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Our present is not immutable.

Our past is constantly changing.

Our future is a source of our present emotional manipulations.



This article details the workings of synchronicity, time travel, reality creation, and explains the motivation of negatively polarized beings as the alpha draconians. It further shows why the New Age belief that "there are no victims" is incorrect, explains what emotion is and how it is used to manipulate reality, reveals why some beings lack emotion and what they are unable to do as a consequence, and illustrates the extent of freewill.

We start by defining three classifications of life-forms:

  • zeroth

  • first

  • and second order beings


Zeroth Order Being (God)

God can break any law or alter any reality it has created, and has unlimited power over its creations. It is a passive being composed of reality and its inhabitants, and actively alters reality only when called upon by such inhabitants utilizing methods to be described here.

There are multiple zero order beings, all replicas of one original being. Each one creates and maintains its own universe by first dividing itself into physical and conscious components, ascribing rules to the physical component, and allowing the conscious component to interact with the physical.


The interaction with the physical allows the conscious components to experience and discover themselves, gain knowledge of their own nature and that of other conscious pieces, and set up the eventual complete self-realization of the zero order being of that universe.


First Order Beings

First order beings must obey the laws of physics, but can break the laws of probability due to their direct connection to the zeroth order being. This means that if something is physically possible, no matter how improbable, they can make it happen.

They are derived from zero order beings. They are holographic images of their Creator and exist in a physical reality designed, constructed, and maintained by that zero order being.

First order beings are holographic replicas of the zero order being, though reduced in potential because they are bound to the rules set up by the zero order being. In other words, the zero order being creates a physical reality out of SOLIDIFIED holographic images of itself, then infuses matter in that reality with CONSCIOUS holographic fragments of itself.

This is analogous to a computer programmer writing a video game, then playing it by 'becoming' a character within. The game character is figuratively a holographic image of the player, since it does everything the player does with his keyboard or joystick. However, the character is limited by the rules of the game. For example, the player can get up and grab a sandwich, but the character cannot, unless that is programmed in the game.


The character is limited in potential; while the player can start a business, grow old, and travel the world, all the character can do is operate within the various levels of the game.

Likewise, first order beings, despite being holographic images of the powerful zero order being, are limited in what they can do. They cannot themselves, for example, break the laws of physics, for the laws of physics are the physical rules of the game designed by the zeroth order being.

Because first order beings are derivatives of the zero order being, they have special communication privileges with it. As will be explained soon, emotion is a medium of this communication. By communicating with the zero order being, first order beings can indirectly influence the laws of probability and hence create synchronicity by causing certain laws of physics pertaining to time travel to be broken by the zero order being.

In our analogy, this would be equivalent to a game character communicating with the programmer, who then changes the code in accordance with the character's wishes.


Second Order Beings

These must obey the laws of both physics and probability. They lack a direct communication channel with the zero order being, due to their either being derived from first order beings, or due to a shutdown of their emotional capabilities.

How are they derived from first order beings?


To be derived, one must be a holographic fragment of something. So second order beings are somehow holographic fragments of first order beings. Recall that first order beings can not directly break the laws of physics, the primary domain in which they exist, which is physical reality.


So, since second order beings cannot directly break the laws of probability, it follows that probabilistic reality is the primary one in which they exist, or at least from which they originate.


Whence Second Order Beings Originate

Probabilistic reality is, in fact, the ethereal plane. Probability is the product of consciousness, and the higher a particular reality is on a metaphysical scale (where the scale goes from from the lowest which is physical, to ethereal, astral, and beyond), the more that reality is composed of God's conscious holographic fragments instead of the solidified ones.

In a perfectly physical world, without consciousness, all would be perfectly mechanical and hence predictable. Newtonian mechanics would allow perfect predictability of any system, and no uncertainty or probability other than zero or one hundred percent would exist.

However, since there is consciousness, a certain amount of chaos is always present, and therefore some uncertainty.


Probability theory is a result of the presence of these uncertainties. It can be seen that the more consciousness there is in an event, the less Newtonian Mechanics, or any system of science based on the laws of physics, can predict the outcome of that event.

Since physical reality, and the laws of physics, are determined by the solidified holographic fragments of God, it is evident that the ethereal planes, which are one step above the physical planes and hence more conscious, are more in the domain of probability than physical reality.


