August 27, 2009

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The science of incrementalism is a very simple and effective method of working to achieve a specific goal.


It relies on many small changes enacted over time in order to create a larger broad based change. World powers have embraced this systematized knowledge and applied it to the gradual deterioration of human health for one purpose - control.

In order to control humanity, you need to control their health.


The long-term planning to effectuate this concept has taken thousands of years to perfect and model, but today the intended results are undeniable. The theories and hypotheses have been effectively molded and cloaked into practical applications. Their surreptitious nature has fooled billions of people who could not even acknowledge the existence of this paragon. That is, until now.

We can no longer deny the systemic and gradual destruction of health. It is everywhere and worldwide. We are passive observers and painful bearers. We have chosen the ignorant path to health for far too long and it is time to realize why.


If we analyze the process of how health has been taken from us, we can better appreciate how to take it back.



What is Eugenics?

Behind every door, under every rock, as far back as can documented, eugenics has always been found to play a crucial role in orchestrating human health and its direction.


One aspect of eugenics is the belief in modifying the qualities of humans to discourage reproduction of inheritable undesirable traits. For example, Nazi eugenics were racially-based social policies that targeted those humans they identified as "life unworthy of life", including but not limited to the criminal, degenerate, dissident, feeble-minded, homosexual, idle, insane, religious, and weak.

Eugenicists advocate specific policies that (if successful) they believe will lead to a perceived improvement of the human gene pool.


Since defining what improvements are desired or beneficial is perceived by many as a cultural choice rather than a matter that can be determined objectively (e.g., by empirical, scientific inquiry), eugenics has often been deemed a pseudoscience. The most disputed aspect of eugenics has been the definition of "improvement" of the human gene pool, such as what is a beneficial characteristic and what is a defect.

Some of the most destructive dictators in the last century, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Adolf Hitler were all influenced by some type of concept or ideal involving eugenics. Regardless of its intent, eugenics throughout history has only led to the mass slaughter of innocent human beings.

The most sinister dictatorships and communist paradigms killed approximately 175 million people in the 20th century. Many historians worldwide have suggested that the worst of tyrannical governments ended with Mao. However, that was only the beginning of an era, or a change in the ways the eugenicists approached and exercised their control over governments and humanity itself.


Why settle for millions of deaths through any regime, when there are easier more effective ways to kill billions under the cloak of good will?

By the time Mao had well established his destructive path, the eugenicists had already devised a long-term plan of genocide that conventional weaponry could never match. Soft kill weapons integrated within vaccines, all consumables and the environment would ultimately provide the most effective platform for human extermination.

The Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations and various other world shadow governments have all assisted in the creation of an invisible empire with strong ties to eugencists.


There are many theories on exactly who presides as the master puppeteers for modern day eugenics, but for the purposes of this discussion, we will maintain that the global elite and world powers are the eugenicists. They all have a unilateral mission and their controllers are irrelevant.


It is the universal eugenics ideal that must be defeated.



Keep The World Poisoned Indefinitely!

Eugenicists and the global elite have long advocated for draconian population reductions over the past several centuries.


For example, Thomas Malthus argued that the population growth, by the poor, inevitably outstrips food production and leads to a massive retaliation from Mother Nature (i.e., Malthusian Controls).


His infamous “Malthusian Controls” which are taught to every first year sociology student, has become a cornerstone belief for many modern day globalists who advocate population control by any means necessary.


This radical and dangerous idea promotes the unproven notion that the poor deserve to die because there are too many of them for the Earth to adequately support. Malthus believed that higher wages and welfare should be withheld from the great unwashed because he believed that these two factors would allow the poor to survive and exponentially breed, thus compounding the overpopulation problem.

Under the guise of population control, and through the precise science of incrementalism, eugenics has been able to passively and globally achieve its goal with little or no physical force to the masses.


Step by step, simply through the process of introducing junk science, political manipulation and compartmentalization of public officials, we have witnessed the gradual advancement of,

It is the perfect plan to destroy human health, create zero population growth and reap the profits in the process.

Sustainable profits continue because the disease based system continues to treat, rather than prevent disease. A sick patient is a profitable one and easily manipulated. The eugenicists are well aware of this fact. There is no viable business model in the prevention of disease and its mere suggestion is ludicrous to the eugenicists. Disease prevention contradicts their objectives and coincidentally interferes with profits.

