by Greg Calise
January 12, 2015

from RiverbankOfTruth Website

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We seem to find ourselves in a dilemma. We were born into this world in ignorance. We don't know who we are, from where we have come from, why we are here, nor where will we go after this.


Everyone faces this same dilemma, so everyone else is also quite ignorant of the Truth. Everyone is steeped in ignorance, including our parents. So they raised us in their ignorance, as their parents raised them.

This is the labyrinth - the Matrix.


It's a maze, and we have been wandering through it for lifetimes. It is an artificial covering obscuring the true reality, and therefore leaves us ignorant of the true nature of things.


This Matrix is created from programs that are inserted into the minds of the people.


These programs enter through the mind and take over the individual, which then remains imprisoned within his own mind. It's like a ghost in the machine, that has somehow not only taken control of the mind, but also convinces the individual that he Is the mind.


Hence, everyone has a mistaken identity, also known as the false ego.


He believes he is his mind, and the mind has many tools to keep the individual Self imprisoned.


When this happens, the mind (and the individual as well, as he thinks he Is the mind) sees himself as separate from other people, Mother Nature and the world.


This causes fear and conflict; fear of others and nature, and confronting everyone because of this fear. This perpetuating separation, fear and conflict is important for the mind to remain in control, so it is always creating fearful situations, dramas and conflict.


Both of these strengthen the false ego, the misidentification of Self, the runaway mind itself.


These minds then act and create from this flawed premise, so everything they do and create will have these intrinsic characteristics of separation, fear and conflict. These programmed minds then create new programs. Humankind then builds the outward manifestation of the Matrix, which he calls the world.


Every civilization has been created from this false premise, and therefore are outward manifestations of the Matrix, which is generated by the infected mind.


We then wander through the Matrix, believing it to be reality, when in fact, it is composed of illusions, lies and deceptions.


Reality is nothing like where we find ourselves now. Most people (even those that may believe they are free) are in this predicament, where they are mistaking the illusions and deceptions as reality.

"The truth is paradoxical

to the extent of being exactly contrary

to the usual perception."
Georges Bataille

We all wander through life and the world actually believing this world to be reality, and we believe that we all are naturally mentally and emotionally troubled, believing that conflict is natural, life is full of struggles and anxiety, and that our purpose in life is to extract pleasure and avoid pain.


These false beliefs create the perspective in which the individual perceives the world and acts within it. They are all programmed beliefs, and they lead the individual into the labyrinth, where he becomes trapped in a world of illusions, deceptions and lies.


Yet he believes that it is all reality. This is what every person is born into.


He is programmed by his,

  • parents

  • family

  • culture

  • society

  • religion

  • state schooling

  • the media

  • the government,

...and a thousand various forms of other programming.


Everyone is programmed to accept the reality that is present in the world as being real and to conform to it and believe it. And there are punishments for those who do not want to follow the program. All of our teachers have become programmed themselves, so there is no possibility of any of them imparting any true knowledge.


No, we were born into ignorance, and most people remain in ignorance their entire lives, until they die in ignorance...


Being trapped in prison is never a good thing, even if one doesn't know that he is imprisoned.


Humankind has developed a civilization with many wondrous technologies. Yet few people are happy. The majority of the world lives in abject poverty, many without even the basic necessities of proper food, clothing and shelter. Even those that live in prosperity are not happy, filled with fear, anxiety, anger, depression, conflict, loneliness, shame, ignorance and discontent.


There seems to be much more pain and suffering than there is pleasure or happiness.

Many people, out of discontent, begin searching for answers to their dilemma. They go to psychiatrists, religion, philosophy, gurus and psychics searching for answers. A lot of good that does.


Most of these are the gatekeepers, those that lead us back into the Matrix. They are put into place by programming to make sure you don't wander too far off of the reservation.


They themselves are trapped within the Matrix, so how could they possibly lead anyone else out of it?


I have followed many of them down dead end paths, detours and traps. If or when one finally figures out the deception, if he's lucky, he may end up where he started, that much wiser.


But many people remain trapped in the web of deceit.

...are all detours at best...


Most people are quite comfortable living in this labyrinth, and they are quite attached to it, so if one wants to find freedom, he must go against the grain of society, religion, culture, etc.


He must inevitably become an outsider.


The road out of the labyrinth is a road less traveled. The crowds are all going in one direction, and you are going in another direction. This is not an easy road, as the rest of society, friends and family oppose it.


This generally can create many problems, because you have stopped conforming. This road takes you into a place outside of the mainstream, where one finds himself alone for much of the time. One spends time in nature and performs various meditative practices.


It is in this state, down this road, where a person can unravel the Matrix and find his way out of the labyrinth.


It is the road back to the Self...


"To see the universe as it is, you must step beyond the net [the Matrix].


It is not hard to do so, as the net is full of holes. Look at the net and its many contradictions. You do and undo at every step. You want peace, love and happiness, and work hard to create pain, hatred and war. You want longevity and you overeat. You want friendship and you exploit.


See your net as made of such contradictions and remove them - your very seeing them will make them go away."
– Nisargadatta Maharaj

This is the way out, to see the illusions, lies and deceptions for what they are. To know the Truth, you must know the lies.


As you dismantle the illusions, the Truth begins to shine forth.

"Taoist sages refuse to direct a seeker toward the Tao.


They merely ask us to seek it out for ourselves. They emphasize that man is the microcosm of the universe that he erroneously believes exists solely outside of his own being. The sages know that the Tao is a way or path, and not a goal or achievement in any accepted sense.


The Taoist confines himself purely to apophatic and deconstructive critiques. His job is to Socratically point out the flaws in all systems that are not rooted in Tao.


In other words, although we may not be able, through logic and argument, to prove what a thing is, we can discern what it is not.


In short, the Taoist is a student of human folly."
– Michael Tsarion, Disciples of the Mysterium

In ancient Vedic traditions, this is known as the path of Jnana, knowledge. It is called Neti-Neti, not this, not that.


By exposing the lies, the truth begins to shine forth, as the Matrix was obscuring the Truth from our vision. I question things. I even question the questioners. I spend time in deep contemplation, and I unravel the deceptions.

Simultaneously, I spend time in various meditative practices. When you venture beyond your mind and connect with who you truly are, then you are bringing the Truth into the forefront of your life.


When you enter back into the world, the deceptions are much more easier to unravel, as you now have a higher and clearer perspective from which to perceive the deceptions.


You are seeing them in a brighter and clearer light.

By meditative practices and by also unraveling the Matrix as a dual approach, the Matrix soon fades away. As the labyrinth of the mind crumbles, you can find your way out.


Once you walk out of the labyrinth, you will never see it the same again.


Once the magic trick is found out, it's no longer magic...