by Robert Duncan
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This report details the best civilian knowledge about the US government's latest research into neurological weapons.

It is a timely critique on America's current political plight.

And it contains testimony from a Harvard graduate and former department of defense scientist who was tortured for a year by the CIA using the same system that was used

on Saddam Hussein in 1992.

This is a full disclosure of the long running random human weapons testing conducted on worldwide citizens for advancing the killing capability of this very secret weapons system and the methods used to cover it up.



This book is dedicated to

all people of the world who are still

honorable enough to tell the truth,
inquisitive enough to ask the hard questions,

and brave enough to challenge and improve the system.




All I offer you is the truth."
- Morpheus, The Matrix





  1. The Black Sciences

  2. Silent Assignations

  3. Welcome to MKUltra - Would You Like to Be Fried With That?

  4. An Eye is Upon You

  5. The Psychology of Deception

  6. Justice Denied

  7. Psychotronic Hostages

  8. Secret Psychotronic Mind Prisons

  9. Reign of Terror - The Dark Ages

  10. Anti-psychotronic Theory - Prevention and Solutions to Brain Interfering Technologies

  11. Virtual Neurons and Biocommunication

  12. Call of Duty

  13. The Final Destination


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