by Charles A. Silva


from UnicusMagazine Website

"Why do you suppose the space people chose

this remote place in South America?"
- Shirley MacLaine

"Sounded as if the whole south lake was shaking and there was this noise... you know?"

The Indian woman gasped and sobbed,

"like a stampede of horses running deep, deep down under your feet..."

She gestured pointing to the ground indicating subterranean activity.

"The waters turned white as it wanting to boil... I looked outside my window and called my son. He was playing by the lake with Ernistina's boy. Next thing I see is big kite coming out of the lake... a square kite made of many, many tin one gallon container glued together.


Now I'm scared because the noise was more like numerous planes going overhead and flying to where the children are playing... thin it took off into the sky. I was afraid because this was not like the other flying balls that emerge out of the lake... this one was noisy and big and I didn't know what to do.


I'd never seen anything like it before and something told me that my child was not okay!"

These words, spoken half in Spanish, half in Quechua - the original language of the Incas: are not from a supermarket tabloid but an emotional account of a weeping Indian mother near the shores of Laguna de Huaypo (Lake Huaypo) in the Andes mountains of Peru, about 40 miles from the city of Cuzco.


The incident took place in August of 1983 and was published in some of the major Peruvian newspapers.

An interview with the boys told their story:

Miguelito and Alejandro, 9 and 11 years old respectively, were looking for frogs near the reefs as the usually did in the late afternoons.


They heard rumbling noises under the ground and water. The water looked as if it was boiling with such effervescence, it appeared as if someone had thrown a gigantic Alka-Seltzer into the lake.

A few moments later,

"something looking like a huge beach air mattress dripping with water came to the surface and flew in our direction with a deafening noise."

Miguelito recalls,

"Alejandro took me by the hand and dragged me away from the lake. He was screaming something, but I could not hear him over the roaring sound of the object."

Both boys ran a distance of maybe 50 to 75 feet.


Miguelito was behind still running when he saw Alejandro take a dive into the reeds as the air mattress-shaped object flew over them.

"I was still on my feet, my head felt like it was burning. I wanted to pull myself up, but I fell instead. Alejandro was already down on his tummy when the flying thing passed overhead. I saw the whole back of his shirt being lifted up - like the thing was pulling it."

When the boys were taken to the nearest medical outpost, it was discovered that half the skin on Alejandro's back had been ripped upwards from his waist to his mid-spine in the same manner one take a knife to break or pry the peel of an orange.

"We could see the raw muscles and tendons underneath the boy's skin.

It took several hundred stitches and more than four hours to sew him back together, but strangely enough nothing was damaged and the boy is going to be alright," recalled one of the doctors who assisted in the operation.

These two versions of the same account are similar to many other ongoing occurrences that seems to take place not only at the Huaypo lake, but in other areas where a combination of mountains and bodies of water exist in these high, isolated areas of the Andes.

Of course, not all are as painful or bloody as this one, but nonetheless it sets the precedent that this part of the world may conceal some mysterious mechanical aero-spatial wonders which the local people seem to accept matter-of-factly.

When I wrote the book Date With The Gods, I recalled Erich Von Daniken, Raymond Drake and other people's theories suggesting the Earth was at one time either visited or inhabited by races of extraterrestrial intelligences.


Most of the evidence for this belief came from the more remote places imaginable on Earth.

"Chariot of Fire," gods, angels and all the other celestial entities syndrome seem t indicate that these "deities" may have been space people.


Religions from all over the world, including the Judeo-Christian legends and tradition, embrace an ongoing contact with outer space influences. Of all the religions containing this evidence one place stands out in the Andes mountains of South America, Peru in particular.

Most of the facts, studies and finding about this area of the planet come from very reliable, well documented, quasi-scientific reports and sources and are presented by scholars with the proper visual aids so as to support their claims which in turn are corroborated by a myriad of eyewitness reports concerning modern UFO sightings, abductions, trips to the stars and the like.

In July of 1977, long before movie actress/author Shirley MacLaine's best seller Out On A Limb was published, I had the opportunity to be her guide in Peru.


It was during this journey that she learned first hand about the extraterrestrial connection. Shirley's detailed description of her experiences with Peru's mountain people correlates with their own ongoing episodes with space visitors today, thus adding and intrigue into the Laguna de Huaypo UFO incident.

As a feminist movie star, Shirley MacLaine managed to captivate the native women. We developed a special friendship with the eldest of the innkeeper's daughters.


