousands of years?

It’s all part of the experiment.

For these reasons and myriad others, nuclear power and the nuclear industry are hereinafter referenced as nuclear experimentation and should be labeled nuclear experimentation by the scientific community and any analytical minds who might think accurate language is good and decent.

Every time a new discovery is made concerning nuclear experimentation it is found that it is an even less sustainable business practice than ever portrayed.


It becomes increasingly obvious that nuclear experimentation is more dangerous, more insidious than ever portrayed; that the whole industry is based on lying about how costly it all is economically, environmentally, and for that matter, ethically.


With hindsight, it is also undeniable that the nuclear experimentation industry is based on lying about how costly it all is. If they can, they will obfuscate truth entirely. The works at Santa Susana laboratories didn’t even tell their families downwind there might be something problematic in the air. Major fires went unreported as did the 1959 meltdown.


Only after a similar meltdown at Three Mile Island was the extent of the Santa Susana experiment revealed.


Already nuclear experimentation has resulted in the destruction of a significant portion of Japan and a region in Europe through accidents alone at what is euphemistically called ‘plants.’ The Fukushima inevitability of nuclear power generation has permanently altered the planet, some areas drastically.

 There have been two thousand nuclear detonations above and below ground, in the air and in the water; nowhere on the planet is untainted, while some areas have been devastated more than others. You are in an experiment.


Even without further war and without further mechanical complication of nuclear power generation experiments, the process of containment of materials is actually impossible.


Hanford, Washington is a leaking disaster zone simply because the radioactive materials cannot be handled and contained safely. The materials for the first nuclear detonations were developed there. Nuclear experimentation promises devastating consequences to future stability of life on the planet. If nuclear experimentation is not ceased, it could cease all life as we know it.


This is not wild deduction, but actual fact. Nuclear experimentation promises devastating consequences for the future of all life on this planet. The gross amount of toxicity already constitutes an existential threat.

In 1964, the Santa Susana laboratories launched SNAP-9A, which, “Failed to achieve orbit,” and burned up while falling back into the atmosphere. Its plutonium reactor released toxins and poisoned life on the planet, poisoned us all, and added another little enhancement to the toxicity and carcinogenicity to our global environment.


Several years ago, NASA launched a space vehicle that depended on a “slingshot maneuver” using the Earth’s gravity to carry it deeper into space. It contained enough Plutonium to kill all of us or at least to give almost everyone a really bad case of cancer.

The time, energy and resources that have been invested into nuclear experimentation are likely incalculable.


It is an industry of inhuman lies and practices, one which voids all consideration of clean air, clean water and healthy food. Where humanity would be today without nuclear experimentation is impossible to say, but without it surely the planet would be less toxic and polluted.

I submit that, simply because necessity is mother of invention, if it were not for nuclear experimentation humanity could already have free, or for all extents and purposes endless and harmless, power sources. Because we have nuclear power, because we have been induced to believe it is modern technology and not totally experimental and deadly, there has not been the impetus for the last sixty-seven years to search out less deadly energy sources.


Moreover, because of the oligarchical collectivism exhibited in the nuclear experimentation industry, from the subsidization of the Price Anderson Act onward, it’s not so wild to suggest that energy alternatives are suppressed, since these subsidies of nuclear experimentation necessarily also act to suppress more desirable alternatives.

And I’m not talking about the conspiracies of suppression of solar power capability and suppression of electric vehicles; it’s much bigger than that.


There are ocean currents, not far offshore of the East Coast which could spin underwater ‘windmills’ and turbines to generate enormous amounts of power, without dangerous repercussions.


This power facility would indeed be ‘too cheap to meter’, a slogan from the early days of nuclear experimentation. And harnessing energy from currents is just scratching the surface.


But, hell, why bother when you got nuclear power? Wind, wave, solar and water power sources belittle nuclear experimentation, for they are safe and endless. Any source of power is better than nuclear experimentation, however none is as oligarchical.

The dangers of nuclear experimentation have always been belittled, while the benefits of nuclear experimentation have always been exaggerated. It is an industry of truth omission. It is the industry which most frequently states “there is no immediate danger to the public” and it is the one which most frequently lies about the public dangers it poses, to all life on Earth.

When it comes to any subject, especially one as dynamic as nuclear experimentation, there are things we know and things we don’t know. As explained in the Matrix of Four, the Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity there are four types of information, as elaborated on by the likes of Socrates and hinted at by Donald Rumsfeld. And as empirically obvious, the more dynamic and serious the subject the more likely people will ignore all information pertaining to it.

