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About the Author
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is an award-winning humanitarian and internationally known authority in public health and emerging diseases.

His financial interest here is the world's best-selling silver hydrosol, OXYSILVER™.

He helped formulate and bring this product to market at an affordable price in direct competition with the drug industry.

Support from the sales of OXYSILVER™ help fund the World Organization for Natural Medicine Foundation's Clinics for Humanity Project.

The Project is advancing free natural healing clinics in Africa and the Middle East.





The International Center for Technology Assessment (CTA) allied with alleged consumer groups is spearheading a propaganda war against silver hydrosols - trace mineral waters they falsely claim are “pesticides” and dangerous “nanotechnology.” (1)

This word war closely follows a national publicity campaign advancing sonically-charged, covalently-bonded, silver hydrosols that are more useful, competitively challenging, far safer, and less costly than vaccinations and antibiotics - the major pharmaceutical weapons used to wage chemo-toxic biowarfare in medicine.(2)

This article responds to special interest groups' efforts to quash the burgeoning silver hydrosol industry, and this author's work particularly, from advancing superior alternative preventatives, treatments, and cures for the world's leading infectious killers.

This debate foreshadows the end of the risky and deadly antibiotic and vaccination era, leaving behind a legacy of environmental toxicity and global genocide.



This article is written as an indictment of the genocidal complicity of certain special interest groups and individuals that direct them, including those claiming to act on behalf of environmental protection and the public's interest.

This case study examines how drug industrialists use the media, and even alleged “consumer” special interest groups, to misdirect legislative action, distract and confuse consumers, and effectively block life-saving innovations from successfully reaching the marketplace.


This restriction of competition in infectious disease remediation fulfills the strictest definition of genocide.

Webster's Dictionary defines “genocide” as:

“the mass killing or enslaving of people for profit, politics, and/or ideology.”

This controversy began when environmental and consumer groups, allied with media outlets, heralded a legislative petition filed by The International Center for Technology Assessment (CTA) that demonized certain anti-microbial silver products claimed to be “nanotechnology.”


The organization claimed in its petition and press releases that all nano-sized aqueous silver products are an untested “nanotechnology” that should be classified by the EPA as “pesticides.” (1)

The lamely liberal CTA, providing the perfect agency for advancing the genocidal manipulations of the most powerful conservative monopoly in the world - the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel, filed the petition without any mention of the scientifically-proven life-saving benefits of silver hydrosols.(3)

This action closely followed national news coverage of antibiotics poisoning water supplies internationally,(4) and this author's publication of suppressed scientific studies evidencing vaccine contaminations, resulting laboratory-created viral outbreaks, and gross medical negligence and genocidal malfeasance triggering the AIDS pandemic. Likewise, new viral cancers and myriad infectious diseases that silver hydrosols have proven optimal in preventing, treating, and curing, have come to public awareness in recent years.(5)

The CTA's press releases encouraged periodicals, such as Mothering Magazine, to fuel fears over silver “nanotechnology.” (6)

Petition proponents alleged these “pesticides” were unstudied new “nanotechnology” when, in fact, substantial scientific justification for their continued successful use in healthcare is easily obtained over the Internet.


NASA scientists drew on half-century-old German technology to advance silver hydrosols for water purification and astronaut protection. The modern products have been medically scrutinized for decades in vitro and clinically. From accumulating scientific reviews and clinical studies many experts conclude silver hydrosols are poised to make risky vaccinations and toxic antibiotics obsolete.(3) (7)

Can you imagine a world without infectious diseases? Consider an affordable cure for AIDS and viral-linked cancers. Petition proponents fail to see this life-saving probability blinded by their special interests and threatened profitability.

Most insulting and injurious, on their same web-linked pages heralding CTA's petition, their supporters and co-sponsors (e.g., Mothering Magazine) heavily promote antibiotics and vaccines for the pharmaceutical industry.(6)




  • Why is Mothering Magazine leading the CTA-directed media assault on silver hydrosols?

  • Why isn't the New England Journal of Medicine, or the science supplement Nature, or even the United States federal government, heralding concerns about nano-particle-size silver solutions? (6)

Rest assured the reason has everything to do with the fact that mothers are the leading decision makers in American families.

In recent years, growing numbers of mothers have awakened to the unreasonably high environmental risks, myriad side effects, and excessive costs of antibiotics. More mothers have been educated concerning the harsh reality of vaccine toxicity and childhood injuries from mercury, including autism.


Vaccines are responsible for the spread of cancer viruses including simian foamy retroviruses, SV40, Epstein Barr, simian cytomegalovirus, herpes B, hepatitis viruses, and even the transmission of HIV/AIDS via hepatitis B vaccines now injected into hours-young infants.(8)


In other words, mothers are the gatekeepers to humanity's bloodstream.

