August 29, 2012

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The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe.


It aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like,

  • famine

  • water shortage

  • lack of electrical power supply

  • climate change

  • disease,

...through the use of specially developed plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.






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Interviews with M.T. Keshe and Konstantin Meyl

...after September 21, 2012 Lecture

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With my previous stop in Europe taking longer than expected, and with a 1.5-hour flight delay due to technical problems (wing fell off [just kidding]), and rush hour traffic, I didn't arrive at today's lecture by Konstantine Meyl at the Keshe Foundation until after it had concluded.


But I did get a chance to interview Keshe and Myel.


I didn't do too bad for driving on Europe roads for the first time. Good thing the directions were easy. Not being able to read the road signs puts a big damper on navigation!

Here were the highlights from the event.

  • Keshe announced that those who have previously purchased the 5kW generators (there were 10,000 pre-orders available) could expect them to be available some time in December, but they would need to figure out a way to pick them up.

  • Keshe announced that on December 14 they will be holding a large even (6,000 seating) holding a demonstration of the technology. Three astronauts who landed on the Moon are likely to attend.

  • Keshe announced that on December 14, they will be holding a large event (5,000 seats) holding a demonstration: Full Space and Energy of the Technology.


    Astronauts, one of whom has landed on the Moon, are likely to attend. Keshe privately showed me a response from one of them, dated Sept. 20, confirming that he will be attending. Keshe doesn't want the name disclosed yet.









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