Many people are suspicious to the reality of this premise dismissing it as conspiracy.


However, when discussing the facts and asking appropriate questions, it is difficult if not impossible to dismiss the maliciousness of the eugenics agenda.

  • We know cigarettes cause cancer, so why do we continue selling them?

  • We know fluoride causes cancer, so why do we continue fluoridating the water supply?

  • We know pesticides cause cancer, so why do we allow them in the conventional food system?

  • We know vaccines contain heavy metals and preservatives which cause neurological damage in children, so why do we continue inoculating?

  • We know polysorbate 80, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, MSG, aspartame, soy lecithin, and countless others are lethal to the human body, so why do we not ban these additives?

  • We know the dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods, so why do we continue using GM soy, corn and many others in the food supply for illegal human experiments?

The list of questions goes on and on.

Regardless of the industry, every time the dangers of specific toxins are exposed, they are replaced with other types of toxins, sometimes more virulent than the original. This is especially evident in the manufacture of injectables including vaccines, insulin and other pharmaceutical applications. The goal invariably continues on the same path - to keep world populations saturated with the highest levels of disease inducing poisions possible.

It is also important to highlight that regardless of the industry, the eventual discovery of how these toxic substances negatively affect human health is always decades behind what the eugenicists have already confirmed to be detrimental to humanity.



How Does Incrementalism Work?

If the public witnessed the price of gasoline increase by 120% in one day, there would likely be outrage and riots.


However, the same increase over an extended period of time of 5 years, regardless of its validity or invalidity compared to true market price, will instigate little or no resistance from the public. This is a factual example in both the United States and Canada from 2003 to 2008.


It clearly demonstrates the power of incrementalism on human psychology. Minimize confrontation and maximize results.

The incremental approach commanded by the eugenicists employs the most effective methods of reducing any obstruction by international confrontations over intractable issues such as population reduction. Furthermore, their approach relies on resolving any conflict issues that could threaten their ability to advance their interests.


This greatly reduces the magnitude of problems that could otherwise not be eliminated with any other method previously utilized.

For example, in the 20th century, it can be postulated that most, if not all of the international conflict issues around population reduction could not be solved by basic round table discussions. Military force was a natural and unfortunate consequence of these failures. An alternative form of compliance would inevitably be required to avoid successive military confrontations.

The eugenicists then learned to apply many different types of incremental "treatments", some of which required the cooperative efforts of contending political parties within the international community. Others were implemented unilaterally.


Similarly, while some treatments were relatively easy to implement, others required that politcial and public officials developed new dispute-handling skills or secure the assistance of outside professionals.

For instance, if any disputes arose regarding the scientific validation of vaccines or their effectiveness, controlled opposition and fictitious medical specialists would be used to fabricate statistics and data in reputable medical journals to sway opinion.


Many politicians and public health officials would then unknowingly use the fabricated information to validate the eugenicists mandate. For every new disease, an additional increase in vaccine dosage or frequency would be applied. For each new vaccine, a study would be falsified to justify its effectiveness and requisite belief thereof.

Unlike other forms of dispute resolution used by competing governments, the incremental approach was a workable strategy in situations where resolution-based approaches were not effective. By infiltrating politicians and developing small-scale interventions, governments could be easily coerced into accepting the false model designed by the eugenicists. In most cases, this would also allow for the resolution of sub-issues before moving on to the more substantive issues in contention.

Again, the historical administration of vaccination programs serves as a typical illustration of this strategy.


For every sub-issue and counter approach raised by intergovernmental public health agencies, such as vaccine toxicity or schedule frequency, world health agencies and medical establishments would consistently fall back on the false model incrementally developed through the decades to validate vaccine program initiatives. Any intervention by those opposed to the prescribed mainstream approach are criticized, chastised or simply ignored regardless of the validity of their arguments.


The delusive foundation of vaccination programs are reinforced over and over again since their power resides not on truth, but on repetition of the incremental infrastructure itself.



The Multi-tiered Approach to Destroy Health

Vaccinations were never invented with the intention of preventing disease.


Their sole purpose was to create the most dangerous and repulsive system of blood poisoning to kill the undesirables and control the population. Vaccines have always been and continue to be the most effective bioweapon ever employed by the eugenicists. Many medical experts agree that vaccines are likely the single biggest cause of chronic illness in developed nations.

