by Montalk

July 22, 2010
from Montalk Website




Research reveals that the Philosopher’s Stone is not just a metaphor representing something intangible that catalyzes spiritual evolution, but an actual physical substance that transmutes lead or mercury into gold.

The Stone is a product of Alchemy. Unlike chemistry, Alchemy makes use of etheric and astral energies to engender reactions that reconfigure matter at the quantum level.


Alchemy is to chemistry what a cube is to the square; it is a superset of chemistry and is capable of so much more.



How Etheric Energy Overrides Physical Laws

Alchemical achievements are predicated on the successful gathering, concentrating, and multiplying of etheric energy.


When this energy reaches a critical threshold, it overpowers the normal laws of physics and allows seemingly miraculous processes to take place. I believe it does this by biasing probability so that minor quantum effects normally restricted to the subatomic scale get amplified in probability and manifest on the larger molecular scale.

The world around us is made of subatomic particles that regularly undergo unpredictable jumps, teleportation, bilocation, superposition, and other strange quantum behaviors.


Why don’t everyday solid objects do likewise? Because the random quantum jittering of their constituent subatomic particles collectively average out to zero.


Think of a large crowd of people; seen from the air, the crowd as a whole is stationary, even though individuals within the crowd move in seemingly random directions. It’s because their movements are random and uncoordinated that they average to zero net movement on the whole.

The world we see around us is merely a crowd of subatomic particles whose individual quantum jumps aren’t apparent to us because they average to collective stillness. Physical laws that govern our everyday world, known as the deterministic laws of classical physics, are merely the laws of the crowd; they are what’s left of quantum physics after the unpredictability is removed through statistical averaging.


They are not absolute laws; they are just the most probable manner in which matter and energy behave. Physical laws can be bent.


While the probability is incredibly low that enough coordination and coherence develops among the quantum jitters to manifest on a collective scale, that is exactly what etheric energy does. It alters probability and thereby skews the laws of thermodynamics, gravity, electromagnetism, and chemistry.

Alchemy does not violate the laws of physics, nor does it always follow them, rather it bends them as needed.


It operates upon the quantum foundation from which these laws arise in the first place, and it does so through etheric energy affecting the probability of quantum events.



The Alchemy of Transmutation

Alchemy uses the code names salt, mercury, and sulphur to denote the different components of a substance.

  • Salt denotes the physical component, the seat, base, matrix, anchor, or ark of the nonphysical aspects.

  • Mercury is the etheric component and represents the dynamic, vital, transmutative, vivifying energy present within the substance.

  • Sulphur denotes the archetypal identity or pure vibrational essence, analogous to the human astral body and spirit because it contains the “Idea” unique to that substance.

Therefore, in Alchemy an element like gold is seen to have three components:

  • the salt of gold

  • mercury of gold

  • sulphur of gold

These respectively denote the physical, etheric, and archetypal aspects of gold.


Same goes for other materials employed in Alchemy, they also have their salt, mercury, and sulphur components.

Now, the goal of transmutation is to impress the archetypal signature of one element upon another in order to change it to that element. By changing an element’s archetypal signature it cannot remain the same element.

So what Alchemy does in the case of transmutation of lead into gold, is to gather mercury harvested and concentrated from potent sources, imbue it with the sulphur of gold, and store the combination in a suitable salt. The result is then ready to impress its archetypal essence of “goldness” upon a different element responsive to transmutation.


This is the Philosopher’s Stone, or rather one form of it called the Red Stone because it is made with gold and assumes a red color.



Making the Philosopher’s Stone

Instructions for making the Stone may be found in the writings of Fulcanelli and Nicholas D. Collette, two modern Alchemists who have done a great service in revealing what the pre-existing Alchemical literature only obscured.


Additionally, Robert Bartlett has authored two good books on specific laboratory techniques and terminology. The following is my own tentative interpolation based on these sources.


My goal is not to give a detailed recipe, but to explain key features of the process because they are relevant to my thesis concerning the Demiurge.

Natural etheric energy is cosmic or biological in origin, both sources deriving it from a higher dimension. The center of stars including our Sun are dimensional windows through which physical and nonphysical energy enters our universe.


This energy includes electromagnetic radiation, neutrinos, gravitons, and etheric energy.1


The Moon modulates and reflects what it receives from the Sun.2


Sun and Moon are therefore our nearest cosmic source of etheric energy, which accompany sunlight and moonlight and enter into the atmosphere’s water vapor before condensing as rain or morning dew.

