by Ida Lawrence
April 25, 2013

from Talk2Momz Website

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How do I keep on keeping on when my only two choices are compliance with the matrix or ongoing war for liberation?


For there to be endlessness, there must be three forces at play. Isn’t that what the wise ones say? Just having two forces pretty much spells doom, or at least major misery, doesn’t it?


We know that the control system uses three: the ‘problem,reaction,solution’ method. They have been so successful with it for so long that they should be congratulated.


Here’s your blue ribbon! You’re powerful!


They create the problem, create the reaction and create the solution, and people who take the blue pill buy into the solution and cheer as the tanks roll down the street.

“Our protectors are here,” they say. “So what if we have no more rights… we’re protected.”



The thing about three is that it’s moving energy. Problem, reaction, solution can turn into solution, reaction, problem real quick. We’re having a look at that right now, aren’t we?


Three forces: we find them all over the place.

  • Yin, Yang, and the Tao

  • Creation, Destruction and the Renewal

  • Affirming, Denying and Reconciling

  • Father, Son and the Holy Spirit

  • Ra, Ptah and Amun

  • Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu

  • Tinia, Uni and Menerva

  • Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Spirit which imbues all life

  • Man, Woman, and their Love (my all-time favorite)

Now you know I’m talking about love as a refined force of energy, and not simply copulation… although that can be a powerful aspect.


It is reverence for the love itself that is the seed of a new creation or a new force, and that new force becomes the base of the next triad.


Let’s look at this endlessness of energy through the creation, destruction and renewal example because that may be exactly where we are in our evolution.

First we go to the creation. What has been created for us is a negative control matrix, operating through deceit, programming and force. There really is an administration at the top that prefers to keep its existence, its methods and its purpose secret.


It has done this for a long, long time.


The deceit and negative control is threaded throughout history. We have examples of times when certain humans, being the energy of truth and love, have come along to shine light on it.


If we’re buying into a matrix of deceit, manipulation and force, we have to take the red pill first in order to see what it is we’re dealing with.


Maybe this is the due season… would you be open to that possibility? I’ve been on the earth a few decades now, and I’m astounded at how ‘all-encompassing’ the negative control matrix has become. Their claws grip our minds, our bodies and the earth.


Can you see how deep it is? I know you must feel it in your gut. You may be afraid to take a look as the evil of it isn't pretty.


Now let’s go to destruction. Some people have taken the red pill and have become enraged at what they see. They’re feeling victimized. Perhaps they failed to look at the history of others being enslaved and raped of their resources, or maybe they did look and figured it couldn’t happen to them.


Well, it’s happening to everyone. The controllers are not exempting anyone but themselves and their enforcers. The physical warriors are ready to fight and they will do what they will do. I don’t want to be there when it goes down.


There are millions of others who have taken the red pill and become engaged in the truth war. This is a war you can really appreciate. Truth is not a reaction; it’s a force, and a divine force at that. The lie cannot stand in the face of truth. And you know what’s funny… the controllers are telling on themselves. It seems to just fall out of their mouths, or they are compelled to reveal what is a long-kept secret.


Recently a news report was posted online in which Catholic bishops disputed the ‘chosen people’ claim… the very story used to keep so much of the world in turmoil!


Geeze Louise… what next!


Okay, so truth is within the destruction energy and it is also an ingredient in the third pill - the renewal energy.


What else is in that pill? I’ve said it before… love, the energy of love.


But there’s a problem with love:

many of us are unable to feel it.

We are so programmed, and conditioned, and harmed by the hate of this world that we don’t know what love feels like.


So to even reach the point where we can join the renewal we need to deprogram, undo conditioning, look at our darkness, heal our injuries and clean up our own spiritual house.


The opposite of controlling is allowing, and we can only see how allowing is the essential ingredient in loving after a lot of work on ourselves. At least that’s true for me. I’m doing the work… slow but sure, and I can’t claim more.


I’m in it for the love of truth and the love of love.


To me there is nothing more beautiful.


So perhaps the color of the third pill is ‘beautiful’.

“May it be beautiful before me. May it be beautiful behind me. May it be beautiful all around me. In beauty it is finished; in beauty it is finished.”

~ Traditional Dineh (Navajo chant)