To be fair, Mothering Magazine is not the only negligent source of information censoring these public health risks. CNN recently reported news about AIDS's vaccine transmission as it pertained to presidential candidate Barack Obama's previous pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who claimed AIDS was an Anglo-American genocidal weapon. Executive producers at CNN then contracted with this author to appear in Rev.


Wright's defense; showing the scientific evidence upon which this controversial claim is based. The segment was produced and never aired. It contained the genocidal causes and suppressed cures for AIDS, including the silver hydrosols. The interview was censored evidencing, at minimum, a conspiracy of silence perpetuating genocide.(9)

Lacking responsible journalism and balanced broadcasting, families have been devastated physically, emotionally, and economically from preventable and curable diseases linked to pharmaceutical industry administered vaccines and toxic antibiotics such as Rifampin and Isoniazid prescribed for nine months for massive numbers of children testing falsely positive for TB using the century-old TB-tine test.(10)

With vaccinations come toxic reactions and side effects given little notice by news sources.


Vaccine-injected proteins and genetic pieces from bacteria, viruses, and many species of animals killed to create inoculations containing foreign DNA, RNA and proteins commonly trigger autoimmune diseases in humans. Certain cancers develop following these human blood contaminations as detailed extensively in the scientific literature.(11) Yet the truth regarding this ongoing pharmaceutical genocide remains unattended and censored.

Throughout this medical madness, aptly called “iatrogenocide” (i.e., mass murder in medicine by doctors granted license to kill) Mothering Magazine has appeared as a legitimate source of balanced investigative journalism for parents questioning the vaccination paradigm.


One can now see how this trust has been betrayed.


Mass Media Prostitution

Things are not always as they appear.


Sometimes the people you think are most trustworthy stab you in the back when least expected, commonly when money is involved. Such is life in the world of drug dealers - pharmaceutical industrialists influential as media advertisers.

Lift the curtain on this staged “nanotechnology” controversy and you will see the pharmaceutical industry funding this conspiracy as a manipulative reaction to their threatened trade in infectious diseases.

Certain periodicals, such as Mothering Magazine, have historically prostituted for pharmaceutical pimps promoting mass deception, shielding widespread antibiotic and vaccination intoxication, and now illusions about insufficient testing of hydrosolized silver.

Typically this “silver bullet” is fired as a life-saving last resort in cancer and AIDS clinics; after all hope in recovery is lost using prescribed and failed antibiotics. Why silver hydrosols are not used first speaks to this organized crime against humanity and conspiracy to put profits before people in critical care and urgent need. (11)

If this truth is too distasteful for you, consider Mothering Magazine's advertising, and CTA's tacit support, for environmentally-damaging antibiotics, and vaccinations containing mercury, aluminum, corpse preservatives formaldehyde and formalin, MSG, carcinogenic DNA and RNA, and microbial proteins prompting autoimmune diseases. The growing list of new diseases attributable mostly to vaccine intoxications is staggering.


All of this is advertised and journalistically encouraged by Mothering Magazine's editors who claim to be “conscious” “consumer advocates.” (1)(6)

Novartis advertisements are prominently displayed beneath CTA's “nanotechnology” warning reprinted verbatim in Mothering Magazine and other alleged “public interest” periodicals.

Synchronous with CTA's filing, and Mothering's frightening fraud, Novartis was heralding its purchase of U.S. hospital antibiotic maker Basel, in a drug deal that laid a global “pipeline” for the international flow of vaccines, according to London's MarketWatch.

The Swiss drugmaker Novartis,

“said it would pay as much as $400 million for a closely held U.S. maker of antibiotics to fight hospital-acquired infections, and also outlined its pipeline of vaccines under development.” (12)

It is disgusting and despicable that in places where chemo-toxic antibiotics and surface disinfectants are used most, in hospitals, nearly 15% of patients develop infectious diseases they did not have before checking in.(13)


This fact alone should prompt reasonably intelligent people to indict the petro-chemical-pharmaceutical cartel for fraud, malfeasance, and genocide.

Comparatively inexpensive silver hydrosols compete directly with this disease-induction industry.


These hydrosols can be used to replace toxic surface disinfectants as well as antibiotics. They can effectively prevent and treat troublesome MRSA infections, They are, therefore, direct competitors to Novartis's most profitable products placing a huge hospital money-market at risk.(3)

Novartis reps claim their future antibiotics will be similarly effective against MRSA. In the meantime,

  • What about the thousands of people ailing and dying of MRSA now that the silver hydrosols could save?

