by Paul Fassa
November 24, 2013

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Below is an ignored method of treating and preventing most diseases.


It is so potent that it threatens the medical establishment's tyrannical monopoly. All bacterial pathogens, viruses, and parasites are anaerobic and thrive in the absence of oxygen. In fact, they are poisoned by oxygen. Even cancer cells perish with abundant oxygen.


The most common and effective therapy for oxygenating is ozone therapy, which was practiced in the USA from the late 19th Century through the 1940s.


But since the 1940s, the FDA and AMA have come down hard on ozone therapy in the USA, while much of Europe, Russia, Cuba, the Caribbean, and Mexico use ozone therapy now.


Actually, the FDA recently warned against using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.





Ozone Therapy


But, if oxygenating is so great, then why aren't emphysema patients able to walk out of their wheelchairs?


The O2 oxygen supplied by those canisters helps people breathe, but doesn't create the process of internally manufacturing detoxifying enzymes. The O3 ozone has an unstable atom that breaks away as O1, which penetrates tissue and serum cells more rapidly than O2. This ozone initiates unique metabolic processes.


Both healing and detoxification occur rapidly as a result.


Ozone therapy is currently used successfully in,

  • Germany

  • Spain

  • Russia

  • the Caribbean

  • Mexico

  • Cuba,

and other nations.


The results are astounding, and there are usually no adverse effects. Ozone is normally administered as a liquid by IV or injection and as a gas though a tube placed in the anus.


Because of potential Herxheimer reactions ("healing crisis") that can discourage one from continuing, full percentage dosages are usually not administered until the fourth session. Oxygenation techniques can be used simply to improve health with intense detoxification and blood cleansing.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often effective by placing the patient in a highly pressurized chamber of pure oxygen.


It has been used successfully for,

  • autism

  • AIDS

  • Lyme Disease

This more expensive method requires specially trained personnel as well as special bulky equipment. (Here is a list of facilities.)





Oxygenating at Home


Less expensive portable hyperbaric chambers without oxygen are available for home use, though they may be less effective. Non IV use ozone generators for home use are available, but the manufacturers of these devices are often harassed or shut down by the FDA.


Food grade H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with water and consumed as a method of oxygenating serum and tissue cells. Food grade means it's pure and without stabilizers, making it safe for consumption if properly diluted. The over-the-counter is H2O2 3.5% non-food grade and stabilized with toxins.


The 35% food grade H2O2 has to be properly diluted.


But handling 35% hydrogen peroxide is dangerously caustic if not properly diluted. Now there are lower percentage and safer food grade hydrogen peroxides available, as low as 12%.


Since "Mr. Oxygen" McCabe's book Flood Your Body With Oxygen and his videos, audios, and live lecture tours, several "designer supplements" that create oxygen in the body have emerged for health conscious consumers.






Having professional help is advised with oxygenating lung cancers because lung tissues are so sensitive. AND, beware of aerobic bacterial pathogens, which will worsen one's condition with oxygenating therapies.


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FDA Warns Against Disease-Killing...

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
by Christina Sarich
November 12, 2013

from NaturalSociety Website

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The FDA's 'health' warnings are practically laughable considering how blatantly it has ignored the obvious detriment of GMO food crops and other toxic substances to the American public.


So it should come as no surprise when the organization tells us that a widely known, healthy alternative solution for cancer and other diseases "has not been clinically proven to be a cure or be effective" even though thousands of people have had first-hand success.


In addition to labeling silver as having 'no medicinal use', the FDA thinks 'hyperbaric oxygen therapy' (HBOT) used by numerous celebrities as well as every day people around the world is something to be alarmed about. 


HBOT is simply a large chamber in which the oxygen pressure is above that which is found in the regular atmosphere.


It oxygenates the cells to aid in quick healing, and helps people recover from all sorts of disease in a similar manner that our ancestors did - by taking some time to heal in an oxygen-rich, natural environment. The page with the FDA warning looks more like a misinformation ad, not a true health concern.


Harvard-issued article discusses the difficulties in giving the FDA regulatory control over natural therapies; HBOT is one that would fall into this category.


It is approved to treat a host of conditions:

  • Decompression sickness

  • Necrotizing soft tissue infections

  • Acute traumatic ischemias (crush injuries or compartment syndrome)

  • Radiation tissue damage, smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning (which we are all probably exposed to quite regularly in the modern world)

  • Severe blood loss

  • Refractory osteomyelitis

  • Compromised skin grafts

  • Thermal burns

  • Overall improved healing process (in pets)

HBOT is used in numerous hospitals for these specific ailments, so why is the FDA so concerned that you might treat,

  • Parkinson's

  • autism

  • cancer?

Perhaps because these are some of the biggest money-making diseases in America.


HBOT, in fact, is very effective in treating numerous ailments, and 'off-label' diseases - the same way that eating turmeric is good for your immune system at large, but also seems to reduce cancer tumors and lessen cognitive disrepair in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients. 


HBOT may be great for those suffering from PTSD, though the White House keeps denying its effectiveness to veterans. Even though more than 280,000 individuals receive anti-psychotic meds: even though HBOT has been shown to be very effective without all the side effects.


Dr. Paul G. Harch, president of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association Foundation, pioneered this treatment. It shouldn't be ignored even though the FDA poo-poo's its unsanctioned use.


One mother in North Carolina treated three autistic boys effectively with HBOT. Even the American Cancer Society admits it can be helpful in the prevention and treatment of osteoradionecrosis, a term for delayed bone damage caused by radiation therapy.


HBOT can be incredibly effective. It looks like the drug-pushers, i.e. the FDA, don't want you to know about a treatment that just uses oxygen.


Why is this not surprising...?




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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy...

Improves Autism
by David Gutierrez
staff writer
May 02, 2009
from NaturalNews Website

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, already used for the treatment of the bends, carbon monoxide poisoning and a variety of other conditions, may lead to improvement in autistic patients, according to a study conducted by physician Daniel Rossignol and published in the British Medical Journal.

"These findings confirm what we are seeing in clinical practice - that many children with autism may benefit with the use of this treatment," Rossignol said.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves having a patient inhale oxygen pressurized to a level greater than atmospheric pressure.


While anecdotal evidence has already led many physicians to begin experimenting with the therapy as a treatment for autism, the current study is the first large scale, double-blind controlled clinical trial into its effectiveness.

Rossignol randomly assigned 62 autistic children between the ages of two and seven to inhale either air that consisted of 24 percent oxygen at 1.3 atm or only slightly pressurized air (1.03 atm) consisting of 21 percent oxygen for 40 sessions of one hour each. The treatment took place at six different centers across the United States.

After 40 hours of treatment, children in the hyperbaric (1.3 atm) treatment group showed significantly improvement in measures of eye contact, sensory and cognitive awareness, social interaction, receptive language and overall functioning, compared to children in the control (1.03 atm) group.

"We're not saying it's a cure," Rossignol said, "but... if you can improve understanding so a kid doesn't run in front of a car, or improve sleep, that would be a benefit."

Researchers do not know what mechanisms hyperbaric therapy might act through to improve the symptoms of autism, but Rossignol hypothesized that it might help reduce the inflammation that constricts blood flow to the speech centers of autistic children's brains.


It might also improve the brain's overall ability to absorb oxygen, with similar effects.

"With autism on the rise, it is promising to see a study that has been conducted with the high standards endorsed by the medical community," said Shannon Kenitz of the International Hyperbarics Association.


"Having this scientifically controlled and analyzed study that shows the positive effects of hyperbarics is truly what this community has needed."