The 18th century saw the first vaccine produced for any disease. The 19th century produced 7 vaccines. With the advancement of medical technology, there were more than 20 additional major vaccines developed in the 20th century. Some vaccine researchers have estimated that the number of new vaccines in the 21st century could well exceed 500 with over 100 vaccines currently under development.


In the United States alone, 36 vaccinations are recommended for children by the time they reach 6 years of age.

The 20th century also served as a breeding ground for the development of thousands of deadly chemicals that were specifically designed to disrupt the nervous, reproductive, immune and hormonal systems of the human body causing cancer, infertility, heart disease, diabetes, brain damage and other illnesses and disorders.

  • bisphenol A (BPA)

  • dioxins

  • phthalates

  • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

  • dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethanes (DDT)

  • polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)

  • furans,

...and many others were all invented in the last 200 years ago.


However, under the pretense of increasing the manufacturing sector, their integration within developed societies has conveniently devastated human health.


After the second industrial revolution, targeted industries increasingly integrated these chemicals into all end applications such as plastics, cosmetics, lubricants, toys, food storage devices, building materials, pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements, cosmetics, lubricants, insecticides, electrical components, coolants, furniture, upholstery and many other applications.

The intention was to embed as many toxins as possible within the fabric of society. A few hundred chemicals in the 19th century quickly became tens of thousands. We currently use more than 110,000 chemicals to sustain our modern way of life. Not only do we have unacceptable limits of contaminants in our food, air and water, but we are constantly "upping the ante."

Every year, we “invent” more than 2,000 new substances, most of them contaminants, which are emitted into the environment and which are consequently present in food, air, soil and water. We come into contact with more than 500 of these contaminants every day, and there are already approximately 200 chemicals in the average person's body fat at any given time.


These numbers will certainly rise for future generations unless the world adopts more responsible manufacturing protocols.

New disease symptoms that cannot be diagnosed are occurring at record rates worldwide. The National Academy of Sciences estimates that 15% of the population has Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), however, physicians who practice environmental medicine estimate that chemical sensitivity affects up to 50% of today's population.

Many scientists had exposed the harm of many of these chemicals, but it took decades for the information to reach the public. The eugenicists are masters at ensuring that the release of such information strictly coincides with their best interests. Whistleblowers who expose classified information and against the eugenics agenda, have historically been executed by black operations worldwide.


Modern day examples include dozens of assassinated microbiologists who have worked with government agencies and were a threat to expose the true nature of the H1N1 swine flu agenda, or free energy inventors who have been terminated because they had workable solutions to obtain clean and abundant sources of energy.

The weaponization of food has also become a hallmark of modern day eugenics. Once world powers had acquired the knowledge to biochemically transform the food supply, it would quickly become one of the most successful strategies to control the health of the global populace and propel genocidal interventions when necessary.

The use of petroleum-based fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, irradiation and sewage sludge are just a few of the common practices which sterilize the nutritional value of food.

By incorporating agricultural poisons such as pesticides and herbicides, and gradually expanding their manufacture and use in the latter part of the 20th century, a system to chemically alter all conventional fresh produce was in place.

Agricultural poisons are now among the most widely used chemicals in the world. The United States and Canada allow more exposure to pesticides than almost every other industrialized nation.


They are sprayed on forests, lakes, city parks, lawns, and playing fields, and in hospitals, schools, offices, and homes, and are contained in a huge variety of products from shampoos to shelf paper, mattresses to shower curtains.


Pesticides and herbicides have been confirmed to be a significant risk factor is causing cancer, infertility and neurological disorders. 100% of pregnant women have pesticides in their placenta.

GM foods have also been an effective weapon in the manipulation of the food supply. Since James Watson and Francis Crick cracked the genetic code in 1953, the human engineering of genes has been a possibility. But it took two decades for their discovery, which won them the Nobel Prize in 1962, to yield results in the lab and two more for GM products to appear in the shops.

In the 1990s, biotechnology moved out of the laboratory into farms and became a boom industry. In 1990 the first GM food, a yeast, was approved in the UK. The government of Canada was testing at least 50 different types of genetically modified foods on their population by 1993, and this was without the consent of their citizens.