  • Shall we prohibit these people from benefiting, based solely on the CTA's “pesticide” petition and accompanying propaganda? (12)



Novartis officials claimed their developing antibiotics would remedy, sometime in the future, the resistant strains of germs that kill “more than 100,000 people annually in the U.S. and Europe.” (12)

If you knew a company or industry was about to murder 100,000 people for profit this year, would you remain silent?

Beyond their life-saving history and clinical capability, silver hydrosols are helping awaken people to their victimization through pharmaceutical industry manipulations.

From malaria and tuberculosis to the flus and viral cancers killing millions of people globally, scientific studies conclude silver hydrosols offer the greatest hope for curbing and curing infectious diseases at the sole expense of the world's leading drug dealers.(3) It is urgent for intelligent and responsible people to diagnose this organized crime and take action in disseminating this life-saving information.


Only this can counter the genocidal manipulations of the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel.


Medical Genocide Defined

The most urgent example of medical-pharmaceutical genocide involves the ongoing attack on natural healing products and practitioners.


The ideology of special interest groups representing the pharmaceutical cartel says natural cures and alternative treatments, including silver hydrosols, must be demonized (i.e., libeled) and/or regulated to oblivion. The drug lords have successful done this for nearly a century. Certain natural cures are suppressed, condemned, and all need to be controlled according to federal regulators legislatively influenced by drug cartel bribes.(14) (15)

Multi-national drug industrialists have infiltrated every natural and nutritional healing art, science, and organization putting small enterprises and family herb stores out of business. Stifling legislation administers the knockout punch.

For example, Health Canada, part of the drug cartel's global Gestapo, allied with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), recently banned colloidal silvers from being sold in stores throughout Canada. An organized defense against this genocidal legislation, “C-51,” was mounting at the time of this writing.(16)

As more natural nutritional healing products, and other alternatives to meds are banned, or exclusively acquired by the drug cartel; small natural healing businesses are quashed, less people have access to life-saving cost-sparing remedies, more people die, and the genocidal drug-industry-monopoly thrives.

Globally, pharmaceutically-enslaved people and nations are falling from this scam called “standardization legislation.”


This is technically a multi-national RICO scam called “Codex Alimentarius” sourcing from Germany and Britain. This corporate fascist agenda puts drug company profits before people needing nutrients, real food, and pure water to survive and thrive.(14) (15)

Big Pharma views everyone as targets, potential drug addicts, prey, or competition. Companies that produce Inexpensive cures for diseases like AIDS, virulent flus, and cancers are high on the cartel's hit list.

Whether you like it or not, or know it or not, you are being targeted for enslavement and premature death through petrochemical-pharmaceutical intoxication.(17)


Manipulating Mothers

With this background you may be better able to discern what Mothering Magazine is really doing publishing this:


Nano-Alert - Groups Demand that the EPA Take a Closer Look at Nanotechnology
Because of its antibacterial properties, nano-silver is currently added to numerous products including clothes, personal care products, electronics, toys, and baby products.


The effects of nano-sized silver are not fully understood, however, the material is known to be much more toxic to aquatic organisms than regular silver. The EPA has recognized nano-silver as a pesticide, but no further action has been taken to regulate its use.

The International Center for Technology Assessment (CTA) and a coalition of consumer, health, and environmental groups, such as Greenpeace and the Center for Food Safety, submitted a legal petition demanding that the EPA:

  • regulate these nanotechnology products as new pesticides

  • require labeling of all products

  • assess health and safety data before permitting marketing

  • analyze the potential human health effects, particularly on children

  • analyze the potential environmental impacts on ecosystems and endangered species

To read more, including a list of products containing nano-silver, visit NanoAction's website at



Discerning Motives

Now persons reading this CTA news release in Mothering Magazine, and elsewhere, will surely decide that the nano-sized silver mineral waters pose serious risks.

Contrary to this yellow press, silver hydrosols may not even be correctly classified as a “nanotechnology” since the criteria for such a determination have not yet been established.

Clearly, with silver hydrosols, we are not dealing with self-replicating nano-machines that take over bloodstreams. Nor are we dealing with a product that could eventually wipe out whole species of environmental bacteria.


This notion, central to the CTA's propaganda, is absurd considering modern microbiology's capacity to culture and mass-produce germs of all kinds.


Astroturf Organizations Sporting Genocide

So what have we here challenging the public's trust?

Mothering Magazine's promotion of the CTA's petition is the second time this author has recorded this magazine's skirting while sporting pharmaceutical genocide. This corporate-directed “activism” is typical of an “Astroturf” organization.

