by 2012gregg
October 07, 2009

from YouTube Website


A very strange looking cloud formation/Ufo Mothership filmed in Moscow on October 6, 2009. HAARP induced? What do you think?

The mainsteam media has been suppressing videos like this for years.


Why would they start publishing material like this now? They wouldn't because they like to keep us controlled to their agenda, which keeps our minds locked inside the box while discouraging any thoughts that are outside the box. Those in power fear change.


Even more so, they fear an awakened public. This video is waking up the masses, which scares the elite.

Video captured west of the capital of Russia. In the skies over Moscow visible cloud of unusual shape. The video was shot at the Moscow Ring Road in moving from Volokolamsky to Novorizhskoe highway. One eyewitness wrote that he had received comments about this cloud in the weather center. There he was informed that over Moscow sprang a tornado, but later cleared.


On the fly "strange" clouds flew helicopter Ministry of Emergency Situations.