by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf
October 2, 1996

from FosarBludorf Website

"I don't know, what you'll think about me, but I am a sleeper."

Jessica said this with a quiet, uncertain voice and looked at us with her large, deep eyes.

No - at that time we didn't understand her, and in the room it was suddenly quiet. This silence was heavy and coated us all like an invisible stone which hung in the middle of the room.

After a short while, this was too much for Grazyna, and she decided to interrupt the strange mood:

"May I have this once more, please?"

Jessica was a little nervous, but tried to explain.

"Do you know, I have a feeling that I know something, only I don't know what it is. So, as if something would sleep inside me. Something I have to remember. Absolutely. Can you help me? "

Indeed, she had come to our practice from this strange purpose. Of course it had always been our daily work to share with the problems of people. We then talk with them, and we also use a modern form of hypnosis developed by Milton H. Erickson.

So it wasn't anything unusual for us to work with repressed childhood memories, with partnership problems or with psychosomatic diseases of any kind. Sometimes we even experienced that people in deep trance suddenly went into an "earlier life" and worked on their current life problem "there".

For many years we even had been confronted with a still more bizarre topic: People who tell about themselves that they were abducted by UFOs. In this context we noticed very often an effect of retrograde amnesia, thus a temporary loss of memory. In context of UFO abductions this effect is usually called "missing time".

Therapeutic treatment of such bizarre experiences is a special challenge for the therapist, because in contrast to the other problems and diseases mentioned above, to work with UFO abductees you may not study on any university nor in any advanced training seminar. Everything depends on the personal experience and the reactivity of the therapist.

In principle, next to nothing should be able to really shock us anymore – however this case seemed to be something special. This was clear from the very beginning.

In fact we were in the situation of a detective, who gets the order to look for a man whom nobody knows, whose name is unknown, and no one knows how he looks like or where he is.

First we continued listening to her.

"In my life sometimes quite strange things happen", Jessica said, "for example, approximately three years ago, on a Saturday in late summer, I drove home from work with my car in the afternoon, shortly after 2 p.m.

It was afternoon, and the sun was shining. It was a beautiful day.

I don't know what happened on that day, but when I came home, it was evening, about 6.30 p.m. I remember that it already got dark.

Where did the four hours remain? What did I do in this time?

This I want to find out too. I can't get quiet about it. From my shop in Schlossstrasse to my home is only a few kilometers - a few minutes by car. "

Jessica told us this important fact nearly at the very end of our talk.

From the moment when she told us this, it was clear where we would have to start. Missing time.

From our practical experience we had learned not to draw hasty conclusions. So it was clear that we might not assume a UFO abduction just from the fact of missing time.

First of all the therapist may not judge about anything the client tells, in order not to suggest something that isn't part of his memories. Strictly we always keep our principle to work only with things the client produces himself from his subconscious mind.

Missing time and amnesia may have different causes. Only they are most well known in connection with UFO abductions for the last years, due to spectacular publications. But in principle people tend to repress every experience which is too traumatic to be remembered consciously.

No matter what Jessica experienced on that August day in 1992, we could try to guide her to this experience in hypnosis. Of course it was completely unknown what would come up during such a session and how long it would take us to find out.

Mostly there are strong blockades and resistances not to remember traumatic experiences in the human unconsciousness, and the therapist has to be very careful waking up them slowly by enforcing self-confidence of his client.

So everything started, at that time, one day in autumn.

Tuesday, October 15th, 1996, 4.00 p.m.

Two weeks later, during a hypnosis session, Grazyna guided Jessica to this day in August 1992, when she left her shop at the Schlossstrasse in Berlin-Steglitz and wanted to go home by car.

"It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining. I am glad that I have end of workday and may go home."
"You are starting your car now. What happens next? Tell me everything you see."
"There is a bright, moving object in the sky, just above the tennis court. "

To go home, Jessica had to cross the Tiburtius bridge near the restaurant "Bierpinsel", which crosses the urban motorway in this place. Directly on right hand of the bridge is a tennis court, which may be seen from the bridge. Normally, this is a very much frequented region.

"You see a bright object. What you are doing next?"
"I follow it toward the Kaisereiche ... then along the Bundesallee. "

So, as Jessica described the continuation of her experience, she had to turn, because now she didn't drive in direction to her home, but in the opposite direction, as if someone or something would force her to do so.

"Everything is so strange silent, I can't hear any noise from the road. Also I don't see any people, any other cars. I continue to drive toward the Kurfürstendamm."

This strange description of the scenery suggests that Jessica wasn't in a state of normal everyday consciousness any longer, and that the environment that she saw didn't correspond anymore to our reality, although she didn't notice any break in her experience. In any case it was more than unusual that no people were to be seen on one of the most frequented roads in the center of Berlin on a Saturday afternoon in August.


Without any perceptible transition, Jessica had to slide into an altered state of consciousness, showing her an unrealistic scene. She was astonished herself during the hypnosis session and couldn't explain herself what she saw.