Sports fans know what Astroturf is. It looks green and natural, like it has grassroots, but it is really fake and chemical. It is laid out before the big game, and professional players run all over it.

For more than two decades “professional players,” like Barbara Loe Fisher (image right) and Kathy Williams, directors of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), an “Astroturf” organization, have been promoted by Mothering Magazine as providing a “non-profit public service.”

Ms. Fisher's greatest accomplishment, history records, is the NVIC's sponsored passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, that once-upon-a-time she bragged was a personal achievement. More recently, admitting she “miscalculated,” she appeals to governing officials and consumer groups for more money bolstered by her steadfast denial that her “Act” exemplifies pharmaceutical genocide.

Censoring her organization's founding member, and this author's testimony before her group's earliest annual meeting, today Ms. Fisher justifies her own impotence and leadership in a conspiracy-of-silence she insists is required for ineffective “diplomacy.” Her deadly diplomacy, as America's leading “vaccine safety advocate,” is promoted by Mothering's propaganda; all benefiting the drug cartel.(11)

As insiders anticipated, following Fisher's law's passage, the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services systematically gutted the program and made it highly adversarial to injured parties.


Each claim brought by parents of vaccine-injured children was fought by taxpayer funded government lawyers and hired physician experts - pharmaceutical industry prostitutes - who are medically-licensed to kill. Compensation has been denied to the vast majority of vaccine victims ever since. The law actually shielded all vaccine makers from civil liability, placing the economic burdens of vaccine injuries directly on the damaged families and American taxpayers.

Today, Ms. Fisher's organization encourages donations to extend this injurious legacy through its main function - to collect vaccine injury statistics that drug-industry-influenced health officials admit is more than 90% missing!


Rather than institute a legitimate injury data collection system, prostituting officials render the entire genocide surveillance over to incompetents, like Fisher. Each justifies incompetence and impotence against the drug cartel as a significant “service.”

Despite her years of observing this perverse and pervasive vaccination genocide from behind closed doors, Ms. Fisher still maintains, with Mother Magazine as her mouthpiece, that vaccines are generally good and their drug-makers are generally trustworthy. She concludes, despite a few bad vaccine lots, mothers should get their children vaccinated.(11)

In a hostile [f]akeover, Fisher ousted the organization's original grassroots organizer, Marge Grant, by pirating the names and telephone numbers of vaccine-injured parties responding to Grant's appearance on national television in which she appealed to parents to help her stop the genocide.

“They are to blame,” Ms. Grant said of Fisher and another NVIC Past-President, attorney Jeffrey Schwartz who worked for “Mr. Health” - Florida Rep.

Paul Rogers who led the legislative passage of America's most ambitious, least successful, and most deadly mass vaccination program - the 1976 swine flu fraud.


Rogers then crafted the legislation eliminating victim compensation for injuries sustained in that program.


He was subsequently rewarded by the industry with a position on the board of directors of Merck, Sharp & Dohme, the world's leading vaccine maker, according to a Gannet News story.(11)

With Astroturf agents and agencies acting like this, allegedly on behalf of the “grassroots” and “consumer protection,” nobody assertively/effectively confronts the real enemies - the drug companies.


The CTA's Nonsensical “Nanotechnology” Petition

The large Astroturf entity called the International Center for Technology Assessment (CTA) sourced this anti-silver “nanotechnology” initiative.


Persuasion graphic posted by the CTA to induce fear

by fraudulently implying that silver hydrosols are,

“nanotech machines... capable of repairing and replicating themselves.”

The CTA credits the U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program

for this graphic contribution to their fraudulent fear campaign.



Downloading and reading their 4-page “Executive Summary” titled “Legal Petition Challenges EPA's Failure to Regulate Environmental and Health Threats from Nano-Silver” provides clear understanding why this second petition is as lame as their first.(18)

Giving these petitioners the benefit of doubt, a stretch given their alliance with highly untrustworthy agents and agencies as evidenced here, their petition is clearly self-serving and drug-industry profiting. Otherwise it is nonsensical.

Technically, the CTA is attempting to coerce the EPA into clarifying and broadening its definition of “pests” and “pesticides” to include all microorganisms - fungi, bacteria, and viruses - as well as all chemo-energetic methods used intentionally to kill or control them.(18)

The EPA's current definition of “pesticide” is overly broad and somewhat vague in that it says these life forms “can” be considered “pests” but may not be.


