by Larry Lowe
Phoenix UFO Examiner
May 23 2009

from TheExaminer Website


Everything we know about a legend may be wrong.

A long forgotten documentary which includes an analysis of a rare film taken by George Adamski, an icon from the early days of the modern age of UFO sightings, has surfaced on YouTube thanks to the effort of historian Neil Gould.

The 7 segment YouTube film is well worth watching in its entirety, but a particularly compelling segment discusses a seldom seen film, originally shot by Adamski himself in the presence of Madeline Rotterfor in the back yard of her house in Silver Spring, Maryland, in February 1965.

Adamski type flying saucer


What the segment shows is the analysis done on the film, which - along with the testimony of Rotterfor, Sir Desmond Leslie and others who knew Adamski personally - makes a compelling case for the authenticity of the non-human origin of the saucer seen to dance in the sky.

Layered behind the photo analysis conducted at Kodak labs are a number of testimonials and accounts that shed new light on one of the most familiar names in UFO history prior to some point.




George Adamski is the definitive example of the 1950's Contactee movement, a random group of early experiencers that sprang up after the Kenneth Arnold-Roswell flap of 1947 and lasted through the early 60's.

The contactees were characterized by a sort of art-deco 50's ambiance and made claims of meeting their 'space-brothers', being taken for rides in flying saucers and spending time in the company of well developed female human looking alien spaceship commanders in tight suits.

Over time, the contactee movement withered under the weight of their outrageous claims and now are seen largely as a group of delusional wanna-be's dealing with the cold-war induced paranoia about nuclear annihilation by inventing fictitious space friends who, through the contactees, delivered a message to humanity to stop fooling around with the atom bomb.

And George Adamski was the most fictitious wing-nut of them all.


His stories of meeting a human looking alien in the desert east of Palm Springs, his oddly sharp or unusually blurry photographs of a bell shaped saucer (now known as an Adamski-type craft) with three balls on the underside, his sometimes outlandish remarks and his penchant for affecting a college degree he did not have, combined with a healthy dose of rumor mongering, added up to a perception that Adamski was a fraud, a hoax of the close encounter kind.


Adamski, for whatever reason, did not help his own case. In 1962, he claimed to be attending a secret conference on Saturn. This kind of statement caused TIME magazine to label Adamski the 'crackpot from California'.

But however staged his photos appeared and however unbelievable his stories, there was always the film taken in Maryland, which, although seldom seen, would never be forgotten.

In the video segment now on YouTube the analysis reveals the manner in which the production of the original film was arranged and concludes that the film may well have been what Adamski told Rotterfer it was:

a demonstration of a flying saucer in broad daylight for the express purpose of providing documentation of the existence of the non-human race that created it and was, at the time, operating it in the human biosphere.

If the film is what analysis indicates that it is, then the rest of Adamski's claims have to be reconsidered.


His claim to have met the Pope in order to carry a message to him from the ET, for instance, is documented by Desmond Leslie as being likely truthful on the basis that Adamski later showed Leslie a small gold coin that one can only obtain from the Pope himself.

As for the meeting in the desert?


Project Blue Book records contain a report of a fighter pilot chasing a UFO in the desert over the same area, on the same day that Adamski was observed to meet with Orthon. Witnesses to Adamski's meeting saw a fighter go after the flying saucer when it departed from the desert floor. The two reports verify one another.

What are the implications if the Adamski film turns out to be valid?


If Adamski was telling the truth about the meeting with the Pope, then the odds are much greater that he was telling the truth about a meeting with President Kennedy, the subject of a political analysis by Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner Michael Salla.

And if human looking ET were indeed interacting with citizens of the most powerful country on the planet in the 1950's, trying to prevent a Cold War from turning hot, then what could have gone in in the ensuing half century? If ET reality was kept secret, what else was kept secret?

If visible proof of flying saucer technology operating near the nation's capital was available but dismissed in the 60's, then a half century of denial has to be called into question.

And if we've been visited by even more advanced technology in the ensuing decades, perhaps all those reports of flying saucers, large black triangles and gigantic V-shaped wings have more likely basis in fact than fiction.

Perhaps the world is not what we've been told it is.

Perhaps it's time to take the reports at face value and ask who is flying all these objects that are reported, now almost daily, around the world.

Perhaps it's time to change history.