Then the session suddenly changed dramatically. Without knowing why, suddenly she faced an entity with a large head and enormous black eyes. She got terrible afraid and was nearly unable to speak. She only mentioned that she had strong headache and nervous heartaches.

Grazyna decided to carefully guide her back from the deep trance to a peaceful place where she could calm down. Next, she terminated the hypnotic session.

Jessica was still under the influence of what she had seen. Did she really have an encounter of the fourth kind on that August day? Or was it only a symbolic image, another traumatic experience using such a strange camouflage?

Our experience of many years with such cases taught us that only very few people come to our practice with the remark: "I was abducted by UFOs." In most cases people have only rather diffuse fears, which they cannot explain themselves, and only during search for the causes of these fears the well-known UFO experiences come up.

Only a very experienced and qualified therapist is able to work with such cases successfully in a hypnotic session, because first of all the trance introduction and further interventions have to be adjusted individually to the personality of the client. At the same time it was an advantage for us that we are physicists too, because this fact enabled us to get some additional objective findings: Measurements of the skin resistance and the brain frequencies (EEG) as well as the electromagnetic field in the room.

Our experience shows that in case of UFO abductees these measurements very often show anomalies which do not occur in a similar way during hypnotic sessions with people with other problems.

To these anomalies belong: Extreme fluctuations of the skin resistance during certain phases of the experience, accompanied with subjective feelings that all of the body is flown by electromagnetic waves. At the same time people enter a strange state of consciousness: although they are in deep trance, in this moment the EEG (brain wave spectrum) shows frequencies up to 17 cycles per second, which are similar to or even higher than during normal awake state.


Unexplainable strong magnetic fields may be registered sometimes, even in the area around these people. These fields are able to influence function of electronic devices such as tape recorders, CD players or cellular phones. The fields often remain for hours, when the client already has gone away, and they only slowly decrease.

Of course, in the beginning of such case we proceed in a classical way, as we did with Jessica.


So, next she experienced her personal elements of the UFO abduction which are well known: operation table, medical investigations, small grey figures etc. But during several years of work with such people we discovered an effect that shows the whole UFO phenomenon in a totally new light: Sooner or later nearly every abductee recognizes by himself that this well known scene of the "operation table" is only a virtual reality.

Jessica for example had the following experience:

Friday, January 10th ,1997, 4.30 p.m.

"He, he [ the little grey, authors' remark ]... guides me to a table."

"What table?"

"The table hangs in the air. … But I have such a strange feeling …"

"What do you feel?"

"All around is suddenly misty. I'm not afraid, I rather feel strong. I know that I don't need this any longer."

"What you don't need any longer?"

"To lie on the table, of course. The table … disappears … everything dissolves. Now I know - I have to learn. "

"What do you have to learn?"

"I get an information ... I hear that gravitation may be manipulated, but to do this we need an enormous knowledge about frequencies, much more than mankind has up to now. It has something to do with the structure of these forces. They penetrate each other. "

Here Jessica started – in deep hypnotic trance – to give us a whole "lecture" about connections between light, electromagnetism and gravitation.


Her statements sounded plausible, however they neither were comprehensible with known science at that time, nor did Jessica know anything about this before. It was later, in 1998, when some discoveries were made in science which proved that Jessica's information was scientifically correct.


Who gave her that information?

(You may read the full transcript of this trance session in our book "Vernetzte Intelligenz").

Our work with "UFO abductees" during many years led us to the following facts and conclusions:

  • "UFO experiences“ never happen in normal awake state, but always in an altered state of consciousness.

  • The "UFO abduction saga" as it is known world wide may not be interpreted as a fantasy nor as "the absolute and only reality". Instead it is a virtual experience to which there are alternative parallel layers of experience.

  • The experience as a whole is a nonlinear experience (i.e. outside of space and time). The different experience layers correspond to the different layers of consciousness of man, and they are experienced simultaneously, even if they may be totally contradictory.

In Jessica's case her normal awake state (her "ego") experienced driving a car through Berlin.


But some contradictory facts quickly showed that this was a false memory (ufologists call this well known phenomenon the "Oz factor"). At the same time her body consciousness (subconsciousness) believed to lie on an operation desk where aliens investigated her. Even physical symptoms and physically measurable effects accompanied this experience.


As we found out later, a higher structure of consciousness at the same time operated on a higher level, where she was a communication partner of an unknown kind of intelligence, a partner with equal rights, and that this intelligence passed information to her.

In principle these alternative layers are similar for the most people with "UFO experiences". Only the "ego layer", showing a slightly falsified terrestrial reality, is not necessarily present. In such cases we have the well known case of "missing time".

Special attention we should pay to the communication layer. The information passed in this layer has of course to be checked carefully, to find out if it could be indeed passed by a strange intelligence.

Experience shows that this information may be a mixture consisting of,

  • information that is scientifically plausible

  • distorted, archetypical or symbolic impressions

  • obviously wrong information.