The limiting condition appears to be whether or not the agent used to kill or control the “pests” is a “drug.” If it is, then the microbes are not considered “pests,” just pathogens suitably controlled by expensive and toxic pharmaceuticals. This way the drug industrialists are happy; they can continue selling toxic anti-microbials without labeling them pesticides.(19)

How many doctors do you know who would prescribe pesticides for their patients? How many people do you know who would knowingly consume pesticides?

The fact is, this is done all the time with fluoride used to poison rats and hamper human reasoning through water fluoridation, allegedly done for dental caries (not dying population) control.(20)

When teachers encourage children to swish their mouths with fluoride rinses to kill oral germs, should the EPA's consideration of the CTA's pesticide petition extend to requiring informed-consent for the oral use of a pesticide rinse? Or is this simply child abuse?

When “pest” control in municipal water systems calls for chlorine or bromine applications, will citizens be warned their waters contain pesticides?

Furthermore, if the EPA defines silver hydrosols as pesticides, they could not exempt other heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum used to control germ contaminations in vaccines and other medical applications.



Then there is the issue of silver-mercury dental fillings. The American Dental Association (ADA) has successfully stalled amalgam prohibitionists from accomplishing anything seemingly sensible given mercury's heinous toxicity.


Will the EPA require the ADA to promote dental fillings as “pesticide plugs” to please the CTA?

Thus, considering the above examples, if the CTA's petition is not trashed as absurd, it can only be defended as a genocidal contrivance of the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel.


Gross Criminal Distraction & Negligence

Distraction is an effective behavioral ploy. It is the main mission of Astroturf organizations. Distractions are often used in healthcare to manage patients.


Dentists, for instance, shake patients' cheeks to distract injection-recipients and reduce their pain perception. By focusing attention on nonsense, like a magician's “slight of hand,” CTA officials and allied groups, distract people from much more serious heavy metal poisonings (e.g., mercury and aluminum). The public is defrauded into neglecting lethal neurotoxins pouring into humanity's blood-stream and water supplies from vaccinations and dental amalgam fillings.

Gross criminal negligence is evidenced by the time children receive the full schedule of prescribed vaccinations. Then their accumulated injected mercury level far exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) toxic dose limit.(21) It certainly is not wise to poison people or the environment! So what the CTA and its allies have neglected by their silver “nanotechnology” distraction, is the genocidal poisoning of the population and ecosystem.

To further discern genocidal motives, Mothering's closest link to the aforementioned press release was, at the time of this writing, an article titled “Green Our Vaccines.”


It heralded a,

“Rally for Autism intended to get Congress to eliminate mercury and other toxins from vaccines; study the link between autism and vaccines; allow all children affected by vaccine-induced autism to file with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP); and re-evaluate the vaccine schedule.” (23)

All noble causes!


But look behind this curtain of distraction and deception to find true-blue turns to blood-red.

How do you “Green Vaccines?” (by fertilizing Astroturf?) How do you “eliminate... toxins in vaccines” when major ingredients include neurotoxic and immune suppressive mercury and adjuvants that are toxic by intent.


Simply read the formulas side effects as per the manufacturers' own admissions in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) and on their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)... Duhhh...

Patty O'Mara, Mothering Magazine's Publisher and Editor, who claims to be a spiritually-liberated and intelligent vaccine reformer, can not have simply overlooked:

  1. the active ingredients in all vaccines are called “toxoids” made from applying toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde, to break down germ bodies releasing foreign RNA, DNA, and proteins derived from bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, chicken embryos, bovine fetal serum, monkey kidney tissues, and cow pus for smallpox vaccine, each injected into the human body under the guise of “public health.”

These vaccine ingredients are said to have been made less toxic, as was radioactive fallout from testing weapons of mass destruction at one time. Mercury in fillings was alleged to be safe at one time as well, as was VIOXX.

No manufacturer or expert can honestly claim the main toxoid-poisoned ingredients in vaccines are “non-toxic.”


That would be absolutely absurd.

  1. the stabilizers and sterilizers in all vaccines include, besides mercury, aluminum that is linked to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, formaldehyde and formalin used by undertakers to preserve corpses, phenol and polysorbate 80, both chemical toxins and suspected carcinogens, MSG, which is also neurotoxic, and more.(25)

  2. the 'side effects' from vaccines and prescribed meds are the leading cause of death in the United States.(26)

  3. our nation inoculates the most women, infants, and children per capita, yet maternal and child disease and death rates are reprehensible - genocidal - in America, the worst among all developed nations.(27)

Ms. O'Mara misses and dismisses these facts and connections between toxic vaccinations and ungodly morbidity and mortality statistics.

As detailed below, Mothering Magazine's trustworthiness is shot by its own poisonous deceptive (mostly pro-vaccine) propaganda. Their linked web pages demonstrate their conflicting interests and support for genocide.


