by Dr. Eldon Dahl

July 27, 2015

from PreventDisease Website

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Eldon Dahl, is a trained naturopath and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 'Life Choice Ltd.' -


As a society we are living longer today than in past generations.


Longevity into the 90’s is now becoming commonplace in most industrialized societies.


But, what is the cost - are we simply delaying degenerative diseases? If so, will the financial/quality of life have a massive impact on a system already in dire need? We know what is coming - disease is proliferating globally at a rapid pace.


To those affected, it will mean hardships, but on the flip side, it is an optimal opportunity to sell sickness with corporate sponsorship - pharmaceutical companies will team with big corporations, while supported by doctors and the health care system.


Selling sickness to healthy people is the next trend in 'health' care...




Even in 1986, the Milbank Quarterly predicted this trend:

Since the mid-nineteenth century, longevity has increased, but at the cost of degenerative disease replacing infectious disease. Now, life is more about postponing degenerative disease than avoiding infectious disease.


The Rockerfeller Foundation went on to report that due to the exploitation of natural resources,

"human civilization has flourished but now risks substantial health effects from the degradation of nature's life support systems in the future."

This provides an ideal opportunity for corporations, rather than practitioners, to drive the conversation on disease.


To quote a BMJ article - Selling Sickness - The Pharmaceutical Industry and Disease Mongering:

"There's a lot of money to be made from telling healthy people they're sick.


Some forms of medicalizing ordinary life may now be better described as disease mongering:

widening the boundaries of treatable illness in order to expand markets for those who sell and deliver treatments.

Pharmaceutical companies are actively involved in sponsoring the definition of diseases and promoting them to both prescribers and consumers.


The social construction of illness is being replaced by the corporate construction of disease."

We at Life Choice stand to be counted in opposition to this alarming trend.


Rather than allow fear mongering, we are advising healthy prevention. When the sickness campaign gets underway, turn away from these lies and corporate profiteering, and instead invest in your family's health by,

  • eating organic

  • taking professional quality nutraceuticals to keep you healthy

  • changing the mindset from the ear of sickness to the excitement of health

Both sickness and disease start within the mind, and depending on the pathway of choice, either to healthy living or to lifetime dependency on pharmaceutical drugs with side effects.


We say no to selling sickness and yes to selling health.