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7/15/01 -- For more in-depth discussion of the matrix (with new mind-blowing developments far surpassing those of this article), see Counterfeit Reality


There is much to be said about The Matrix, and several good articles exist analyzing its metaphorical qualities (see Leading Edge issue 126 for a Gnostic analysis). But what if we assume the movie is closer to truth than simply a metaphor, that reality truly is a computer simulation. Applying the characteristics of conventional computers to the structure of reality, some interesting explanations crop up.


This article will first list some phenomena and its interpretation in light of the computer assumption, then hypothesize about the true nature of this "Computer."



Inertia is the property of an object's resistance to acceleration. Heavier masses are harder to accelerate and hence have more inertia.

Now, what if the Computer has a finite operating speed and describes all objects by coordinates of position and momentum (a Hamiltonian equation, for you physics oriented readers), and allocates memory proportional to the mass of an object.

It follows that attempting to accelerate an object means changing it velocity, but the finite clock speed of the Computer's processor takes time to calculate it next position and velocity. It must do this for all the memory allocated to the mass.


Thus, the more massive the object or quicker its change in velocity, the more processing is required and the longer it takes for a quantity of force to accelerate that object to a desired velocity.


Quantum Ether

The ether, as described by quantum mechanics, is a bubbling sea of virtual particles which pop out of the vacuum. Unlike conventional energy to mass processes, these particles are not created from energy, seemingly violating the Principle of Conservation of Mass and Energy. They do not violate this law, however, because their lifespan is adequately short to skirt the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle. In other words, they exist so briefly that we can't tell for sure if they ever existed at all, if that makes any sense.

The Computer's operating speed is finite, meaning between two successive calculations, there is a moment of limbo in which some of the conventional laws of physics do not hold. Clearly, a virtual particle can only exist within that interval without being checked by the Computer's Laws of Physics routine.

The more massive a virtual particle, the shorter its life. In other words, the more bits of data comprising the particle, the more likely one of those bits will be discovered out of place due to the Computer's parallel processing capabilities, causing the entire particle to be deleted.


Astral Planes

Robert Bruce, in his book Astral Dynamics (highly recommended), gives a detailed account of the visual structure of the astral planes. A single astral plane looks like a flat, vast board covered in squares containing repeating geometric symbols. One can fly into a particular square and end up in a particular astral world. He comments that the astral planes look and feel artificial, as if they were engineered and built by some vastly superior technology long ago.

These planes serve as a visual directory for various running programs. One can exit out of his simulation and enter another one through the astral plane.

The Akashic Records detail everything that has ever existed, and all that might occur in the future. They are the memory logs on the hard drive of the Computer, and can likewise be accessed if one has the know-how to do it.


Intent and Manifestation

A magical technique is to command reality to make your intents become real. If you wish for a sum of a money, and declare it shall soon be given to you, in a few weeks or months an opportunity will arise which will fulfill that intent if you choose to take advantage of it.


All such manifestations arise through synchronicity.

The Computer communicates with us symbolically, and has the power to influence your program or simulation to bend, not break, the laws of physics, and alter the probability of an event occurring. That's why miracles which seem improbable happen only during desperate times when the Computer is called upon to arrange them.

Synchronicity is evidence that objective reality is not beyond the control of a higher force, the Computer which created it.



Thought-forms are astral objects or entities created by one's thoughts or desires, which gradually disappear the more an individual forgets about it. They influence probability much like the Computer influences reality. A thought-form of a fire-spewing robot placed in another's house will increase the probability of it burning down.

Thought-forms are little subroutines that the individual processor can devote some of his calculation time toward, which will accordingly influence his local reality. When they are forgotten, the processing time returns to normal, and the subroutine halts or disappears altogether.


Multiple Personalities

People under emotional trauma often develop multiple personalities, whereby separate consciousnesses exist within the same body.

Parallel processing involves many processors calculating at once. Given enough of a jolt, an individual processor can fragment or replicate into multiple ones, all of which must still operate through the same bus wire and hence take turns using it. A bus wire is the conduit through with the CPU (central processing unit, the microchip) communicates with memory.


A human brain is that bus wire.


Voluntary Reincarnation

It appears that we are only under the guidance of the computer when in our bodies. Outside of our bodies, as in death, we have more freedom to choose what programs we enter next. We get to choose what's best for us, and how we should live our next lives.

This sheds light upon the true purpose of the computer.


When we choose our up-coming life, we find the one that best aids our evolution. The Computer seems to be a machine designed to aid in our evolution, much like Sim City aids in the evolution of its virtual citizens.


Who designed this machine? Maybe we did. Maybe our points of consciousness were uploaded into this computer or interfaced with it after we designed it, for the purpose of our own evolution.

Bob Dobbs, founder of the Church of the SubGenius, jokingly said that all life was replaced with a computer generated hologram after the nuclear bomb tests of the 40s destroyed reality as we knew it.


With the aforementioned info, this might not be as farfetched.


The Illuminati and NWO

The Illuminati hold symbolistic rituals which mimic the same symbolism employed by the Computer, in attempts to communicate with it and alter the reality to their benefit at the expense of innocent ones. They are in effect attempting to hijack the Computer, such that all safety checks (Karmic Laws, Laws of Freewill, and other Universal Laws) are bypassed or disabled.


They will then have ultimate tyranny and control over all programs.

Would the creators of the Computer ruin their own creation? Or are the evil ones merely computer simulations themselves, unlike us who are actual souls who merely jacked into the Computer for our own benefit.

It is reminiscent of the Star Trek holodeck. We enter as beings of flesh and blood, and fight computer simulations to train ourselves. But recall the episodes about Dr. Moriarti, who gained sentience and attempted to escape his own simulation and take over the holo-deck computer.

Perhaps the manipulative aliens, Illuminatists, and evil in general were once all holograms for us to combat in this program, but somehow gained sentience and are presently trying to take over the Computer.



The Matrix was telling us something, but most blew it off as an imaginative sci-fi flick. Despite this article's merely speculative tone, it makes some sense in a frightful way.

The operating speed of the Computer is related to the amount of time it takes a light-ring (see my LRT article) to complete one revolution. Physical reality, hence, might be computer generated, but the computer itself is more organic than a simple PC.

Definitely food for thought.