April 01, 2012

from YouTube Website


"The Superior Human?" systematically challenges the common human belief that humans are superior to all other life forms, which is often used as an excuse for animal cruelty and the destruction of our own environment.


It reveals the absurdity of this belief while exposing human bias.


"It is unbelievable some humans actually need scientific proof of animals feelings and intelligence. For me it is obvious it is there. However, some times it would be nice to have proof of the existence of intelligence and emotions in some humans."

"We all evolve to become optimal for our environmental needs. Humans are bad by human standards, ask your dog for his take. How about indoctrinal methods of subjugations? A complete disregard for the other? Too much time on our hands? The purpose of the documentary was not to say humans are not important or of greater importance but to allow for the equality among all species on Earth. There is no hierarchy of species but an interdependence between all sentient beings, plant & other life forms."