Since the part of the information that is scientifically plausible mostly exceeds the personal knowledge of the "abductee" (if not even knowledge of all mankind), the conclusion is obvious that the origin of this information should be an unknown kind of intelligence.


It may be of course an extraterrestrial intelligence indeed, but it is also possible that this way a higher group consciousness or terrestrial consciousness structure is contacted (e.g. the morphogenetic field).

Therefore it is legitimate to assume that the original information sent to the person is correct as a whole.


The distorted or wrong parts of that what the person says rather seem to be transmission errors that may have several causes:

  • transmission uses a space-time-tunnel (the well known tunnel effect of quantum physics) that is responsible for loss of data (as was proved in an experiment of Prof. Nimtz at the University of Cologne).

  • Man mainly receives this information via the DNA in his body cells, which is today known to be an antenna. Since human DNA today is activated only by 10 percent, on this level additional loss of data is possible

    (For more details see our book "Vernetzte Intelligenz").

During our research (not therapy) we were able to develop a new method to work with UFO experiences in hypnosis and to test it so far that by now we may use it in therapy successfully.


This method is called Transpersonal VR Analysis (VR = "virtual reality"). In our book "Vernetzte Intelligenz" this new method is documented in detail. Using this method it is possible for the first time to really help "UFO abductees", to free them from their trauma permanently – simply from the reason that after working with this method the "trauma" doesn't exist any longer!

At the moment we'll tell only this: The multiplicity of parallel virtual realities, which people normally experience during "UFO experiences", apparently arise from "outside" without being influenced by the concerned people.


The classical "UFO abductee" is completely passive during his experience, if not helpless. Transpersonal VR Analysis helps him to turn the tables and therefore to be the creator (or at least co-creator) of the virtual reality. Therefore his fears disappear and give way to a feeling of strength and self-confidence, and as a side effect the "abductee" will be respected by "the other side" (whoever this may be) as a partner with equal rights.

On this communication level quality of the passed information is significantly enhanced, but nevertheless the therapist or researcher should take care not to take this information as a whole as revelation of a final or absolute truth.

First of all we still know too few about identity and motives of the "other side", second we are unable to exclude the physical and biophysical distortion effects during transmission.

On the basis of our research, today we don't use the term "UFO abductions" anymore, but we speak about "UFO experiences". Even more we like the more general term "hypercommunication" that just describes this new discovered form of communication that should be responsible not only for the transmitted information, but for the multidimensional virtual UFO experiences as a whole. The same mechanisms appear in totally other contexts too.

In this context it is not so important to decide if an extraterrestrial intelligence visits earth, perhaps to teach us something. The larger term hypercommunication describes more – an interface to an open cosmic network, a form of network intelligence, similar to our Internet.

Using hypercommunication all forms of intelligent life in cosmos may contact each other beyond space and time. This may be seen already in the zoological realm, for example in bee populations and other insect species, or in the behaviour of whales. In old times, man used hypercommunication intuitively too. In earlier cultures it manifested as an inner "voice of the gods". During evolution of man and civilization the hypercommunication regressed in favour of the new developed rational intellect, but in our days it appears at the surface again.

Most people experience hypercommunication unconsciously, in form of intuition or inspiration.


It may link together the intelligence of whole groups of people via large distances, and if in a special case someone is linked even to an extraterrestrial civilization in this "cosmic Internet", he has a "UFO experience". As you may see, for this it is even unnecessary that the aliens would travel to us with a material spacecraft. For hypercommunication, space and time are meaningless. In any way the experience takes place on a virtual platform.

Theoretical basis for the model presented here and the accompanying therapeutic method is the new model of space and time by Stephen Hawking that he presented for the first time during the international conference on superstrings in 1999 in Potsdam (Germany). This model contains an additional dimension of time, the so-called imaginary time.


So, in our universe time is two-dimensional. In direction of imaginary time it splits up into several parallel universes allowing alternative layers of experience that are completely independent of each other. (for more details see "Vernetzte Intelligenz")





Abb. 1: Stephen Hawking's model of "imaginary time", allowing different parallel universes. This model enables different events to happen at the same (real) time (different imaginary time) and at the same place. Since only real time is measurable in our reality, such events seem to be simultaneous even if they contradict each other.

Based on Stephen Hawking's model we developed the "Matrix of UFO experiences" (see "Vernetzte Intelligenz") that makes interpretation of UFO experiences much easier.

In the further process of our research in this area of course we mainly concentrated on the information which people receive in the virtual communication area. In particular we received statements from the realms of gravitation (and anti-gravitation), from genetics, brain research and aspects of consciousness (especially group consciousness). Our book "Vernetzte Intelligenz" is a compendium of this research work of the last ten years. In this book information from such hypercommunication experiences is confronted with actual knowledge in "terrestrial" science.

As long as we understand time in a classical linear way, we will always find paradoxes and contradictions in the interpretation of UFO experiences. Only as nonlinear experiences they might be understood one day. This will take so long time, until we evolved to a civilization that defines time another way, as link between events and consciousness.