Here, for example, are a few of their vaccine advertisements:


Immunization Today
Official vaccines in California Hep A, B, Tetanus, TB Test... a website offering 'Quick Walk in & Out to the Largest California Traveler Vaccine Center.'


Here for only $20, you can get a doctor to prescribe for you every type of toxic vaccine currently available, plus the TB test, (another genocidal injectable producing scores of false positives and “required” intoxication with antibiotics Rifampin and Isoniazid for nine (9) months. This toxic “pubic health” prescription causes blood, liver, and nerve damage in more than 25% of poisoned children after only two months.(28)

“Order Flu Vaccine Now” you are told by Mothering Magazine adjacent text that reads, “Safe, Gentle, Organic,” and a picture of a model mother bathing and cuddling her baby. This link takes you to a “split-virus preparation” of “FLUVIRIN Influenza Virus Vaccine alleged to be sterile (but mistakenly assumed to mean non-toxic).


Get this weapon of mass destruction ”Fast and simple!”


The drug giant Novartis grants you free online ordering here “for the 2008/09 season.” (29)


“Pharmaceutical industrialists have obvious economic incentives to target silver hydrosols - the greatest threat to the drug cartel in history.”


By now you probably get the picture. So I will not cite the half dozen other corporate conflicts-of-interest linking Mothering Magazine to the drug cartel's expanding genocide.

Mothering Magazine's primary nano-silver reference site is


Here their beef has nothing to do with silver nano-particles used in water to kill humanity's greatest plagues. The web domain only deals with self-replicating nano-machines that pose justifiable risks to life.

Look at this organization's sponsors! Among them credited for contributing the persuasion graphics is the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) Human Genome Program.

Why would the DoE, that represents the interests of the International Atomic Energy Commission - a group of pro-nuclear prostitutes for the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel, be given stewardship of humanity's DNA? Because DNA is, above all, a (bio)energy technology.

Anglo-American industrialists direct the DoE to misdirect science away from electro-genetics as previously reported by this author.(30), thus, advertises for the world's wealthiest genetic/eugenocidalists.

  • Do you think the CTA and their corporate fascist affiliates might be seriously interested in stopping the trillion-dollar GMO industry heavily employed in the creation of new antibiotics and vaccinations? Not really, but they put up a good “activist” front funded by defrauded consumers and lame environmental protectors.

  • Do you think they wish to have their corporate sponsors and advertisers cease and desist modifying, manipulating, then patenting the most dangerous and profitable pathogens in history? Not on your life! It's too risky for them to rock that boat.

Alternatively, they rail mightily against silver hydrosols - the greatest threat to the drug cartel in history.

Besides hydrogen fuel, H2O can provide hydro-electricity.

Suppressed technology can tap the energy in ocean waves and river flows.

It is far more environmentally-friendly than burning fossil fuels.

Add to these suppressed Tesla technologies for free energy.

These options are available right now, contrary to propaganda, for far less cost and virtually no risk.(31)


NanoAction - A MegaScam

The CTA's claim that silver hydrosols are “pesticides” is a megascam.

Allegedly, their top priority is “Global Warming & the Environment”. Yet, they make no mention of the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel's most feared and suppressed alternative energy resource - Water - nearly the only ingredient in silver hydrosols.


Water, energetically-enhanced with silver, may hold the capacity to super-conduct energy and advance superior hydrogen fuels for sustainable living without reliance on fossil fuels.

The alchemist-astrologer-physician Paracelsus (1493-1541) - widely regarded as the father of toxicology - wrote,

"[a]ll things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dose permits something not to be poisonous."

Water, too, can be deadly if you drown yourself.

Contrary to the CTA's propaganda, silver has been viewed favorably and reliably for its health benefits throughout history.(32) It is classified, as is copper, as a transition metal and trace mineral. Both elements are present in natural spring water.(33)

The fact that silver is not considered an essential micronutrient required for enzyme function, as is copper, certifies zero regarding silver's essential utility in the body.


Intelligent researchers now propose silver shares a common cell transport mechanism with copper,(34) and gains its reliability in reducing risks of infectious diseases from energetic mechanisms involving, like,

  • DNA electrogenetics

  • membrane electrochemistry (35)

  • molecular polarities (36)

  • cell signaling involving photons of light (37)

  • phonons of sound (30)

These packets of energy have increasingly proven to be DNA's primary stimulants and communication/cell-regulation signals.


