June 2010


Richard C. Hoagland Update on Coast to Coast AM

by vangelis721

June 20, 2010

from YouTube Website

First hour guest, C2C Science Advisor Richard C. Hoagland commented on such topics as the Japanese space probe Hayabusa's return, and the oil spill in the Gulf.


He noted with interest that aboriginal elders had been brought to the site in Australia where Hayabusa's capsule (containing samples from an asteroid) had landed.


Regarding the oil disaster, he warned that an even worse catastrophe could be looming if a giant gas bubble has formed at the site of the leak on the ocean floor.



Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast AM some days ago, vividly describing the risk of a collapse of part of the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico, with a resultant catastrophic tsunami.


Click below for a continuous 20 minute audio.






James Fox Reports on Media Blackout in Gulf Oil Spill
June 09, 2010

from Openureyes Website

According to documentary film maker, James Fox, reporting from Louisiana, there is a massive media black out being perpetrated in the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil spill.


While that much may have seemed obvious to many, James says that people with cameras are being threatened with arrest, and locals are seriously afraid to talk.


The place is swarming with both government officials and corporate officials, and by the sounds of this interview it's a pretty scary situation.








by piwacket33

June 09, 2010

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