November 13, 2012
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In a similar way as the ongoing battle for the right to know whether or not GMO is contaminating our food, the medical and pharmaceutical industries have been conspiring to maintain their failing business model.


This is the assertion of a new documentary (below), which focuses on the attacks by the corporate medical system and Big Pharma against chiropractors.

The film highlights the 20-year campaign to label the chiropractic industry as quackery. In fact, the Supreme Court has acknowledged as much.


One of the experts in this film, notes:

The film includes the groundbreaking and historical case of Wilk vs. The American Medical Association (AMA) - a case in which the AMA was ultimately found guilty of an illegal conspiracy to 'contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession,' in 1984.


While the chiropractic industry is a focal point, the film also explores the wider attacks being waged against natural medicine of all types.

The film states that,

...with approximately 98 percent of the AMA’s advertising revenue for medical journals provided by pharmaceutical companies, this conjoined force set out to crush any and all alternative health competitors. And this assault continues…

This bold documentary provides candid views into how this united front operates - from the revealing and troubling confessions of ex-pharmaceutical reps about the industry’s newest target - children and teens - to how both industries are unabashedly creating drug addicts in normal, unsuspecting citizens.

Included in this documentary are interviews with alternative health leaders, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, revolutionary practitioner Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, and others.

Here, too, are the heart-warming - and heart-breaking - stories of terminally ill patients healed by Chiropractors and other alternative practitioners… and patients lost due to the hideous medical bureaucracy that still exists today.

Empowerment always starts with education.


When people become knowledgeable about what is being done to them behind closed doors, it unleashes the activist within. This documentary is an excellent new tool to help friends and family become aware of the increasing dangers of remaining ignorant.

The right to explore as many options for attaining good physical health and treatment is equally as important as the right to know what is being consumed.


These twin fundamental issues are also among the weakest links in the corporate control system, as their marketing is based on a foundation of cronyism, lies, distortions, and blatant attempts to suppress competition through government and bought-and-paid-for scientists.

It is stated that,

the video includes eye-opening interviews not only with chiropractic and osteopathic doctors (including myself), it also talks to surgeons, MD's, pharmaceutical sales reps, and high-profile patients like Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Street and John Stockton...

All in all, the testimony spells out the point of the film, which is that conventional medicine, backed and ruled by the pharmaceutical industry, is corrupt to the core and frequently does more harm than good, while simultaneously protecting their business and hiding its ineffectiveness by suppressing legitimate, safe, and effective alternative or complementary practices such as chiropractic.




Fortunately, the solutions are quite simple once we become informed and motivated to demand an end to medical propaganda that is designed for profit, not for health.


This propaganda has led to such ridiculous claims as nuking food actually makes it safer, and the Orwellian reality that "evidence-based" medicine - peer-reviewed clinical research - is at best a coin flip as to the truth of their conclusions.


This is because if you control the research, you presumably control the "evidence." It is for this reason that many natural cures are shut out from formal medical documentation.

So, the first solution is to realize that what has come to be known as mainstream medicine is an orchestrated sham designed only to keep people sick, so that more "cures" can be offered. Once that reality sinks in, then it is up to the individual to take responsibility, do their own research and design their own health regimen and treatment that is right for them.

Our bodies do have a common make-up where general natural health recommendations can be applied:

getting enough sleep, reducing stress, need for a balanced diet, moderate exercise, implementation of superfoods, etc.

However, there are unique variations that demand some personal experimentation which can help each one of us operate at our full capacity.


This personal empowerment is at the heart of what the establishment fears...




War Against Natural Health?




Did you know that while the United States makes up only five percent of the world's population, it consumes over 50 percent of all the world's pharmaceutical drugs?

The primary focus of the film is on the chiropractic profession and its long-standing struggle to be recognized as authentic health professionals.


In the 1980's, chiropractors were still by and large viewed as quacks whose treatments were unscientific and potentially dangerous.


As stated in the beginning of the film:

"There's been a deliberate campaign to label anybody who doesn't sell or distribute drugs, surgery or radiation as a quack."