by Jan Smith
June 02, 2009

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My name is Jan Smith and I have had Morgellons Disease for 12 years.


I have been studying this disease from a layman's perspective for just as long. I have been on a number of radio programs and I have a body of work at that is available for free viewing and listening. Scroll down left column on Jeff's site for the Morgellons information. I have my own website with more information available at

One of the questions I am frequently asked is what Morgellons fibers look like.


Several years ago one of my pat answers to that question was to look at money. Perhaps you have noticed the minuscule red and blue fibers that are embedded in money.


I believe their original purpose was a means of keeping counterfeiters from reproducing the paper. Originally these fibers were made of linen but things have changed. If you have not had a good look at money up close and personal let me refresh your memory and give you a chance to see the new technology fibers I am speaking of.

Darker Blue and lighter teal blue fibers are found on money. (200x)

The fibers seem to have a slight variation in thickness as well. This would not be so if they were extruded or made by a mechanical process.

Red fibers are also seen on money with a variation in coloration and thickness. (200x) Photo below shows 3 Morgellons fibers from my body. Note the similarity in color to the money fibers.


The thickness also varies. (200x)

I did some original research a couple of years ago where I tested Morgellons fibers by subjecting them to a 30 second butane flame burn test.


The process for doing a burn test is simple. The difficult part of the process is using the microscope to locate the fibers on a slide and then grasping them with precision tweezers and getting them to a ceramic tile where I can use my small torch to burn them for 30 seconds.


The heat of the torch is too intense for the glass slides and they break. What I found with the Morgellons fibers was that many of the fibers didn't burn. The burn tests resulted in a bulb forming on the end of the fiber. The indication to me was that there was something inserted into some of the fibers that had a lower melting temperature than the outer shell.


When Morgellons fibers are burned the color of the material bulging from the inside appears to be a gold color.


Once the gold material seeps out it also can become slightly charred indicating that the material inside is less resistant to burning. I have done these tests with both red and blue fibers. One medical researcher I worked with told me that the fibers are nuclear envelopes that hold a payload. In the case of Morgellons fibers that is likely to be nanotechnology materials that self replicate. In lab testing it was determined to be HDPE or high density polyethylene with a silicon tip (the bubbled material).


Silicon nanotechnology has been identified in my body. (photos at my site)

I took a look at money with my microscope this past week. I had never thought to test the fibers on money before since I though they were securely embedded in the bills. To my surprise I found that many of the fibers on the money were only embedded loosely on the surface of money and many times one end of the fiber was completely free to grab with the tweezers. I decided to do a burn test on the money fibers since I though they looked so much like Morgellons fibers.


Much to my surprise the results of burning the money fibers yielded much the same results as the Morgellons fibers. The only difference was that the materials inside of the money fibers are different. Instead of bubbling out as a gold color, the money fibers bubbled out a material that is the same color as the fiber itself. My assumption is that the payload inside of the money fibers is material that is used for security purposes.


It is apparent that both the Morgellons fibers and the money fibers were very likely manufactured to the same specifications in the outer covering of the nuclear envelope.

The colors are the match , the size of the fibers are a match and I would venture to say that the properties of the materials seem to be a match with the exception of the payload.

Needless to say is not probable that these fiber came from a nearby corner store called Fibers-R-Us where this material would be readily available. These payloaded pieces of technology are not available to the public. It is obvious where this material is from. I do hope that the government gets a volume discount.

My point here is that many people have tried to dispel the fact that we have self-replicating nanofibers living and reproducing in our bodies. Some people are more content to claim Morgellons fibers are fungus, nematodes, exotic parasites such as brucellosis and even normal fibrosis. Others simply want to say it is all in our own imaginations and that we are delusional. Once we take a closer magnified look at what is taking place on our bodies, this microcosm of evil is revealed.

Clifford Carnicom has done extensive research on the fibers coming from Chemtrails.


I submitted fibers from my body to him and he has matched the fibers with those coming from the Chemtrails is the link to my work with Clifford.

The photos of the burned Morgellons and Money fibers are shown below:



Note similarities in the fibers

Photo of both money and Morgellons fibers 200x

                Money fiber 200x                                                                         Morgellons fiber 200x

Money Fiber 200x blue payload                                                                   Morgellons fiber gold payload 200x

Morgellons Fiber 200x                                                                                          Morgellons fiber 200x


I stand corrected.


My husband who proofreads for me due to my dyslexia has pointed out that indeed these fibers are actually widely available to all of us.


He suggest that those who want fibers can simply go outside and inhale.

“ A picture is worth a thousand words”

Old Chinese Proverb



NanoMachine-from Morgellons victim
by thegreema1
April 11, 2008

from YouTube Website

Mirror-like foil inside of nano machine is revealed. Many colors inside.

Mems Gem ?




Moving Morgellons disease organism
by andycoyle1
January 19, 2007

from YouTube Website

This is the morgellons organism caught on webcam with light and full magnification in my head hair.

These things have been emerging from my body for seven-years now and I have never had the proof until now.

They have caused me misery, yet the medical profession never took my word or bothered to look see.