by Joe Martino
August 17, 2015
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Exploring Nassim Haramein's work is a challenging thing if you do not fully understand the nature of physics, which is why they proactively are trying to educate people around the exciting field of quantum physics in their new Resonance Academy courses.


In a world where cutting edge science is commonly being censored or ridiculed by a more rigid, dogmatic and closed scientific culture, it's hard to find clear, well understood and unbiased analysis' to this work.


Not long ago we fell onto a situation where we ourselves had a difficult time trying to navigate the waters of this new research and were reached out to by The Resonance Project to help clear things up.


Below is an article by Dr. Amira Val Baker that clears up some of the common criticisms of Nassim's work.

"As an astrophysics PhD I have been aware of, and studied, Haramein's work for many years. This led to my current position as faculty member at The Resonance Academy.


While I believe the article in the spirit of scientific and philosophic investigation, it appears that a full assessment of the mathematics was not done and therefore things may have been misinformed.


Without a complete understanding of the physics addressed by Haramein, it is an easy error to make, especially if one relies on bloggers and amateur physicists who often have a poor understanding of the fundamental problems facing physics today, specifically the difficulty in solving unification theory.


I absolutely and completely agree with the statements made in the article that a theory needs to not only be beautiful in its philosophical sense but that it must be scientifically substantiated and that the math must "add up".


In the case of Haramein, as far as I have been able to assess, not only does the math "add up" and is beautiful in its own right but the theory has now been substantiated by some of the most significant observational and experimental results - namely the extremely precise 2013 measurement of the radius of the proton achieved at the Paul Scherrer Institute.


In fact, to this day, the result of Haramein's generalized holographic solution, derived in his paper Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass is, to my knowledge, the most accurate theoretically predicted value for the very critical charge radius of the proton.


Indeed, utilizing a Planck spherical unit (PSU) to pixelate the structure of spacetime, Haramein not only is able to solve for cosmological gravitation and generate a quantized solution to Einstein's gravitational equations, but he is able to apply his approach to quantum gravity at the proton nuclei level of an atom, where he gets an extremely accurate value for the charge radius of a proton.


His prediction, made a few months prior to the Paul Scherrer Institute measurement, is within 0.00036 x 10-13 cm of the measured value and is within a standard deviation (or the margin of error) of the experiment.


As such, the experimental value may in fact be the one approaching Haramein's exact theoretical result. (For more information on Haramein's prediction click here.)


Compared to the Standard Model of particle physics which is now off by some 4%, Haramein's result is extremely significant and in the context of a unification theory, has profound implications.


In contrast for instance, string theory, a contender for unification of physics, which has been worked on for decades by numerable physicists, has not succeeded in predicting one single physical value testable in a laboratory.


Furthermore, although 4% off the measured value may not seem like much to the layperson, it is catastrophic to the Standard Model of particle physics, as it alters very important values that undermine the fundamental premise of that model.


As such, Haramein's approach and mathematics "add up" extremely precisely to real physical values, whether at the cosmological level of black hole masses and radii or at the quantum level of subatomic particles.


Moreover, the model itself is extremely simple and depicts a very specific mathematical beauty which is, what I believe, Haramein was referring to when describing his work during the interview with Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels:







It should also be noted, that the results of Haramein's unification approach include the exact prediction of the strong nuclear force strength, interaction time and range from a direct application of his holographic solution to generate the precise gravitational coupling constant and for the first time in history, giving an analytical solution to the confining forces that hold nuclei together in the nucleus of an atom and unifying gravity with the quantum world of particle physics utilizing simple and elegant geometric and algebraic solutions.


While all this is remarkable and is based on real physics making real predictions, what most excites me is some of the applications to cosmogenesis which I am currently writing a paper on.


The resulting picture that emerges demonstrates that our universe is highly organized and that every part of it is part of a network of information mediated by the quantum Planck vacuum that connects us all."