Alchemists capture this energy directly or indirectly. To do so, they either employ a substance that is already highly charged or else find something capable of absorbing it when exposed to its emanations. Exposing a suitable substance to sunlight and moonlight is one way to charge it. The best material for this task is salt, and to a lesser degree, water.

Water is an attractor of etheric energy. So is chemical salt.


The oceans contain it, our blood is saturated with it. We know from the psychic self-defense writings of Robert Bruce that sea salt or epsom salts dissolved in a warm bath makes an effective cleanser of one’s etheric body because salt and water have an affinity for etheric energy. In folk superstition or ritual magick, lines of salt are drawn on the ground to function as barriers against undesirable entities, and likewise such entities are drained when attempting to cross over running water.

Salt is not just a mundane substance, but something that has paranormal properties. Salt is an excellent sponge for life-force or etheric energy.


Table salt, sodium chloride, is only one kind of salt. By definition, salt is just the chemical product of an acid reacting with a base. Other salts used in Alchemy include iron disulfide, ammonium chloride, and potassium bitartrate, to name a few.


Sources of salt already charged with etheric energy include,

  • rainwater

  • morning dew

  • urine

  • fresh clay

  • sea salt

  • marcasite or pyrite

Otherwise, a deliquescent salt may be exposed to humid nighttime air, or placed in a bowl and buried in the ground, so that it absorbs the etherically charged moisture from the ground or atmosphere. These are the raw materials gathered by Alchemists for the production of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Once collected, the saline solution is placed in a sealed flask and kept warm at 102°-120°F for at least one month so that it putrefies.


Putrefaction happens when moisture breaks down the material and microorganisms begin digesting it. This step employs biological agents to assist in the etheric charging and preparatory transmutation of the raw material. French scientist Louis Kervran wrote about biological transmutations, whereby plants, animals, and humans internally transmute one element into another, or combine elements to form a third, to supplement necessary biological functions.


Kervran theorized that enzymes and bacterial action were responsible for these sub-chemical processes, and that the absorption and emission of neutrinos or gravitons played a part. In other words, biological activity does have a role in Alchemy and can supply additional energy needed for transmutation.

Therefore, the stage of putrefaction serves, at the very least, of charging the flask’s contents with further etheric energy due to biological activity, and it may carry the additional benefit of transmuting some of the salt and other minerals into byproducts necessary for later stages.


Biological putrefaction is unnecessary for salts that are already the product of biological activity and therefore highly charged, such as pyrite which comes from bacterial action producing hydrogen sulfide which acts on iron to produce iron disulfide.3

After putrefaction, methods diverge onto several possible tracks. Generally, the putrefied solution is distilled and the distillate poured back into the dried matter left behind, then what does not dissolve is filtered out, and the process is repeated. In the end, all the insoluble matter is thrown away, and one is left with a purified solution supersaturated with salt, which itself is supersaturated with etheric energy.


This supercharged solution is traditionally called the “Alkahest” or “Universal Solvent” or “Common Mercury”.


It has the power to dissolve metals at the quantum level by virtue of its etheric potency.

At this point, the solution can either be crystallized and only the solid salt crystals kept for the so-called “Dry Path” of making the Stone, or else it can be left in solution form for the so-called “Wet Path”.


In either case, the next step is to dissolve gold leaf into it.


The gold dissolves not in a usual chemical way, but rather disintegrates at the atomic level due to the etheric power of the universal solvent. To do this according to the Dry Path, one mixes the dried Alkahest salt with gold leaf and heats them in a crucible, while in the Wet Path, one stirs gold leaf into the Universal Solvent and lets the mixture digest fully, which takes considerably longer.


The resulting product is what Fulcanelli terms the “Philosophical Mercury”.

After all the gold is dissolved, this “Philosophical Mercury” then only needs to be refined and multiplied in power to produce the final Philosopher’s Stone. As Fulcanelli points out, by this point it already is the Stone, except in a weak and unrefined form.

Refinements are done in the Wet Path by distilling away all the moisture, adding more fresh Universal Solvent (which is a donor of etheric energy) to the remains, letting it digest at gentle warmth for another couple weeks, and distilling away the moisture once more. This can be repeated any number of times, and each time a fresh dose of etheric energy impregnates the solid or oily remains, which in their final coagulated form comprise the Philosopher’s Stone.


In the Dry Path, more dry “common mercury” is mixed with the dry “philosophical mercury” and heated in the crucible.

Each time the refinement sequence is repeated, the product becomes purer and more highly charged with energy, and the process takes less time. Alchemists term each repetition a multiplication, so that if repeated once, the result is a Stone multiplied to the first order.