Spearheaded by the eugenicists, Monsanto company has been the largest player in the GM foods game.


They have single handedly made the United States the world's biggest producer of GM foods, pesticides and herbicides. Founded in 1901, Monsanto has manufactured industrial chemicals (e.g. sulphuric acid), plastics and synthetics, and saccharin, a carcinogenic artificial sweetener. It has also produced or granted production licenses for most of the world's toxic PCB's which are now mostly banned worldwide.

By the 1940's, Monsanto had begun focusing on plastics and synthetic fabrics like polystyrene (still widely used in food packaging and other consumer products), which once ranked fifth in the Environmental Protection Agency's listing of chemicals whose production generates the most total hazardous waste.

During World War II, Monsanto played a significant role in the Manhattan Project to develop the atom bomb.


Following the war, they championed the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture, and began manufacturing the herbicide 2,4,5-T, which contained dioxin, a toxin which Monsanto knowingly used to contaminate a wide range of products.

Between 1975 and 1981 a research program was established in Monsanto's Agricultural Division to strategize the advancement of genetically modified organisms. By the mid 1990's, more than 50% of the world's conventional soy and corn (the two most integrated foods), were genetically modified.


We now have three major categories of GM foods:

crops (i.e. soy, cotton, canola, and corn), dairy products, meat, enzymes and additives created from GM bacteria and fungus.

The eugenics researchers and Monsanto scientists have known about the dangers associated with GM foods for decades. Potentially disastrous effects are inevitable from undetected harmful substances in the development process of GM foods.

A popular method used by scientists is to systematically create plants that produce their own pesticides by using genes from bacteria. They would do this by using genes from bacteria that produce their own pesticides.


The bacteria are called Bt for Bacillus Thuringiensis and the pesticidal toxin it creates is called Bt-toxin.


Scientists would make millions of copies of these genes, which are either shot into millions of cells or infected into the cell by bacteria. The hope is that some of the genes make it into the DNA of some of those cells. The problem is, they never know what part of the chromosome the new gene is being introduced into.

Before they multiply and insert the gene construct, they add an antibiotic resistant marker gene.


This new gene creates a protein that protects the cell from a specific antibiotic. Next, they dowse that plate of cells with antibiotics. It kills off most of the cells except the very few where the transgene made it into the DNA-where the antibiotic resistant gene is functioning. Thus, the surviving cells are antibiotic resistant.


The surviving cells are cloned into GM plants. Each cell of each plant now contains the gene that produces the Bt-toxin. It also contains the antibiotic resistant gene, which is now in our food.

If antibiotic resistant genes transfer, they might create super diseases, resistant to antibiotics. Viral proteins might suppress our own body's viral defenses, or the proteins may be toxic. If the Bt gene transfers, it could theoretically turn our intestinal flora into living pesticide factories, possibly for the long term.

The biotech industry is also well aware that the viral promoters they insert into genes can actually turn on other genes. This may cause it to overproduce its protein in high volume, which might be an allergen, toxin, carcinogen, or anti-nutrient.

GM foods are an imminent threat to humanity's food supply. Besides the ethical concerns, genetic pollution is self-perpetuating. It can never be reversed or cleaned up. Genetic mistakes will be passed on to all future generations of a species. Wind, rain, birds, bees, and insect pollinators have begun carrying genetically-altered pollen into adjoining fields, polluting the DNA of crops of organic and non-GM farmers.


This has been happening all over the world for more than a decade.


Theoretically, it genetic pollution continues, it could obliterate the world's natural organic food supply. Use of herbicide-resistant crops will also lead to a accelerated increase in the use of herbicides, resulting in even greater pollution of our food and water with toxic agrochemicals.

This is the world the eugenicists have primed for future generations.



Compartmentalization and Political Control

If governments are so concerned with the health and welfare of their people, then why would they persist in developing an infrastructure of agencies and departments whose policies precisely direct the opposite? How have millions of public officials participated in the demise of public health?


Through compartmentalization, dimensions of public policy have translated these imposed false assumptions and junk hypotheses of health and extended them into functional instruments of procedure and action.

For example, a director of public health will not question the directives from federal or regional health authorities, just as a public health coordinator will not question orders from his or her public health director. This hierarchical system operates in every country in the world, running all facets and divisions of government. If people want to keep their jobs, they do not question higher authorities.

