April 12, 2009
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Caller "Mary in New York"
Joyce Riley, Host
The Power Hour
March 30, 2009

"M" represents Mary
"JR" represents Joyce Riley

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M: I am calling because I'm very concerned. We have some actual proof that a trucker may actually be transporting bird flu.


We have a federal agent - who is aware - who has taken the documents to many agencies including the NY state police, the FBI in many many states, infections control, disease - and what this trucker reported was that he works for the Department of Homeland Security.


He's a Spanish man who's trucking an independent truck, he goes down to the corner of Broadway and Clinton in Albany, NY, at the Department of Homeland Security - every single evening for loads, he said there are Raymour Flanigans and JV Hunt trucks ahead of him, loading; that he had taken loads from a silo above Glenns Falls, his truck was actually lowered into the ground, into a silo - where the truck came out of the ground, he was given a shot in his arm, he was told, to protect his family. He transported iced, refrigerated loads to the Pentagon, Baltimore, Maryland, Tucson AZ.


He told the federal investigator how he's getting paid through the Bank of America, with a number - he walks up to a window, he presents his number, he is taken to a back room an is paid in cash. He showed the federal agent a hundred thousand dollars worth in receipts, 'cause he gets five thousand dollars per load and he's done as many as three loads per day.

JR: Whoa, okay now wait, let me stop you right here, because this is amazing information to say the least... now, perhaps he is transporting vaccines - refrigerated vaccines - is that a possibility?

M: Anything that has to be iced, either has to be an antigen or an antibody, that's all we know, but we know that they gave him a shot to transport it, that they told him it was protect his family, that its obviously something that has to be kept refrigerated - he did one load for a complete week to Tucson, Arizona and back, but the amount of money that they're paying him under the table, through Bank of America... only loading at night... they call him and they ask him to come down to meetings at the Department of Homeland Security at 3 o'clock in the morning and ask him how he's doing and send him back home, they say, "fine you're okay, now go home."


He has other truckers - he knows of a trucker with a 53 ft bed unit that took a missile-type - he was able to see his load, and this was taken to Phoenix, Arizona, he was given eighteen thousand dollars to truck that load, two times. It was 80 tons, and he blew his brakes, and the Department of Homeland Security took care of it.


He also has been to two silos, he has been to many cities with his loads, he is continuously working for the Department of Homeland Security, and they are relocating him since the federal agents and the state police were notified - we were notified that he has been relocated to Tucson, Arizona at a base 15 miles below Tucson.

JR: Okay now, let me ask you Mary, how did you come upon this information?

M: Um... I can't say. I, I mean, just what I'm saying already has probably already put me in danger - but this is testimony that many people are aware of, and some of the high-ups in NY State Police are saying that "we're not touching this with a 10ft pole," and we are told that there were retired NY State Troopers that are getting paid 2-3x their salary, that are their tail-cars - they are in vans, they were within a mile behind them - so if you ever go down the NY state freeway and look at these double-door Raymour & Flanigan trucks, that are going West towards Syracuse, which is the CIA front... what they are doing, is that they have those tail cars in the back, and from what I understand those are NY state troopers that are escorting those loads.

[audio cuts during break]


JR: She's given us a lot of facts supporting this. Mary, what do you think all of this means?

M: He actually gave testimony to the names of the people running this show. There's a retired 3-star African American General who's there late at night when he does all of his pickups, there's another guy named Patah [Matah?], who is Muslim, there are many white suits there.


All the truckers - not just him, he named 5 of them - are being paid through Bank of America with their independent numbers. He has a uniform that he wears, which is a light blue shirt with buttons down the front, short-sleeve, it says Eastern Connection with a red and orange sewn insignia on the shirt. He has to wear black pants and sneakers or he's not allowed in the facility. He is not allowed to stop the truck once they start it. To urinate he has to either stop the truck and go in the urinals or pee in the truck.


They are - at the end of their transports they are given a white bag by homeland security that they have to put all their belongings in. They are not allowed to chew gum in the tabs of the truck on the transports. They are escorted when he's been to the pentagon, there are people with .45s around their waists, and also, and also on the slips that he gets paid - they say ...

30 Karner Rd, Albany, NY
(Albany County Dept Health)
11 Wards Lane, Menands, NY
(houses several Verizon offices)

... and he stated that he's been to neither of those locations, but every one of those trucking slips has been... and he's also been transported by Menands police to the city limits when he leaves the facility with a load, and they turn around at the city limit and return as he progresses on with his transports.

JR: OK now my question is, why did he begin talking about this, or who did he decide to tell this do - obviously, he knows he's not supposed to be telling anybody this information.

M: Um, the impression that I got from the agent that I spoke to, because many people got this and apparently its been sent to many agencies - he spoke to someone that he knows personally, he didn't think he was doing anything wrong, he just thought... I think he just thinks he had to get good with the government.


When he was giving his testimony, it was an innocent testimony, and they did not bring up the FEMA trains, bird flu, and any of that, because they didn't want to tip him off that he might doing something wrong, because these people have their claws at him by the hour, all day long.


This man said that the government told them that if he's good to them, they'll be good to him, and that they were gonna take him to a place called Sandy Point in Maryland on the water where government people were safe when this was over, and have since sent him now to Tucson, Arizona where he doesn't have to pay for housing, all he has to pay for is food.

... It' s not just that, he's had lead cars that tell him where he has to go, and he'll be going from point A to point B, and somebody will interrupt the trip and direct him down a road, he went to Glenns Falls, New York, to a dead-end street.


They opened the gate, and he drove 6 miles down a gravel driveway to an underground silo - when the truck came out of the silo after he waited with the other truckers for 3 hours while they loaded in secret, the people who appeared with truck when the truck was coming out of the ground, had tivex (?) suits - the gloves, the masks, all the works on. He's also transported at the 109th Air Guard, at Stratton Air Force base.


He did do 90 boxes of clear plastic white fluid, he did see that load - rarely does he see his loads, but apparently he's loaded that at C-130 at the 109th Air Guard, and he's done a lot of loads with these types of these, um, you know medical supplies, equipment, specifically refrigerated, to Tucson, to the Pentagon, to Baltimore - and he, and I think that's up to no-good, and up the New York State thruway, there are miles and miles of car carriers that they've been adding to... there have to be 30 miles of them right now, sitting on the tracks since before Christmas ....

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Additional info

  • 30 Karner Rd, Albany, NY (Albany County Dept Health) to11 Wards Lane, Menands, NY (houses several Verizon offices)

  • Civic Center - Glenns Falls, NY

  • 109th Air Guard - Stratton Air Nat'l Guard Base - 90 boxes of fluid loaded onto a C-130 (military transport with attachments for spraying chemicals and/or frequency weapons)

  • New York State Thruway - 30 miles of railroad auto carrier cars (often reported as FEMA trains)