The Alchemist’s own etheric and astral energies may come into play here, augmenting the multiplication, and that without this, the refinements don’t achieve sufficient power levels to allow for transmutation. If true, then not just anyone can do it, since not everyone is equally etherically and astrally potent, nor can this be done on an industrial scale. Alchemy is somewhat dependent on the state of the operator and the local etheric energy concentrations.


That is why Alchemists are advised to practice divine devotion, carry out the timing of their experiments according to astrological conditions, and collect their morning dew during Spring when seasonal etheric energy concentrations are highest. Unlike chemistry where reactions take place independent of observation and environment, Alchemy is an open system and the conscious quality of the observer plays a role.


This underscores once more the quantum nature of Alchemy.4


It also highlights the role of “Inner Alchemy” in the success of outer physical Alchemy. In “Inner Alchemy”, one’s own base nature is transmuted into spiritual “gold” through the cultivation of etheric energy tinged with divine, noble, and virtuous impulses.

Upon attaining success, the final result is a dense stone, red and translucent like a ruby, that is water-soluble, melts like wax, flows like quicksilver when melted, does not burn at any temperature, yet volatizes when thrown into the molten metal it aims to transmute. It is a physical substance supersaturated with etheric energy and imprinted with the vibrational fingerprint of gold.


This is the Philosopher’s Stone, or rather one version of it called the Red Stone. When pulverized, mixed into beeswax, and cast into molten lead, it transmutes a certain multiple of its weight of lead into gold. It can also transmute quicksilver the same way. The higher the order of multiplication of the Stone, the more lead or quicksilver it can transmute.


As stated, it does so by dissolving lead at the quantum level and allowing the gold vibration to reconfigure it accordingly.

The details above don’t spell out all the minor technicalities involved in the process, so if you’re committed to learning more, I’d recommend the books by Nicholas Collette, Fulcanelli, and Robert Bartlett.


Again, here I only give a general and limited interpolation of the process for the sake of illustrating the underlying dynamics involved, as they are pertinent to my exposition on the Demiurge.



Other Applications of the Stone

At the first order of multiplication, a miniscule portion of the Stone may be dissolved in water or wine, and thereof a small portion ingested daily.


Nicholas Collette speaks highly of this “Elixir of Life,” and describes it as a substance that strongly energizes one’s etheric body, although he uses the term astral instead of etheric. With a reinforced etheric body, the physical body is less impacted by entropy and may even reverse aging. This “Universal Medicine” takes on great importance in Alchemy, because it represents a true panacea, something that cures all ills by charging the diseased organs with vital energy so that it regains its rightful health.


This goal is far more important than the transmutation of metals.

Additionally, psychic powers begin to manifest as a function of increased etheric energy current output. So you can imagine what became of Alchemical masters who succeeded in producing the Stone and made full use of it. They became more than human. However, they assumedly had the spiritual maturity to handle this, because any ordinary person, in being more psychically fragile, would go crazy, get sick and die from being unable to handle the increased etheric current load.

In another application, by the seventh or eighth order of multiplication, the Stone begins to physically glow, even more brightly if multiplied again.


It glows continually without exhaustion. This is what powers the fabled “eternal lamps” in occult lore. And if multiplied beyond a certain point, it is said to eat through glass and even explode in something akin to a matter-antimatter reaction, which is obviously very dangerous. This shows that etheric energy, concentrated beyond a certain point, may initiate an outpouring of electromagnetic energy.


This make sense because ether is the precursor and precipitator of matter, energy, space, and time.

Thus the Stone, in its full application, provides wealth, health, psychic power, and light. No wonder it has been kept so secret through the ages, mainly to keep it out of the hands of unscrupulous individuals whose misuse of these powers would bring catastrophic consequences upon the world.


That is not to say such catastrophes haven’t happened.



Alchemy as Demiurgic Technology

What we have here is Demiurgic technology.


Recall that the Demiurge shapes matter according to an archetype, aka “vibrational pattern” in metaphysical lingo, and that the Demiurge, in being soul, has an etheric body. The Philosopher’s Stone - the Red Stone - is a physical object charged with etheric energy, carrying the vibrational essence of gold, that can reshape physical matter like lead or mercury into conformance with that vibration.


The Stone is a physical object imbued with Demiurgic power.

The most remarkable thing is that it’s made by human hands (with the cooperation of Nature, of course) which is the closest thing to hyper-dimensional technology that one person in an attic laboratory can produce with everyday materials and uncommon techniques. But even with all its purported greatness, the Philosopher’s Stone is only an elementary demonstration of a science with far greater potential.


