December 31, 2009

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I think Jose Escamilla has found evidence of the secret interstellar Starfleet that the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air force & British government is hiding from the rest of humanity?

Two sources of this growing rumor is Master Sgt. Robert O. Dean & Gary Mckinnon. A Starfleet under the Aerospace Command banner.

I think these objects looks blurry & like prisms, is because of atmospheric diffusion, diffraction grating optical effects of incoming reflected sunlight off theses objects & optical distortion effects from atmospheric turbulence. I guess they're using these Starships to patrol the Solar System and the Milky Way galaxy... from possible ET threats!

This may sound crazy, but I think we have a growing military presence in the Milky Way galaxy. A Real Earth interstellar Navy, today; of course some of these starships are likely Alien. The rumors are the U.S. government have had this starfleet for decades.

Skeptics will have you believe these are just satellites but that's pure NONSENSE because this objects are HUGE, bigger than the space shuttle & ISS combine.

We are being kept in the dark about a possible Interstellar War going now or have occurred in the past decades.

Time to take the red pill people and disconnect from the Matrix of Lies that surround your daily lives.










Interstellar - A Video about UFOs


June 3, 2011

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