This is why the domain of probability is claimed here to be the ethereal planes.

[And why aren't they the astral planes?

Because astral planes consist of emotional energy, which second order beings lack. If they originated from the astral planes, then they would have emotion, and consequently a direct connection to God, but since they don't, they therefore do not originate from the astral planes. First order beings have emotion, but this does not mean they originate from the astral planes, it simply means that they have an astral component.]


Second Order Beings are Sentient Thought-forms

From the preceding descriptions of second order beings, it can be deduced that they are in fact advanced thought-forms. Thought-forms are entities created by first order beings with the capability of carrying out simple probability altering tasks.


They are like ethereal robots.

Thought-forms can be created by you, a first order being, in the following way:

  • First, a visual image is made of the thought-form  which creates an empty shell or skeleton in the ethereal plane (like building the body of a robot)

  • Giving this thought-form  attention and focus fills the empty shell with emotion, making it capable of influencing the probability of physical events (like energizing the robot with a battery source)

  • The final step is sending it out to do its job, which means endowing it with a small holographic fragment of yourself (like putting a computer controller in the robot)

It then continues to exist in ethereal reality or probabilistic reality, and goes to work carrying out its intended mission by altering probability on this level. But unless attention and focus is given to it from time to time, its emotional substance runs out and it fades away (the robot runs out of energy).

So, thought-forms cannot create their own supply of emotional energy. If they are simple thought-forms, only an external input of emotional energy by the creator of that thought-form  can supply it. These simple thought-forms are slaves to their creators and for the most part exist only in the ethereal state.

However, there have emerged highly complex renegade thought-forms who have somehow managed to gain physical bodies. They still lack an emotional body of their own, but are capable of stealing emotions from first order beings to continue their existence. And because they cannot supply their own emotional energy, they also cannot alter probability directly.

It is their nature to steal emotional energy that makes them negatively polarized, or service to self, as Alex Collier and those at would say. By this it is meant that they violate the freewill of others to serve themselves.


Does that make us humans service to self since we steal the bodies of animals and plants when we eat them? Yes it does. But what's more important is what direction we are moving, whether we are progressing toward more destruction and selfish greed, or toward wise altruism and godhood. This is what separates the good guys from the bad guys.


The good guys, despite being 'service to self' in that they must kill animals and plants for food, are still working to improve conditions in this world, whereas service to self creatures as the alpha draconian lizard beings have no intention on improving either the world or their ways.


Why Second Order Beings Manipulate First and Zero Order Beings

Being of negative polarity and second order, they have an inferiority complex and a drive to control everything.

Their envy of the first order beings makes them enslave such beings for purposes of emotional energy, food, resources, and entertainment.


Their envy of God and its laws makes them adept at bending these laws and finding loopholes, ultimately to wrestle control of reality away from God and place in their own hands.


How Second Order Beings Overcome their Limitations

To overcome their limitations and enslavement to the laws of physical reality, they tap first order beings for their emotions, and use these emotions as tools to make a connection to the zero order being, and hence manipulate reality through the zero order being.

Some of them have time travel capabilities, but it is a physical law of the universe that when going back in time, upon arriving at a point in the past, the timeline immediately splits into two branches:

  1. the original timeline

  2. a newly created one

All attempted physical alterations of the past merely alter the newly created timeline, and hence the timeline from which the time travelers originate goes unaffected. Why they bother with altering the original timeline instead of being satisfied with the new one is a question the author cannot yet figure out.

Only one thing can alter the original timeline's past, and that is the zero order being. Thus, to alter the current timeline's past, the zero order being must be coaxed into altering it.


How then is the zero order being fooled into altering the past at the command of second order beings?


The Nature of Emotion

It is through emotional energy that the current timeline may be altered. But emotional energy is not enough. A certain focus is required, imparting coherence and direction to the emotion.


Emotion is energy, and energy without order is useless, which can be seen in thermodynamic systems where great disorder, or entropy, means little useful energy available for work.

