by Lengas32
December 24, 2010

from YouTube Website


The Bhopal disaster is one of the world’s worst industrial disasters in the history of mankind.


The explosion at Union Carbide plant located at the heart of the city of Bhopal caused a release of toxic gas rolled along the ground through the surrounding streets killing thousands of people.

The gases also injured anywhere from 150,000 to 600,000 people.


Six safety measures designed to prevent a gas leak had either malfunctioned, were turned off or were otherwise inadequate. In addition, the safety siren, intended to alert the community should an incident occur at the plant, was turned off.

Mixing drama and eyewitness accounts, this documentary tells the story of the night of the disaster through the people who lived there.

The drama-documentary focuses on five local people, who saw first-hand the effects of the gas on the patients, a local police superintendent who helped to restore calm on the night and a young technician at the factory whose life was saved by an oxygen mask.