 The subject of global environmental destruction is such an extreme subject and is ignored totally to the point society continues to argue over the human effect on temperature rather than change our toxic ways, with no reasoning but oligarchical rewards.

The four types of information are the known knowns and the unknown unknowns.


There are also known unknowns and finally, unknown knowns. The fourth part is the most difficult to quantify; these are intuitive or instinctual things and secrets. Donald didn’t mention this fourth part, for he likely operated through secrets and the unknown knowns.

The knowns of nuclear experimentation and its negative consequences to life, its economic and societal costs, is enough to demand we cease it everywhere.

  • And what of the unknown unknowns?

  • What implications for the Earth does promotion of global nuclear experimentation have?

  • What unknown knowns does the nuclear experimentation industry possess that they are not sharing?

One interesting known known is that the EPA turned off public access to the radiation detection equipment on the west coast after the Fukushima meltdowns.


It is known that the nuclear industry all over the world lies and omits the truth for each other, Japan and TEPCO, refused to admit there was any danger to the public, before disclosing there was an accident, then admitting there were partial meltdowns, later that there were meltdowns and ultimately admitting that multiple complete melt throughs had occurred.


The E.P.A. turned off the radiation detection equipment. (here and here)

Safety of nuclear power has always been lied about and the danger has never been and could never be exaggerated. It is obvious that the oligarchical collectivism of the nuclear experimentation industry has indirectly eliminated alternative power systems to the extraction of and concoction of dangerous minerals. It has done so simply through its existence as well as through diabolical influence and outright subversion of systems less oligarchical.

It is a fact that nuclear power generation experiments distort the magnetics of whatever locality they may be built.


Consideration of the local magnetic field is one of many things they have to consider when constructing these experiments. The chain reaction and the electric production is so intense the machine effects the magnetics of the given area.


A single nuclear detonation disrupts the magnetic field sending out an electromagnetic pulse powerful enough to disable the electrical infrastructure of a given region. These are known.


Now consider unknowns of global nuclear experimentation.


What does one nuclear power generation experiment do to the magnetic field of the planet? What does the combination of approximately four hundred and thirty, plus nuclear reactor submarines do to the magnetic field of the planet? These are assumedly known unknowns, we know that we don’t know.

Now consider the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. I am no damned nuclear scientist and I am not a physicist either, thankfully though information is easily obtainable and anyone with a moment and curiosity can learn nuclear experimentation is a rabbit hole of death and learn a little about quantum physics.


In laymen’s terms, discovery of the Higgs Boson particle essentially means that of hundreds of different given particles there is only one that has any mass and weight. It’s another counterintuitive fact in quantum physics, just like the fact that there are particles and waves and the odd thing is that particles behave as waves, a lot.


Now if there is just one particle among many which has mass and weight, that behaves like a wave at any given time, theoretically if one is able to produce some sort of counter-wave one could tap into the glue of the universe and make extremely heavy objects as light as air, and further one could tap into this power and harness a power flow so intense as to be only limited by how much is required.

There are four forms of power in the universe and my ignorant guess would be that the counter-wave is of the electro-magnetic variety. I have a one in four chance of being right.

  • What if nuclear experimentation causes unknown destruction and disruption of the magnetic field of Earth resulting in conditions where implementation of the counter-wave is impossible?


  • What if nuclear experimentation is, literally, physically preventing tapping into the glue of the universe and understanding the counter-wave of what is called the god-particle?

Originally it was labeled the God damned particle for it could not be found.


What if nuclear experimentation is preventing our understanding and finding the counter-wave?

Such a wave is not so outlandish of an idea. Such questions are absolutely relevant amidst the planet-altering, life-ending known potentials of nuclear experimentation. In fact use of such a counter-wave is perhaps how one could explain the transportation of massive stones and the erection of massive stone objects that ancients all around the world seemed able to do and that modern man can not duplicate.


In fact,

  • How else could some of these structures and stones be explained?


  • The known knowns of nuclear experimentation is enough to demand its elimination and what of the known unknowns or worse the unknown knowns, the secrets some in the industry have that they are keeping from us?

I hear the following political reference being used to call to question certain circumstances, some applicable to the hyperbole and most, not so much.


In respect to nuclear experimentation, it is completely valid to say. Question nuclear experimentation, for the children. The biggest issue on the Earth is that of nuclear experimentation.


Stop nuclear experimentation, for the children.