Like energy, emotion is quite generic and can be used by anyone with the means to direct it, even someone from whom the emotion did not originate. It can thus be siphoned, collected, and redirected to accomplish first order effects. Since second order beings are incapable of generating these emotions to begin with, to achieve first order effects they must tap emotion from first order beings. Thus, second order beings comprise the majority of those who steal emotions.

But an emotion also comes with a signature of its originator. This signature can be likened to a non-Hertzian (nonlinear, chaotic, unpredictable) frequency where the shape of the wave is what makes the signature unique. Despite these signatures being non-Hertzian, they still resonate with the original source, since both 'vibrate' with similar nonlinear, chaotic, and seemingly unpredictable characteristics. Therefore, it is most effective to alter the past by using emotion to manipulate the past version of its source.

Using emotions from one person to manipulate another is possible, but the process is not as efficient since there is a mismatch in signature. Energy, for example, is most easily transferred from one tuning fork to another if both have the same resonance frequency.

Raw emotions, like raw energy, can accomplish tasks in a brute force manner. But when information is added, the effectiveness dramatically increases. For example, 10 joules of energy put into opening a closed door by means of a battering ram will work, but .5 joules used to turn the doorknob will also. The second is more complicated and subtle, but in the end accomplishes the same goal.


Emotion coupled with pattern, direction, and focus is called "will." Will power means applying emotions in a directed manner to get things done.


Aleister Crowley and Blavatsky have written much about will.


How Emotion is Used to Alter the Current Timeline

To cause synchronicity in the present, emotion is used as a carrier wave upon which information is sent back in time to appropriate persons with the leverage to create the desired future synchronicity. These person's actions are altered and biased such that later, the consequences of their actions come together in the synchronicity.

How exactly are their actions altered? Either by further synchronicities, subliminal telepathic suggestions, or raw emotions.

In the case of synchronicities, they make a choice they would otherwise not have made because this time around, they notice something so unbelievably coincidental that they freely act upon that event simply as a superstitious measure.

With subliminal telepathic suggestions, a thought they normally would have had is suppressed, they feel inspired by a new thought, or they are pressed to commit a particular action at a different time than usual.

For raw emotion, the carrier wave itself is honed in upon them (probably by treating the original emotion radionically with the target's signature if the source of the emotion is not the target), which clouds their mind and drives them out of impulse into making altered decisions.


Are There Such Things as Accidents?

Accidents happen all the time, but synchronicities are engineered accidents with a definite purpose. To you, accidents do little good, as they are synchronicities for others by others, and you are nothing but a tool in their karmic game.


To you, accidents are random, disordered, and seemingly without purpose. When focused emotions are applied to the equation, however, accidents turn into synchronicities.


The question is whether or not those synchronicities serve to help you, help others, destroy you, or destroy others.


This all depends on who is utilizing the emotion.


The Creators of Synchronicity

Positive forces, negative forces, and your higher self are the ones capable of doing so. Positive forces seek to provide additional assistance to you upon request by action, thought, or words.


Negative forces (often second order beings) seek to destroy you or others who are a threat to their power and control structure. Your higher self engineers synchronicities to help you learn and evolve, and sets in motion events necessary to fulfill the plans you made before incarnating into this life.


To which of these you cater to depends greatly on what emotional energy you choose to supply.

Negative forces, for example, might shock you with a devastating event to get things started, and if you accept to meet the event with a host of negative emotions such as self-hatred, blame, vengeance, and greed, you in effect start a feedback cycle whereby the resulting emotions are tapped, sent back in time, and used to create even more bad luck for you. The only ways to break the cycle is to get over it and get control over your emotions, wait for the negative forces to leave you alone, or ask assistance from your higher self or the positive forces.

Positive forces don't interfere with anything unless requested, and when you call for assistance with love, sincerity, and most importantly awareness, events are set into motion to answer your request. Love alone doesn't cut it. It is more important to be knowledgeable when commanding positive forces than ignorant and blissfully loving.

Your higher self oversees the activity of negative and positive forces and can choose to override both. In your life, the higher self reigns supreme, as it is you on a higher dimensional and has perspective beyond the bounds of time. It is your subconscious, the part of your mind that symbolically orchestrates much of what happens to you to best aid your spiritual and intellectual evolution. It is your higher self that is employed in reality creation, whereby you affirm to yourself certain things you wish to attract into your life, and these things synchronistically manifest.


