by D. Holt
August 20, 2012

from NaturalNews Website


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D. Holt has written over 200 articles in the field of alternative health and is currently involved in research in the UK into the mechanisms involved in healing due to meditation, hypnosis and spiritual healers and techniques. Previous work has included investigations into effects of meditation on addiction, the effects of sulfites on the digestive system and the use of tartrazine and other additives in the restaurant industry. new blog is now available at or follow on twitter @sacredmeditate


There have been a number of high publicity controversies over the past 50 years that have cost the drug industry and the health industry dearly.


How have these industries dealt with this? Whilst some doctors, researchers and health professionals have attempted to improve care, eliminate mistakes and push for safer forms of medication, manufacturers have often pursued the path of profit.

Since the payouts for cases of Thalidomide in the 60s and 70s, the drug industry along with the governments of the UK and the US have denied almost all other drug related complaints.


The result of this is the continuing use of dangerous drugs and medical practices.


The denials keep coming despite the overwhelming evidence, proving that the use of these drugs and techniques are maiming, disabling and killing thousands of people every year.



Thousands hurt by dangerous drugs sold as "safe" by Big Pharma salesmen

Examples include the use of,

  • vaccines

  • epidurals

  • antidepressants

  • antibiotics

  • painkillers

  • statins

The HPV vaccine was rapidly deployed and has continued despite the deaths and disablement of teenage girls. The MMR vaccine is embroiled in controversy as it has links to autism.


Epidural procedures are advertised as being safe, with no lasting side effects, yet hundreds of cases of spinal damage have been reported. Some antidepressants have been linked to increasing suicide and murder risk. Some antibiotics are still being used even though they have led to permanent disability.


Statins are being prescribed as a wonder drug that according to drug industry salesmen, will stop strokes, heart attacks and high cholesterol, yet there are thousands of people with devastating side effects that have left them unable to walk.



Big Pharma lies and the endemic self-destructive tendencies of big business

What is the reaction of the pharmaceutical companies to the disability and death of their consumers? Denial. They just deny it, and even use biased tests carried out by their own "scientists" to prove their lies.


What do they do if they are proven wrong? They don't pay out easily, it takes a very strong case and determined lawyer to get any result.


They will use every trick in the book to discredit the research, the doctor, the tests and even the patient. Every step is taken so that there is no repeat of the payouts that were seen for the victims of thalidomide.

In a world where if a car has a fault the whole batch is recalled to the factory and fixed at great expense, or if you are injured by another person you can claim compensation.


Why can Big Pharma get away, quite literally, with murder?

The website links below, give examples of just some of the alarming amount of cases where medical procedures and drugs are sold as "safe," yet result in so many cases of misery and death at the hands of Big Pharma.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. With an aggressive culture of cover up at the top, Big Pharma is replicating the same self-destructive tendencies that were the downfall of the financial institutions.


The wise investor would place their money elsewhere.








Vaccine deaths