September 12, 2012
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A mysterious object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, which bears a resemblance to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, is now being linked to a possible Nazi device according to the Russian newspaper Pravda.


An artist’s rendition (below video) shows how similar the object is to the ship from Star Wars.








Retired Swedish submarine officer Anders Autellus said that concrete structures were built as underwater traps by Germany to block sonar from Soviet submarines to navigate in the Gulf of Finland during the war, the Swedish newspaper Expressen reported.


Peter Lindberg, captain of the Ocean Explorer, and his co-researcher Dennis Asberg found the object in June of 2011. After the video went viral, the object was speculated to be possibly of alien origin, cropped stone or a sunken Russian ship.


The two returned to the site in June to get a closer look according to the Huffington Post and samples were collected.


Volker Bruchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University, hypothesized that the object came from the Ice Age, reports


Now the Baltic Sea anomaly will be the subject of an upcoming documentary, “The Mystery Beneath.”















'Mysterious' Baltic Sea Object

...Is a 'Glacial Deposit'
by Natalie Wolchover

Life's Little Mysteries Staff Writer
30 August 2012

from LifesLittleMysteries Website




Illustration (not a photograph) that Peter Lindberg described as

"the closest [depiction] so far" of the Baltic Sea object.

The rendering makes the object look manmade, but it almost definitely isn't.


A feature on the floor of the Baltic Sea that was discovered last summer by Swedish treasure hunters is making headlines once again.


The latest media coverage draws upon an hour-long radio interview with Peter Lindberg, head of the Ocean X Team (which made the "discovery"), in which Lindberg delivers a string of cryptic and titillating statements about the "strange" and "mysterious" seafloor object his team has been exploring for a year.


Lindberg discusses various possibilities for what the object might be:

"It has these very strange stair formations, and if it is constructed, it must be constructed tens of thousands of years ago before the Ice Age," he said in the radio interview. (The peak of the most recent Ice Age occurred some 20,000 years ago.)


"If this is Atlantis, that would be quite amazing," he said.

Atlantis is a 'mythical' underwater city referred to in ancient 'legends.'


Lindberg acknowledges that the object could instead be a natural formation, such as a meteorite that penetrated the ice during the Ice Age, or an underwater volcano; however, he gives the impression that scientists are baffled by it.


Geologists, for example, have supposedly told him the object "cannot be a volcano."



Sonar image of the Baltic Sea "UFO" and adjacent "track" of cleared material. White outlines added by the Ocean X Team.


Closeup of sonar image of the "UFO" on the seafloor.



UFO enthusiasts have compared the Baltic Sea object to the Millennium Falcon, a spaceship in the "Star Wars" trilogy

Rocks scattered across the "sunken UFO," which the Swedish divers say are mysteriously charred.



Peter Lindberg, a founder of the Ocean X Team.



The submarine Lindberg and his team plan to use to take tourists down to the site of the

"sunken UFO."

Image Album: Baltic Sea 'Anomaly'





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