The Higher Self is wise, and does not judge your requests, so whether you wish for good or evil things, the higher self doesn't care as all will be a learning experience in the end.


One thing the Higher Self can not do is violate the free will of another.


Freewill Can be Violated

This doesn't mean freewill can never be violated. In fact, violating freewill must be done in the physical domain by the violator himself. That's one purpose of this absolutely objective illusion we call reality, to allow differences between various posessors of freewill to provide the inertia between them necessary for a grand learning experience to ensue.

Now, synchronicity is only half of the story. Don't get the idea that everything happening to you is a result of one of the three forces influencing your past to engineer the present.

As an illustration, consider this diagram:

Even with positive reality creation, bad things still happen to you, and when they do, you're screwed unless you are prepared to deal with them. Positive reality creation does not guarantee protection from such events, despite their being attracted less frequently into your life.

The worst to do is assume that thinking happy thoughts and denying all negative ones will guarantee your reality being entirely influenced by positive forces or your higher self.


How Reality Creation Really Works

In other words, because only some of the events in your life are due to synchronistic reality engineering, there is a great portion that is not. They are instead caused by direct accidental or intentional violations of freewill resulting from physical interactions with you.


Thinking happy thoughts will reduce the number of negative synchronicities in your life, but there will still be accidents and intentional violations of freewill left over, beyond your metaphysical ability to prevent. Only physical prevention works in such cases, as the cause of such events are physical.

There are No Victims! - yeah right...

The biggest fallacy in New Age thinking is that there are no victims, that everyone has chosen to attract their misery. The simple proposed solution, then, is to unattract bad experience by doing some reality creation via focused emotion.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that since freewill cannot be violated, if one chooses to be a 'servant of light' or filled with 'love and light' that they are protected from negative forces. Well, they may be protected from negative synchronicity, but not from physical force. It doesn't mean that they can't be harmed at all, it simply means that they can't be harmed without karmic repercussions for the perpetrator.


So if the perpetrator chooses to take upon himself that karmic debt, or if he is too stupid to even know about karma, then he is free to murder, mug, and rape whomever he pleases and is physically able to victimize. In this universe, physical force is sovereign to synchronicity and consciousness.

One example of how "there are no victims" is fallacious is illustrated as follows.


Say you are a murderer who just killed someone. Since there are no victims, the person you just killed wanted to die this way and probably made an agreement with you at some higher level for this to take place. Maybe he was a murderer in another lifetime and must now repay his karmic debt by being murdered himself. If this is true, then say you kill another one. He, too, made an agreement to repay karma.


Now, what is morally limiting you from killing anyone else? Nothing.


Everyone you choose to kill freely chose to have you kill them, and thus you are perfectly justified in becoming a mass murderer. And what about your karma? Don't you get into karmic debt, even if you kill as part of an agreement? If no freewill is violated, then no debt is accumulated, meaning that if your 'victim' has chosen to die at your hands (since there are no victims), then you did not violate his freewill and consequently you accumulate no karmic debt.


If everyone followed this reasoning, soon no one would be left alive. Does "there are no victims" make plenty of sense to you? No.

Now, what if accidents happen. What if, in this reality, there is indeed a battle over wills when it comes to physical interaction? Then there is a chance that someone you kill might not have chosen it. If that is the case, you risk both being defended against or even shot if that person is armed, plus you risk getting bad karma. If this is true, then you don't have free reign to kill. Oppressors have no justification in claiming that all those they are oppressing have chosen so. Does this make more sense? Of course. Therefore, not only are there victims (those who did not choose a particular event and whose wills were overpowered by it), but there is justification for moral behavior as a consequence.

When it comes down to physical interaction (when an event is attracted into your life), it is your job, using you wits, will, and resources, to defeat or accept it. With reality creation, one might reduce the probability of being mugged, but in the end, when the mugging does occur, no magic force-field will protect from the kicks and punches. All that will protect is your will and physical resources.



Because reality creation, synchronicity, and consciousness are all within the domain of probability and chaos, not within physical laws of matter and energy. Consciousness is a probability altering phenomenon -- this has been stated over and over elsewhere on this site. Probability has to do with choosing one event over an alternate.


