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November 09, 2010

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AlienScientist presents a primer video about cold fusion, its history and aspects, along with the keys to its potential success as an energy solution, calling for the needed resources, including advocacy, research, theoretical development and funding to see it achieve its destiny.

"Cold fusion is not pathological science as many have charged, but for critics to continue to describe it as such or to ignore it completely is pathological."


AlienScientist has produced another outstanding video: this one about cold fusion, giving a brief primer about its history and operation, and giving a call to action to see it finally emerge as a well-deserving, supported field of science, to provide a solution to our fossil-fuel energy dependency.


He explains why the earlier experiments were hard to reproduce, and what we have learned in the ensuing years about the nature of the reaction and thus how to achieve the reliability needed.

Like Randy Powell in his presentation at TEDx Charolette on vortex mathematics, AlienScientist opens the segment with a response to Barak Obama's saying,

"We don't yet have the technological breakthroughs that can completely replace fossil fuels," retorting, "Oh really? Hmmm."

He then goes back to Obama who continues:

"...unless somebody here invents something tomorrow, which would be very helpful. And if you have it, let me know. We'll get it going right away...", which AlienScientist points out that the U.S. Navy should have already briefed him on their recent alpha scanning detection of tritium byproducts produced by SPAWAR, the Navy's cold fusion research center, which showed direct evidence of low level nuclear reactions occurring in laboratories all over the world.

AlienScientist then says,

"Now all we need is the physics and the theory to get it to work right consistently."

Imitating Powell's bravado, he says,

"Mr. President, I have it, and now I'm letting you know, so that you can get it going right away."

He then returns to the Obama segment saying,

"I think you said it best," then showing Obama stating: "We can't drill our way out of the problem. That's why we've got to get moving on this clean energy - one of my highest priorities; and I think it's got to be one of our highest strategic priorities as an economy. It has the potential of being an enormous growth industry."


"Oh, you're not kidding!" AlienScientist concludes at this 1:15-minute opener to his 15-minute video.

I contacted AlienScientist to see if he could provide the transcript of his video. He gladly provided it, which is posted below. It picks up where we just left off.

Here is the video and the description he provided, followed by the transcript. This is primarily for the many people in our reading audience who translate our pages into their native language.






by AlienScientist

November 7, 2010

from YouTube Website



The Answer to all our energy "problems" - Cold Fusion








Cold Fusion, although virtually ignored by mainstream academic research, has continued underground through the efforts of brave and dedicated scientists.


I am now pleased to bring you the technological and theoretical breakthrough we've all been waiting for... Clean, virtually inexhaustible energy in the form of sea water! Let the Cold Fusion Revolution begin!

One (1) Teaspoon of Heavy Water has the energy content of 300 Gallons of Gasoline. You could go 55 million miles on a gallon. There is enough deuterium fusion fuel in the top 1 foot of seawater in the San Francisco Bay to supply all of mankind's projected energy needs for the next 50-100 years...


And you wonder why the Federal Reserve 'Corporation' has been suppressing it... Since their petro-dollars and their power is backed by Oil.




Useful Links

"Znidarsic's Constant" 1,094,000 m/s - is the key to Cold Fusion and has many other practical applications of atomic resonance effects for control over the natural forces.

The Theory and work of Frank Znidarsic:

  1. The duality of Matter and Waves:

  2. Reconciling Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics:

  3. Control of the Natural Forces



Video Transcription

This is a revolution that has been long over due.

Cold Fusion has been like a genie shrugging at all of our scientists who haven’t figured out that he only appears when you rub the lamp.

The only problem is that the cold fusion reaction is a bit more complicated than rubbing a lamp.

For one it only seems to occur at or around the 50 nm dimension, meaning that precision nanotechnology will be needed to produce working reactors. Defective Palladium Cathodes created a wave of experimental skepticism when laboratories found they could not reproduce the reaction. This was due to impurities within the metal which changed the lattice structure and thus shifted the dimensions of the lattice.

The stimulation frequency was also a key factor in catalyzing the reaction, but more importantly understanding the relation between the 50nm dimension and the 14 MHz stimulation frequency, and that’s where physics has come to the rescue.

(Frank actually got the more accurate number from the Podkletnov Experiments as the error at 50nm is too large to get an accurate measurement and found it matched the number from a variety of other phenomena the important graph is attached!)

In the book “What is Quantum Mechanics” by the Lex Foundation a team of scientists explain the deepest mysteries in quantum physics, namely the Fine Structure Constant and the velocity of the quantum transition. These scientists explain that if the velocity of the quantum transition were known it would solve all kinds of problems in modern quantum theory. They were correct.

The Fine Structure Constant is unit-less because it is a ratio of velocities, and those velocities cancel. It is the ratio of the velocity of the quantum transition, which is the velocity of light within the electronic structure of the atom, to the velocity of light in the vacuum of space.


