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The Holofractographic Universe is the name of the unified field theory proposed by physicist
Nassim Haramein after a 20 year exploration of,

  • physics

  • ancient civilizations

  • cosmology

  • nature

  • ancient spiritual traditions,

...which helped him to connect the dots between these diverse fields to catch a glimpse of the fundamental dynamics of creation and behind creation.


What is the Holofractographic Universe?

The Holofractographic Universe is a promising Unified Field theory which is based on the principles of holograms and fractals, as the name suggests.


Basically the holofractographic universe theory is set to revolutionize physics as it redefines the nature and foundation of reality from a new perspective on dimensions, to a new three-dimensional geometry describing the space-time manifold and new dynamics of this field which are proposed as the dynamics of black wholes.

In the holofractographic universe theory Nassim proposes that the fundamental structure and dynamics of space-time are those of the black whole, with a new understanding of what a black whole is obviously.


The holofractographic universe theory is the result of over 30 years of research which is amassing new evidence and new support from the scientific and laymen community alike.


It is recommend you check it out now because it truly is the cutting edge of many fields of science including physics and consciousness, leading towards human evolution.