But in either case, once an event is chosen, the laws of physics are still obeyed.


It is merely the laws of probability which are broken in the process of choosing, but this isn't a big deal as probability and statistics is a subjective science and not in perfect accord with physical reality anyway, otherwise there would be no uncertainty in statistical predictions.


Limitations of Reality Creation

Second order beings are limited in how they can alter the past. When they use emotion as a carrier wave to send information and influence back in the current timeline to alter it without creating an alternate branch, the target perceives the influence as an attack or pressure in real time (a physical interaction). A physical interaction is a battle of wills, and the target has the freewill to counter or ignore the attack.


Thus, the creation of synchronicity by second order beings from the future isn't foolproof, as it fails when the target makes his original choice by ignoring the emotional pressure originating from the future.

Also, the direct reality creation abilities of first and second order beings cannot violate the laws of physical reality. The true laws of physics and quantum mechanics cannot be broken through reality creation. If something is impossible, no amount of reality creation by first and second order beings will make it possible.

These rules apply to all but a zero order being, God. Since it is possible to upgrade one's order, a first order being such as a human could conceivably learn to upgrade to zero order status, or come close to it and in fact alter physical reality like putty or stop bullets as Neo in The Matrix, but this is extremely rare. Even those who can bend spoons with their minds and walk through walls are still obeying quantum mechanical rules, though stretching the laws of probability.

All that reality creation via focused emotion can do for first and second order beings is make the improbable happen. This is a characteristic of synchronicity; many coincidences occur whose combined probability is ridiculously low, but they occurred nonetheless.

Whereas second order beings altering the past meet certain obstacles such as the freewill of the target, reality creation by the zero order being is truly unlimited.


Two Ways Synchronicity is Created

In the first case, emotion is merely a crowbar that cracks open a door into the current timeline's past, but after that is accomplished, it is still a matter of direct emotional and physical interaction between the attacker and the target (in this case, the physical portion of the interaction originates from the future, so since there is no attacker physically present in the past, the timeline does not bifurcate or branch. It is merely the emotion which travels back in time, which is allowed since it is a zero order force).

In the case of a zero order being, reality itself can be restructured such that the target is never pressured into making a particular choice, he simply happens to choose that one out of his own freewill.


This sounds paradoxical, that he has freewill and yet makes a choice desired so by the manipulator of his reality. The key to understanding this paradox is that the manipulator is the target, as God is the conscious seed of the human target, and therefore altering the choice of the target is like choosing to alter one's own choice, meaning there is no violation of freewill since one cannot violate one's own freewill.

In the case of a second order being creating synchronicity by using emotion as a tool to influence a target to make a choice needed to combine with other choices later into a particular synchronicity, the attacker is influenced and pressured in real time. If the attacker from the future sends 10 minutes worth of anger to the target, then the target will experience 10 minutes of anger in the past. In the case of a zeroth order being, no real time exists, because the zero order being is beyond time.


It simply chooses for reality to follow a course in which the person made that choice without physical (which includes emotional) coercion.


How Second Order Beings Create Reality

The only other way of altering reality is by direct physical interaction. This is why alien groups who are second order beings are so talented at manipulating matter and energy technologically. That is their area of expertise, to make up for their inability to alter their own realities synchronistically using emotions or a direct connection to God.


Technology is the intricate application of force, utilizing and working within the true laws of physics to accomplish certain goals.

Now, there is one possibility that our current timeline is an alternate branch, caused by negative beings time traveling into the past to cause a synchronistic culmination of a New World Order over the next several years.


They went back in time to establish organized religion as we know it, as hypothesized in "Time Traveling Nazi Jehovahs."


Another possibility is that they have developed time travel technology capable of replicating the zero order ability to alter current timelines without creating new branches.


All this fooling with history simply shows that our present is impermanent, and our memories and records are changing constantly.


Hacking into God via Symbolism

Second order beings, despite their tricks to utilize emotion, cannot replicate the phenomenon of zero order synchronicity creation on their own or with emotion as a carrier wave or tool. First order beings, however, since they are only one order away from zero order, are capable of communicating with reality (God) to make it create synchronicities for them by means of non-coersion, as mentioned earlier.