This velocity of quantum transition was revealed to us in the last place that theoretical physicists were seriously considering, so two of the deepest mysteries in quantum physics were simultaneously revealed to us through dedicated scientific research in face of mountains of skepticism and ridicule.

The Key to Cold Fusion is artificially stimulating atoms into a state of artificially induced quantum transition while squeezing them tightly together within the confines of a 50 nm Lattice structure.


While stimulating these atoms at their resonant atomic velocity of 1,094,000 meters per second or 2/137 times the speed of light, the strong nuclear fields which bind the atom slip out of alignment thinking they are absorbing a photon but instead two nuclei are absorbed into one and fusion proceeds.

Cold Fusion is here. The coulomb barrier is much easier to break by outsmarting the atom than trying to strong arm it by brute force like the Hot Fusion Scientists have been attempting and failing at for years. Trillions of dollars have been sunk into Hot Fusion research and Hot fusion scientists have been eager to hold on to that kind of funding.


It’s time to give cold fusion another chance, and revisit the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics that Einstein never agreed with, but could never find the math to prove otherwise. If only Einstein were alive today...


The math provides such a stunning unification of quantum mechanics and special relativity that the theory could stand alone without the decades of cold fusion anomalies and positive test results staring us in the face, leading us to discover the velocity of the quantum transition, and the true nature by which light interacts with atoms.

In fact, anomalous Low Temperature fusion reactions have been reported since 1927, when Swedish scientist J. Tandberg stated that he had fused hydrogen into helium in an electrolytic cell with palladium electrodes.

There’s even evidence of low level nuclear reactions in the geological record. Please check the above links in the description of this video or visit ColdFusionNow.Org


For a more thorough review of the mounting experimental and theoretical science to support Cold Fusion.

Dr. Peter Hagelstein, of MIT, estimated that $10 million, distributed to various groups working in this field, would be enough to take it to the next level!

If you are interested in funding research that could solve some of the biggest problems on our planet, there are many opportunities to be a part of this exciting new discovery.

If you are a cold Fusion Researcher or scientist please contact us. We’ll help to get your story told.

If you are an activist and would like Cold Fusion Literature, or a student who wants something serious to show your professor please visit the website or check the links in the description below.

For a technical and up to date scientific text on Cold Fusion I highly recommend Dr. Edmund Storm’s book “Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction”, and absolutely check out the work of a guy named Frank Znidarsic and try plugging Znidarsic’s constant into Wolfram Alpha to see what happens!

The remainder of this video is an adaptation from Dr. Eugene Mallove’s book “Fire from Ice: searching for the truth behind the Cold Fusion Furor”. This is quite possibly the best book you can buy for a basic introduction to Cold Fusion.


Gene Mallove was an MIT scientist who was found murdered on May 14, 2004 in Norwich, Connecticut, while cleaning a recently vacated rental property owned by his parents, the home he grew up in.


Although Police Investigators chalk it up to a botched robbery attempt, no one has yet been convicted of the murder. One of the many still unsolved mysteries in the Cold Fusion Drama.

The Following is adapted from Dr. Eugene Mallove's "Fire from Ice":

SKEPTICS HAVE WRITTEN A HUNDRED OBITUARIES for cold fusion, the unprecedented "miracle or mistake" that burst out of Utah into the public arena on March 23, 1989, but despite many unanswered questions about what "cold fusion" is or is not, evidence for the phenomenon (or phenomena) is now much too compelling to dismiss. Some would call the scientific clues only provocative. I choose to say compelling.

With an electric power supply hooked up to palladium and platinum electrodes dipped in a jar of heavy water spiked with a special lithium salt, chemists Martin Fleischmann and B. Stanley Pons were thought to have unleashed one of the wildest goose chases in the history of science. Now there is a significant possibility that they have discovered a quite revolutionary phenomenon that - along with hot fusion - could conceivably turn the world's oceans into bottomless fuel tanks.

Cold fusion is very likely to be real after all. Despite many roadblocks that arose against confirming it as a new physical phenomenon, it is now here to stay. For a time, negative experiments and widespread skepticism seemed to have put cold fusion permanently on ice. Incredulity still runs deep.


But cold fusion research is now very much alive in laboratories far and wide. It moves forward through those scientists with intense curiosity and courage to pursue these studies in the face of mountains of ridicule.

It is now reasonably clear that fusion reactions that liberate energy - near but very peculiar relatives of nuclear processes that are the lifeblood of the stars - can occur at room temperature. There is no chance whatever that cold fusion is a mistake.


There is the exceedingly remote possibility that "cold fusion" is a collection of many mistakes made in nuclear measurements of many different kinds, in heat measurements of great variety, and in all manner of control experiments.