Alchemy as we know it is a primitive form of hyper-dimensional science. Producing the Stone is like wrapping a wire around a nail, connecting it to a battery, and rejoicing in it becoming an electromagnet, whereas higher forms of Demiurgic technology exist that can produce something more on the level of a billion-dollar supercollider.


Both the wire-wrapped nail and supercollider employ the same basic principles, but the first is a trivially simplistic version of the latter.

In the Philosopher’s Stone we have proof, through circumstantial evidence and logicality of its existence, of what can be scaled up to an even higher level. Remember, the power of the Stone lies in its etheric potency, and its potency determines the degree to which it can bias probability and influence physicality. The archetypal fingerprint determines the qualitative nature of this biasing.

The weakest etheric fields can only nudge an electron this way or that. A bit stronger can nudge neurons and living cells. Even stronger it can influence synchronicity.


Stronger, it can override chemical laws and allow for elemental transmutation or spoon bending. You can scale this up higher and higher until you reach a point where the entire world, where our entire timeline, can be shifted, reconfigured, reprogrammed, transmuted, all at the quantum level that functions as the foundation of our physical reality.

So what, then, is High Demiurgic Technology?


It is that which does to the universe what Alchemy does to gold leaf and lead ingots. It can manufacture an artifact charged with such unbelievable amounts of etheric energy as to dissolve and reconfigure the world according to the intricate latticework of archetypes programmed into it.

This object is a kind of “World Philosopher’s Stone”, the macrocosmic equivalent to the microcosmic Philosopher’s Stone.


Two well-known examples of such High Demiurgic Technology will be discussed in the articles to follow.



Further Reading

Real Alchemy (3rd Ed., 2009, Ibis) - by Robert Bartlett.

Basic primer on Alchemy, including an explanation of the terminology, theory, and lab techniques. Written in modern language, this is a very good introduction to Alchemy.

Covenant of Silence (2nd Edition, 2010) - by Nicholas D. Collette.

This indispensable e-book lays it out in simple language and makes reading other Alchemy literature a lot easier. Contains numerous keys to unlocking the secrets of Alchemy. Some would say it commits the Promethean Crime, but I say there is no such crime when the world is about to go up in flames anyway.

Dwellings of The Philosophers (French Ed. 1964, Archive Press. English Ed. 1999, Archive Press) - by Fulcanelli.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, this lengthy treatise by the most famous Alchemist of the 20th century goes to great lengths to compartmentalize, rearrange, and obscure the secrets of Alchemy while simultaneously revealing them to the world. So this dense book takes some work to read and decipher and therefore won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but as far as instructions for producing the Stone goes, it’s all in there, albeit encrypted. Fulcanelli also strays into other topics like the mechanism behind the ending of World Ages and how ours is ending right now.

Luminous World - Baron Karl Von Reichenbach - excerpted from Lost Science by Gerry Vassilatos.

Informative summary of Reichenbach’s investigations into “Od Energy” - a subtle energy bearing much similarity to chi, prana, etheric, and orgone energy. Reichenbach was a scientist and employed his skills in researching this energy. Read this interesting article to get a better idea of how etheric energy behaves.

A Rosicrucian Notebook (English Ed. 1992, Samuel Weiser Inc.) - by Willie Schrödter.

Not a notebook by a Rosicrucian, but by a researcher into Rosicrucianism, an exoteric survey of anecdotes and quotations concerning the real Rosicrucian order. This is more a compendium of occultism, mysticism, and weird science with tons of interesting tidbits concerning such topics as ever-burning lamps, remote healing, clairvoyance, the Stone, and other tools of Rosicrucian science. Everything is documented, so this book is a useful reference to find other sources on particular topics.

Biological Transmutations (First English Ed. 1998, Beekman Publishers Inc.) - by Louis Kervran.

Scientific investigations into transmutations of elements within living things, including bacteria, plants, and humans. Kervran explores the scientific basis behind this transmutation, which is valuable in attempting to understand how Alchemy may be explainable from a more mainstream scientific perspective. Take note that the temperatures Kervran cites for effective biological transmutation and non-biological transmutation are respectively the same as those used in the Wet and Dry Paths of Alchemy.



1 - The Growing Earth Theory makes a strong case for the center of planets being dimensional windows that emit matter and energy, causing planets (and the Moon) to grow and expand over time.


For instance, Earth was significantly smaller 65 million years ago, which is why dinosaurs, plants, and insects were so large due to the lower gravity. The main supporting evidence of the theory is that continents fit together on all sides, which is only possible if earth as a whole was smaller. Same goes for the continents of Mars and plateaus on the Moon.