All venomous practices by modern day eugenics (and historically) are completely amalgamated within the political and public policies of government. Moreover, they are always imposed under the pretense of advancing our health, safety, environment or economy.

Although eugenics policies or consequences of alternative policy instruments are continually evaluated by successive generations, the maintained hypotheses imposed include perfect implementation with almost no feedback effects from interest groups and coalition formations.


This is what allows the continuous maldistribution of political influences in government structure.


This is also the basis for the conceptualization of bargains and compromises that are undertaken to shape government directives that are acceptable to those who have the greatest capacity to obstruct such structural reforms, as well as to others who have stakes in the outcome.

In essence, public health policies are never advanced to the benefit of the people. They are simply a controlled instrument that eugenicists have used to incrementally tip the scales of authority in their favor. As long as eugenicists control world powers, corporations, governance and policy, the long-term advancement of human health is unattainable.

An prime example of how eugencists use corporations and political control to dominate governance is the advancement of Codex Alimentarius.


Established in 1963, Codex Alimentarius is the thinly-veiled propaganda arm of global conglomerates who do everything they can to control and limit individual options to maintain or increase health.


This collection of international standards and codes of practice is scheduled to be implemented on December 31, 2009 in the U.S. and Canada. According to the projections of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a minimum of 3 billion people will die from the Codex mandated vitamin and mineral guideline alone.


Among a plethora of other dangerous guidelines, it will also reintroduce carcinogenic pesticides that were banned worldwide in 1991.



It's About Controlling The Media

The resistance offered to counteract the momentous strength of the eugenics movement has been futile.


The failures to combat and halt their progress are largely attributed to the ignorance and programming of world populations by the mainstream media.

More than 95% of the world's media is owned by six companies who all conspire to promote the eugenicist's lies, deceptions and disinformation. The suppression of competition and the establishment of local monopolies on the dissemination of news and opinion have characterized the rise of these media empires.


Many have persisted for well over a century, injecting complete fallacies and rewriting the historical record of humanity, while continually promoting the eugenics archetypes of lie, cheat and steal. They have, without question shaped public perception to their will. Aside from the internet, they essentially remain unopposed.

The internet has been a crucial medium in bringing truth to the people.


Sophisticated alternative news sources, web portals, radio, blogs, email and chats have allowed more people to seek and learn the facts online. For this reason, there has been an aggressive push by the eugenicists to censor the internet before the masses awaken to the reality of their false paradigm.

World powers have already arranged for the modification of the Internet from a free and public structured network, to a private, fee-based and fully censored system by 2011. A successful conversion of internet backbones to a privatized central hub (mirroring the distribution of network television), will certainly end most digital forms of free speech.


There are currently more than one million pages online devoted to stopping internet censorship.



How to Break Free From The Cycle

We must unite and realize that we are not victims of circumstances, we are the creators of circumstances. The eugenics agenda would not have survived as long as it has without billions of people cooperating and accepting it as reality.


Gandhi said it best:

"Nobody can hurt me without my permission."

Gandhi also said we have to be the change we want to see in the world. It will not be possible to defeat the eugenicists without changing ourselves and the way we live.

Some basic recommendations to break free:

  • Lead a simpler life

  • Grow your own garden

  • Get plenty of sunlight

  • Get plenty of rest

  • Eat together as a family and interact with each other

  • Eat organic fresh foods and as many raw foods as possible

  • Refuse to drink or eat any food with additives or artificial flavors

  • Refuse to buy clothing or furniture manufactured with toxins

  • Read about nutrition and exercise and then put theory into practice

  • Learn as much as possible about aging and immunity

  • Learn about the 5 do's and don'ts to improve your health

  • Research and use multiple sources to validate everything you read

  • Activate higher brain levels by meditating

  • Take responsibility for your health

  • Find your purpose

  • Become active in informing others

  • Create a website, newsletter or blog

The solutions are incredibly simple, but so many people are entrenched in the programming of false societal values and beliefs, that many of these recommendations are very daunting for most.

However difficult or tedious the adaptation process may be, the only limits we place on ourselves are those we believe in. If we cannot change ourselves, what power will we ever have to change others and our world?


It starts with you.




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