They had such an affinity for each other that somehow they transcended the language barrier.

Shirley spoke English, the maid a mixture of Spanish and Quechua. Using words, sounds and mime-like gestures they exchanged information. At time they drew pictures. From my vantage point it looked like the Hollywood star was getting friendly feedback.


I asked the maid if she thought the aliens were friendly or if she was afraid of them.


She said she didn't know, but made motions indicating that the ETs are very shy.

"Besides what's to be afraid of? Everyone who has a flying disc story around here will tell you that it is the aliens who act afraid, run away, avoid and contact and the ETs make themselves scarce when anyone tries to find or approach them."

Shirley deducted.

"Yes, yes!" I quickly agreed. "That's what I have been told... that's why they fly so far into the mountains and under the hills, so no one can see them.

At least that is what my own extraterrestrial friend Rama told me when we went into underwater caves, like a submarine, around Lake Titicaca and then our craft ascended right over those peaks."

I said alluding to a passage in my book and pointing and the Huaytapallana Peaks some 16,000 plus feet high of perpetually icy mountain top.


Local folklore alludes to a lot of unusual and unexplained occurrences dealing with strange underground noises, lights and flying objects in that vicinity.

"Why do you suppose the space people chose this remote place in South America?" Shirley asked.

"Here, they can fly undisturbed by radar and military aircraft. The natives believe that the UFOs are satellites that the Russians and Americans send into orbit. They are so used to it now, it doesn't even cause any excitement anymore." I replied.

"That's right, the maid told me that the existence of flying objects is common knowledge. The people are so used to seeing these things, the laugh at all the scientists, astronomers and tourist who make their way up these mountains to search for UFOs."

"You got the typical local version," I said, adding that the Andean topography and atmosphere may be similar to the ETs own environment on their home planets.

Shirley pursued the subject of UFOs relentlessly wherever we went, talking to people from all walks of life.


We encountered the same matter-of-fact attitude toward the UFOs everywhere we visited. We had long chats discussing these subjects. Her stamina to communicate with the natives led us to information about a couple of similar incidents. The natives were very willing to share their flying saucer stories with us.

The first story we were told was on a three and a half hour train ride from Cuzco to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. Mingling with the crowd, I served as a translator.


We even heard some stories that were new to me.


We were told by an old man a story that was embellished by several other people, who listened and contributed their own eyewitness accounts, each adding details from their own view points of view.

"In a place not too far from Cuzco, maybe thirty miles," the old man began, "there is a lake where several people claim to have seen a flying egg. They say it looked like two half watermelons placed against each other at their wide openings... green in color, and..."


"And it raised out of the water and came from the egg-like object," interrupted a teenager.


"Five smaller spheres, black in color, emerged," added another witness.

"They hovered for a few minutes and then flew out into space," yelled a tamale vendor.

The others who contributed to the story all agreed that the process was later reversed and that the five spheres flew back inside the larger disk.


Then it submerged itself back into the lagoon. I can recall an old lady who was travelling with her granddaughter saying that they had both seen the unusual craft floating like a ship, flying like a plane and even sinking like a submarine.

As I was translating this, a challenging task because everyone was talking at once, I could see Shirley's face growing more and more mesmerized - absorbed as each person interrupted the other with various details to bring out a more complete picture of the events. According to one of the locals, these were reoccurring events, especially around the full moon.

There was yet another account elicited by us regarding the Andean celestial visitors.


In Huancayo, Peru's largest central city, we were invited to have lunch at the home of Eduardo and Ruth Garay, a local business couple, who lived in a villa that is located in one of the most affluent suburbs. From their terrace, there is a magnificent view of the Huaytapallana Peaks.

During the course of our luncheon, the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials came up again. The butler, who was serving us, overheard the conversation and requested permission from our hostess to share one of his experiences with us. As the butler spoke, I translated. He told us that he was born and raised in a little town about five miles from the bottom of some ice peaks.


There is a big lagoon at the base which was created by the melting of the ice when the hot sunlight hits.

"It was eighteen years ago," he began, "the day of my twelfth birthday. I usually walk about two miles to get to school, but on that particular day I decided to play hooky instead. I went the other way toward the Yanacocha Lagoon. It was early in the morning when I saw the lake looking nice and peaceful.


All of a sudden, I heard this loud noise - something like a rumble.