The growth of planets and moons also correlates with Gurdjieff and Mouravieff writing about esoteric planetary evolution, whereby the Moon grows and acquires an atmosphere to become a planet, and planets likewise evolve in their own ways to become stars. Additionally, the growth is not constant but happens in sudden cataclysmic spurts, suggesting an occasional external factor that triggers a profuse outpouring of energy and matter from the planetary, solar, and lunar centers.


This phenomenon may have been behind the destruction of the planet whose scattered remnants now form the Asteroid Belt if the outpouring from its center was too destabilizing.


Regarding that exploded planet, sources like Orfeo Angelucci and the Cassiopaean Transcripts hint that misuse of Demiurgic Technology by a civilization on that planet was the factor. A similar but lesser replication of that episode on Earth may have lead to the rising and sinking of lands per the Atlantis myths.


There is no doubt, however, that if the center of planets and large moons are dimensional windows, then the Sun contains the largest window of all in our cosmic vicinity. It’s well known in astrophysics that the Sun is a potent emitter of neutrinos, and that these originate from the Sun’s core.


Louis Kervran theorized the neutrinos were the mediators of Alchemical transmutations in biological matter. This would indicate a connection between etheric energy and neutrinos if it weren’t for the fact that neutrinos pass through matter easily and therefore cannot reflect off the moon along with moonlight, therefore whatever Alchemy harvests from moonlight is not neutrino radiation, but rather something that accompanies photons.


These may instead be longitudinal photons, i.e. gravitons or vector potential phonons, that impart a kind of “temporal” or “hyper-dimensional” momentum to whatever particle absorbs it, and that momentum may be what powers atomic transmutations.

2 - See the works of Baron Karl von Reichenbach whose experiments into etheric energy, which he called odic force, yielded objective conclusions regarding its nature and behavior.


One focus of his studies was moonlight and its ability to charge water and detrimentally affect those prone to sleepwalking. He found that wool, among other substances, could shield this energy effectively. Wool fibers are hollow, meaning they are cylindrical non-linear dielectrics, which, according to Tom Bearden, is the proper configuration to serve as a scalar shielding material.

3 - The root “pyr” is Greek for fire. The dynamic vitalizing force of the soul, the Demiurgic energy so to speak, was called “sacred fire” by the ancients. Therefore the root “pyr” is bound with the concept of Demiurgic technology. Hence terms like pyramid, Pyrenees, and pyrite, three terms that are very closely related to Demiurgic technology.


As will be explained in another article, the Great Pyramid is a channeler, collector, and amplifier of etheric energy.


The Pyrenees are the mountain range between France and Spain, where a conclave of powerful Alchemists allegedly reside. And pyrite is a salt of sulfur and iron that sparks when struck, and thus contains within it latent fire, or so it appeared to the ancients. This brass or bronze-colored mineral, or rather its starry variant known as marcasite, was the raw material preferred by Fulcanelli for production of the Philosopher’s Stone.


Note that pyrite is also known as “Fool’s Gold” because only dumb fools mistake it for real gold, but it carries a hidden meaning: it is the true gold of Fools in the esoteric sense, for they value it more than real gold; through it, they can make as much gold as they require and produce the Elixir of Life. Under putrefaction and processing, this iron disulfide turns into green-colored copperas, which despite its name does not contain any copper, and eventually disintegrates into a white powder.


Thus the “Common Mercury” produced from pyrite or marcasite results in an etherically charged white liquid termed by Fulcanelli “Milk of Magnesia”: milk because it is white, and magnesia because it is a magnet for etheric energy.

“But what we ask for, along with all the philosophers, is not the union of a metallic body with a metallic spirit, but rather then condensation, the agglomeration of this spirit into a coherent, tenacious and refractory envelope, capable of coating it, impregnating all its parts and guaranteeing it an efficacious protection. This soul, spirit, or fire assembled, concentrated and coagulated in the purest, the most resistant and the most perfect of earthly matters, we call it our stone.”

(Fulcanelli, Dwellings of the Philosophers, p. 139).

4 - The same is true for orgonomy, Wilhelm Reich’s science of manipulating orgone energy for healing and weather engineering purposes. Orgone energy is synonymous with etheric energy.


As my experience shows, not everyone can alter weather with an orgone cloudbuster; it seems the conscious/etheric/astral qualities of the operator play a crucial part.


Additionally, the local “orgone” pressure, which is seasonal and climatic according to our variational intersection with interstellar orgone currents, makes it difficult to cloudbust successfully during times of low orgone concentrations, or in regions on earth where such conditions prevail.


If you are interested in orgonomy, look into the works of Wilhelm Reich, James DeMeo, and Trevor James Constable.