This is a powerful tool and weapon, a threat against second order beings whose way of existence is jeopardized by the prospect of having their choices altered by first order beings who request God to do so.

Second order beings, dissatisfied with this situation, have found one way of hacking into God in order to accomplish the same. Since first order beings are intimately related to God, there is a direct symbolic and holographic coupling between their internal mental worlds and physical reality. In other words, the internal mental world is to a first order being as physical reality is to a zero order being.


Because first order beings have a subconscious memory and metaphysical link to the zero order being, anything that happens in their mental worlds has a slight impact upon physical reality, and vice versa. Dreams illustrate this perfectly. The language of communication between the internal mental world and God itself is purely symbolic, geometric, and archetypal.

So what do second order beings do, since their internal mental worlds are not linked to God like ours is? They use symbols in physical reality (which is a component of the zero order being just like our internal mental worlds are) to replicate in matter and energy what we first order beings think and visualize internally.

This is precisely why the Illuminati, Freemasonry, Catholic and ____ (fill in the blank) organizations are so much into symbology.


They are headed by second order beings who, in their drive for power and control, have resorted to physical symbology to tap the synchronistic engineering capabilities of God.

Throughout history, second order beings have left their traces in our languages, buildings, religions, traditions, and art. All the modern symbology involving the numbers 33, 19.5, and 13 are but one example of this. As is known, second order beings are epitomized by the Dracs, the lizard beings also known as lizzies or reptoids.


Interestingly, the reptilian part of the brain works in symbolic ways and is responsible for a great portion of brain activity during the dream state.


Aliens are our Projections of our Collective Unconscious?

Some have theorized that aliens are nothing more than subconscious projections of our own minds. This theory is correct in a way not envisioned by the theorists. The negatively polarized aliens such as the Dracs are thought-forms created long ago by the collective unconscious of a long forgotten race (who were us, not in a biological sense, but in a spiritual). They are thought-forms who gained sentience and sophistication, assuming physical bodies and developing superior technology to conquer the universe.

In the theory, since they are a projections with our subconscious being the source of that projection, they would theoretically cease to exist when the source is cut off or altered.


But the theory fails to take into account the fact that these projections have established their own identity, their own consciousness, rhythm, culture, and identity. So, despite their being a subconscious projection of our collective unconscious, they will still continue to exist even after we have been wiped out by them.


That is the distinction between what is said here and what has been theorized.


Deja Vu

Since consciousness is somewhat outside the spans of space and time and not totally altered when the past is manipulated via direct physical interaction, deja vu is a memory of an event you just experienced in an original timeline of which you are no longer a part, or perhaps in the same timeline before it was altered.

Some deja vu is caused by glitches in the brain's temporal lobe, but much of it is not.


Watch out for changes in synchronicity, plans, and destiny after experiencing deja vu - someone is messing with your reality. Sometimes it is for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

Deja vu is an indicator that your timeline was just altered, so the path to follow is one of caution and discernment.



Sometimes, negative events are caused by positive forces or your higher self as a necessary component of a greater lesson for the better.

If you are privileged, negative events occur, or you are mistakenly lead to believe an event is negative, from which you learn a lesson but later find that the negative event's impacts upon your life or that of others were illusory. In other words, you gained a lesson without a price. Positive forces and your higher self are responsible for these.

If, however, your lesson is minimal and impacts on your life are detrimental, though beneficial for the negative hierarchy, then be assured that the bad synchronicity occurring was engineered by negative beings. Negative beings can also create synchronicities in your life that appear beneficial, but actually detract you a path which might have been damaging to them in the future.


Think ahead when you make decisions, and think logically.


The more you rely on emotion or superstition, the easier it is for them to lead you astray.

  • first figure something out logically

  • then if you wish to implement it, call upon your emotions and will to carry it out

  • don't listen to your emotions first, then make a decision

In New Age circles, logic is tossed aside and emotion, intuition, and attention to synchronicity is emphasized. As you may have guessed, and what many others have also figured out, much of New Age is a trap seemingly an alternative to orthodox religion, but a trap nonetheless.

This article, as all others, was intended to present a scenario to the reader for him or her to consider, to check against what has been read elsewhere, and ultimately to aid in an enlightenment and increase of the ability within the reader to discern truth from lies.