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I have something to tell you and this is not a Conspiracy Theory. This is documented tangible fact.


Gas Companies in America are drilling for natural gas in Arkansas USA and they are "allegedly" creating earthquakes. The earthquakes are not alleged.


The Earthquakes are unquestionably real, there is no disputing that.

See the blue squares on the map? That is Greenbrier, Arkansas.


If you click refresh there will probably be another new earthquake (red square). They are having up to 20 earthquakes in one day in the exact same spot. There is a list of Earthquakes on the Map. Click and you will see them all listed for the past 6 days. This has been going on since October 2010.


The new Madrid fault line is slightly to the right of Arkansas. You will see little yellow squares there. Those are tiny tremblers recorded by seismologists on the New Madrid fault line for the past month.


The people at ground zero in Arkansas are only actually feeling a few of these earthquakes. There was a magnitude 4.1 on Feb. 18, 2011. This was felt by the community and finally made local news and I think maybe national news.


Here is the problem.


The New Madrid Seismic Zone is in the Mississippi river, the Ohio River and the Wabash River from Indiana down to the Gulf of Mexico. Follow the rivers; they are all part of a currently ACTIVE seismic zone. There have been several recent mag. 5 earthquakes in the past 10 years. At least 100 magnitude 5 earthquakes in this zone in the past 50 years.


You may know the story of the largest earthquake in the United States, The New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812?


The infamous Edgar Cayce seems to be the God Father of these many predictions for the United States of America splitting in half. So many psychic predictions, going back 100 years, I cannot name them all. Edgar Cayce was born and grew up in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, also located in the New Madrid Seismic zone.


The far eastern section of Arkansas is part of the New Madrid seismic zone, but NOT the area of Greenbrier, Arkansas, the location of the current earthquake swarms. Greenbrier is 75 miles away from the New Madrid seismic zone. The swarm of earthquakes is not natural. The gas companies are able to continue with the drilling because a few people in Arkansas are making money.


The population of Greenbrie is 200 residents. At the epicenter of these earthquakes, they are making money, selling the mineral rights to their property and making easy money during a recession.


Part of Arkansas is also an ancient caldera near Hot Springs, Ark. but there are no known fault lines in Greenbrier, Ark.


Greenbrier just happens to be very frighteningly close to a Sleeping Giant who wakes up and stretches occasionally but has not fully awoken. They are disturbing the Giant for greed.


This is not a conspiracy Theory. This is documented fact.


We need to raise awareness about this, these gas companies need to stop. It is the job of us meager humans to stand up for what is right. No one else is going to save us for being lazy and just "going with the flow". We all need to do our part to save our beautiful and magical Earth.


Ruthless people are hurting the Earth for gas. Threatening lives for gas. Gas was obsolete as a fuel 100 years ago but the greed continues.


The greed of people is amazing.


Is GREED so powerful, it can make a catastrophic prediction come true?


Will God help us if we do nothing?