An earthquake perhaps, I thought, but when I looked at the water, it was getting agitated as if it were boiling. A few seconds later, this black sphere... perfectly round and flat black, like a gigantic billiard eight-ball, shot out of the water. It was suspended in the air, moved a little, hovered for a few moments, then took off into the sky."

"Hmmm!" Shirley and I said, almost in unison.

Eduardo and his wife told us that they had known this man since he was young and that he did not have the imagination to make up a story like that.


I was sure he hadn't since we had head a similar story like that about the Lake Huaypo black spheres while riding on the Machu Picchu train - less than 250 miles away, near Cuzco. Now the butler was telling us about UFO activity in Laguna de Yanacocha at the bottom of Huaytapallana Peaks.


Later, I learned from our hosts that in the Quechua language "Yana" means black and "Cocha" means lagoon. A name inherited from Incan times, though no one knows why.

Based on my own experiences and previous trips to Peru in search of UFOs, I had developed the ability to distinguish a legitimate experience from a phony account: since I had been subject to relentless, and at times brutal interviewing by experts to see if my answers were consistent - this happened many times after my book Date With the Gods came out.

When I questioned people about their UFO accounts, I would use the same technique that was done to me. With this method, I could observe the narrator's body language and learned to recognize signs of sincerity and good faith reports. That is why I believed the butler's story, because he was a humble, quiet, dignified man who told of his experience in a low-key, casual manner.

While in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca, in and near Cuzco, some 170 miles north east of Huaypo and a few thousand feet higher, we visited the vestiges of an ancient super culture that once inhabited the site, know as Planicie de Tiahuanaco. Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world.


The question is:

  • Who were these people?

  • How did they manage to dwell in a place where by ordinary standards, one can hardly breath because of the extreme altitudes and intense atmospheric pressure?

Its location is too high for women to give birth, and certainly too high for an average population to exist.


Yet someone built incredibly strong cities there. The fact that they cut and carried colossal one-piece boulders weighing several tons or more, in an area that is between 13,00 and 19,000 feet above sea level is something that defies our conventional imagination.

The fact that a large, well-developed populations did live at that altitude is apparent from the amazing ruins they left behind. By the time the Spaniards arrived in the Americas, in the mid 1500s, the native Peruvians were barely able to tell them anything about their culture or the secrets of their architecture and their past history, except that these now deserted cities were once built by the gods who had returned to the stars.

Ufologists like,

  • William Hamilton

  • Bill Cooper

  • Linda Howe

  • Virgil Armstrong,

...and many others are providing additional information pertaining to the role of modern extraterrestrial life.


In his book Alien Magic, Hamilton suggest that many centuries ago, the people who lived on the surface of the Earth, made a pact with an alien race who reside within the confines of our planet.

They rarely come to the surface. Some say that these beings are linked to the Illuminati, a secret society, who plans to control the world with the help of alien intelligences. It is rumored that as part of a treaty signed in 1933, the United States agreed to traded animals, and even some humans in exchange for new technologies to be used in gaining control over the entire human race.

This alleged deal included an arrangement that allowed the aliens to move about undisturbed in underground bases in the western part of the United States. In the 1940s, a special group was formed to deal with ALFs (Alien Life Forms) who were shifting their focus of operations from South and Central America to the United States.

Some people believe that this is perhaps one of the most absurd claims that one could ever conceive of, but is it really? Or is this possibly one of the best kept secrets that the U.S. government has been hiding from its people?


Most of the local reports in South America about bodies of water all have one common denominator that rouses our curiosity, that is their connection to UFO sightings, ET contact and rich source of folklore which tell an incredible stories about highly technical machinery flying off into space.

Are we once again being confronted with an unbelievable idea?


Perhaps with the most bizarre Peruvian fables there is not enough tangible proof to substantiate what you have just read. But it the old adage, "rain follows thunder" has any validity at all, and if in fact these modern accounts have even a slight connection with reality, we could be on the threshold of a major discovery.

Keep in mind that lost cities and civilizations have been found in inaccessible regions. It is possible to conjecture that some survivors of an ancient race of space faring people, or even their descendants may be living in lost cities hidden in jungles or under mountains in South America.


Even today some of these locations are still surrounded and protected by nearly impassable territories such as the area of the Amazon basin called the Matto Grosso in Brazil and the immediate area surrounding Lake Titicaca - a sparsely populated no-man's triangle where Bolivia, Peru and Brazil meet.

It is only a matter of time before modern man finds out what this terrain of mystery and awe has in store for us.