Since silver is among the most potent electron conductors, it may function energetically, particularly when its hydrosol is hydrosonically programmed, as a DNA stimulant.(30)


So silver hydrosol electrochemistry and energetic conductivity may be used for more than killing pathogens and making antibiotics and vaccinations obsolete.(2)

Questioning the legitimacy of alleged silver nano-particle toxicity, a University of Wisconsin research review shows silver “nanotechnologies” have exceptionally low toxicity versus exceedingly high efficacy for reducing patient risks and preventing and curing infectious diseases.(2)

Now advanced beyond simple silver colloids containing large, small, micro-fine, and even nano-sized particles, the modern covalently-bonded silver hydrosols contain nano-sized Ag+ atoms exclusively.

The only known side effect of silver hydrosols used responsibly, which is clinically and sparingly, is the rapid and dramatic detoxification that occurs after taking as little as two teaspoons if you are not well hydrated. This is called a “healing crisis” (medically-termed “Herxheimer reaction”) typically associated with a transient headache, malaise, and sometimes fever and skin rash in heavily intoxicated and infected persons. (3) (22)

Using silver hydrosols with new zeolite advances that provide the safest and most powerful heavy metal chelation and clathration available, yields optimal practical detoxification for consumers as well as patients.



How Silver Hydrosols Work
The Electro-mechanics of Germ Killing

Silver has multiple mechanisms of anti-microbial impact.(47) It disrupts critical operations in microorganism metabolism.(48)


Most often germs are damaged by oxygen-silver molecules' attraction for side groups on biological molecules that are negatively charged.(47) These include sulfhydryl, carboxyl, phosphate, and other charged groups distributed throughout germs. This binding action changes the molecular structure of these important macromolecules, rendering them useless to the microbe.(49)

Silver also attacks multiple sites within the cell to suppress vital functions such as membrane transport, cell-wall synthesis, RNA and DNA synthesis and translation, protein folding, and electron transport, important in generating cell energy.(47) Additional studies show silver hydrosols cause mitochondrial permeability changes in cells associated with the release of certain proteins from the intermembrane space triggering planned cell death.(48)

Water molecules carry germ-killing nano-silver particles into cells where they are most needed and effective against modern pathogens, such as mycoplasma.

"Most authorities agree this respiratory pathogen is a laboratory creation spread by accidental vaccine contaminations or worse - intended poisonings.


Mycoplasma infections are primarily responsible for most chronic respiratory ailments and recurring flu-like illnesses circulating today. Mycoplasma infections cause chronic low thyroid function, low body temperature, chronic fatigue, and other ailments." (17)

All tolled, silver hydrosols inhibit germ growth and reproduction. They rapidly cause massive die off of pathogens leaving normal human cells intact.

Opponents concern that silver hydrosols may prompt widespread environmental contamination leading to microbial resistance to silver is farfetched due to the multiple ways molecules of oxy-silver disrupt pathogens' ability to survive.


Single spontaneous mutations of germs are rare, occurring once per 100,000 cell divisions. So the likelihood of multiple mutations happening in the same generation of microbes is extremely unlikely because an organism would need to mutate simultaneously in several ways within one generation to escape the silver hydrosol's lethality.(47)

For this same reason, unlike antibiotics, many different functions of germ cells are disrupted by silver hydrosols such that they carry exceptional broad spectrum antimicrobial activity.(47) Because they are extremely active in small quantities, silver hydrosols are generally more efficient and far less toxic than traditional antibiotics.


For certain microbes, as little as one part-per-billion of silver may be effective in preventing cell growth and development.(47)

Removal of silver hydrosols from the body occurs readily; unlike colloidal silvers that contain much larger particles. Water carries oxy-silver molecules out of the body mostly in the stool, sweat, and urine.

This broad spectrum germ-killer has impressed doctors enough to command a price of $100 per ounce in cancer clinics according to third party insurers and suppliers of pharmaceutical grade silver hydrosols. Dramatically reducing this price for use by the general public, as is now happening, is highly responsible in this Age of Bioterror.(2)

Currently, in AIDS patient care and cancer treatment centers, silver hydrosols are being administered to patients alone or in combination with various antibiotics.


They are particularly useful in critical care situations combating multiple antibiotic resistant germ strains.(49; 50; 51)

Water's Energetic Creative Nature

As mentioned, contrary to the CTA's propaganda, silver hydrosols are not yet classified as “nanotechnology.” They are more properly classified as medicinal trace silver mineral waters. Healing medicinal waters have been recognized for millennia.

A superficial understanding of water, and water resonance, is required to comprehend the potential role hydrosonically-charged silver mineral waters can play in healthcare.

The body is made mostly of water. Beyond the body, water has been found in deep space according to NASA scientists.(40) As reasonably informed people know, water transforms into three physical forms - ice, liquid, and gas. All three states have been photographed in space and space rocks.

Water is considered sacred by advanced cultures, and revered as part of the “Triune God” in Genesis (1:2), water is viewed by theologians as far more than a “universal solvent.”


It is the “Creative Juice” of the cosmos, engaged in forming, restoring, and sustaining everything in the universe.(39)

Despite efforts by some members of the scientific community to defame microcrystal water researchers and their photography,(41;42) images reveal water's link to “higher consciousness” and “spiritual awareness.”


This is evidenced by clear images seen in molecular clusters of water.(43; 44)


An example is shown below, an ultra-sound-like fetal image is apparent in a sample of “The Breath of the Earth™” - an ingredient considered energetically purgative and restorative in Oxysilver™, a leading silver hydrosol formulated and marketed by this author. (45)



Add silver to this energetically-conductive “Creative Juice” and you create an increased superconductive hydrosol.


This water can be programmed using,

  • spin vortices

  • magnetic fields

  • lasers

  • sound, transmit certain frequencies (e.g., hydrosonic resonance).


These applications impart special hexagonal structuring to water clusters, that have been proven to yield extraordinarily high oxidative-reductive potentions (ORPs) producing dramatic increases in cell hydration, oxygenation, and nutrient absorption.


Besides these healthcare benefits, homeopathic attributes are commonly imparted into water to relay special “healing potentials,” much like the sunlight is known to cure infantile jaundice and ultraviolet light is used to kill water-borne pathogens.(2)

In summary, this unique combination of energized water, oxygen, and nano-size silver particles provides rapid detoxification, healthy oxygenation, increased cell hydration, and even a “LOVE frequency vibration” when 528Hz harmonics is incorporated into the triangulated (i.e., tetrahedron-shaped) water molecule according to pilot investigations.(46)


These “programmed” waters are destined to serve important roles in healthcare regardless of the persecution leaders in this multidisciplinary field receive.



Ethical Issues Raised by Silver Hydrosols

Genocide is the central ethical issue raised by the CTA's petition against silver hydrosols.


Their effort to officially misclassify silver hydrosols for the purpose of regulating a scientifically-proven human lifesaver is demonic. Their self-serving campaign mainly benefits the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel to the detriment of people suffering and dying needlessly.

By a bipartisan overwhelming vote of the House of Representative of the State of Oklahoma, legislators recently informed the United States federal government to cease and desist certain genocidal mandates, and reasserted State and personal sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


Their action rebuked federal regulators' overstepped powers.(52)

Likewise, federal agencies, including the FDA, FTC, and CDC, must be bridled to cease and desist aiding, abetting, and/or tolerating pharmaceutical-industry-instituted genocide.

Withholding proven cures, as in the infamous Tuskeegee experiment, is not ethical.(53) This shall not be tolerated with silver hydrosols either.


To do so would be highly unethical, grossly negligent, and overtly criminal.

“Thou shall not kill.”

Thus, this advancing special interest group effort to compel a federal ban on life-saving silver hydrosols, condemning masses of people to death, is a direct violation of human decency, ethical conduct, and scientific integrity.


This analysis provides urgent information for intelligent decision-making impacting world health.


It is written in defense of silver hydrosols - natural cures for infectious diseases that have been suppressed for decades in an organized (RICO) conspiracy by drug companies to sustain their genocidal manipulations and medical monopolization of healthcare.

As this report and analysis evidences, this prohibition of beneficial silver hydrosol therapeutics is largely accomplished through psychological warfare engaging media propaganda as an indoctrination weapon.(54)

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

It is revealing that the mainstream media has not heralded silver hydrosols as a scientific breakthrough in infectious disease control; as a medically proven way to boost natural immunity and defeat humanity's greatest microbial enemies.

NASA put men into space decades ago relying on this yet to be officially designated “nanotechnology” because it proved safe and effective in assuring water purity and astronaut immunity.

Pharmaceutical genocide best explains why silver hydrosols have been so seriously neglected, and now heavily targeted, by Big Pharma's media prostitutes.(54) The greatest nemesis to their most profitable products - vaccines and antibiotics - is pure water containing a trace amount of silver.

Why endorse or prescribe expensive antibiotics that produce mutations in germ populations, environmental degradation, and water pollution when silver hydrosols outperform all antibiotics without serious risk, and at a fraction of the cost?

Why accept risky vaccines creating “herd” immunity (as in “sheeple”) after science has shown a far safer and more effective alternative exists?

Imagine a world without infectious diseases and endless drug wars, like the War on AIDS and the War on Cancer?

Not if the CTA, on behalf of drug dealers, can help it!


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