But to believe that hundreds of scientists around the world have made scores of systematic mistakes about the nuclear and nuclear-seeming anomalies that they have reported is to stretch credulity to the breaking point - to distort the meaning of scientific evidence to absurd limits.


Cold fusion is not "pathological science" as many have charged, but for critics to continue to describe it as such or to ignore it completely is pathological.

Current evidence suggests that nuclear processes are actually at work in what at first seemed to be merely table-top chemical experiments.

This is absolutely shocking, and the root of widespread disbelief in cold fusion among scientists.

"It is really quite amazing by what margins competent but conservative scientists and engineers can miss the mark, when they start with the preconceived idea that what they are investigating is impossible. When this happens, the most well-informed men become blinded by their prejudices and are unable to see what lies directly ahead of them."

- Arthur C. Clark , profiles of the future 1963

Cold fusion phenomena are now seen in very dissimilar but related physical systems: pressurized gas cells, electrochemical cells with molten metal salts, and metal chips and films alloyed with fusion fuel.

To an extent, the phenomena has remained not repeatable at will - but repeatable, to be sure, in a statistical sense, and sometimes now with very high confidence. (The same has been true in the early development of certain solid-state electronic devices.)

There is now convincing evidence for the observation of significant heat in excess of energy fed in, bursts of neutrons, radioactive tritium at concentrations elevated above natural background (despite fears of preexisting contamination, there is ample evidence that the tritium is generated by nuclear reactions), possible abundance shifts in some chemical isotopes, and much more.


And in a piece de resistance of cold fusion research, in October 1990 scientists in several laboratories confirmed the nuclear creation of high-energy nuclei - probably those of tritium atoms - that fly out from titanium chips infused with the well-known fusion fuel, deuterium.

The measurements of power in the form of heat coming from some cold fusion cells is extraordinarily impressive - tens, to over a thousand, times the energy that could emerge from any conceivable chemical reaction. If the numbers from some experiments are to be believed, they add up to tens and even hundreds of kilowatt-hours coming from each cubic centimeter of cold fusion cell electrode material (about the volume of a stack of two pennies)!


You know what a kilowatt-hour of electricity is when you pay for ten 100-watt bulbs turned on for one hour. More vividly, a kilowatt-hour is the energy of motion in a 4,000-pound car traveling 140 miles per hour.

  • A one (1) MW coal fired Power Plant uses about 20,000 rail cars of coal per year

  • A one (1) MW Cold Fusion Power Plant would only require half a ton of Heavy Water per year

Furthermore and most important, there is now a theoretical basis to begin to understand these apparent cold fusion phenomena.

Through a sometimes tortured, contentious process the truth ultimately triumphs in science. Thus is scientific research done in the real world, not by idealized textbook prescriptions. Science is not conducted by poll nor by appeal to authority, nor always shackled to an imperfect and occasionally obstructive peer review process. Science proceeds through dogged experimental and theoretical effort.

Now that many more facts are available and the furor has quieted down, the Cold Fusion Drama can be revisited in its delicious and delirious detail.

I encourage everyone watching this video, anyone who cares about real Alternative Energy Sources to explore the story of Cold Fusion for themselves.


The story of Cold Fusion is a human drama. There were fights to publish and to forestall publication, issues of priority of discovery, funding matters, misinformation and disinformation, rumors that became "fact," questions of academic standing, and even allegations of scientific deceit.

The hard lessons in science learned in the quest for cold fusion will depend on the ultimate resolution of the scientific questions, but whatever the outcome, some things are already quite clear:

  1. Spectacular resistance to paradigm shifts in science are alive and well. Plasma fusion physicists were extremely reluctant to consider new fusion mechanisms even though they knew very well that the environments of electrochemical cells and palladium metal atomic lattices were remarkably different from the high-temperature gaseous systems to which they were accustomed.

  2. The majority does not rule in science. It is a gross mistake to draw conclusions about the validity of reported findings by polling the membership of this or the other scientific organization or panel.

    * It is dangerous and often deceptive to make analogies between one scientific controversy and another. Comparing the cold fusion episode with several notable blind alleys in science - the "polywater" episode of the 1960s-70s, or the early 20th-century "N-rays" - is counterproductive and wrong. I acknowledge, however, that it may also be hazardous to compare the cold fusion debate to heated episodes in science that did result in a well-established discovery.

  3. Irving Langmoir's rules for identifying so-called "pathological science" are best retired to the junk heap for prejudice and name calling.

  4. Ockham's Razor is too easily forgotten. In science, the simplest unifying theory or connection is often most appropriate. Better to have a single explanation to bridge a host of apparently related phenomena, than to concoct baroque excuses for why multiple independent experiments may all be systematically incorrect. Any possible nuclear effect, even a tiny suspected one, such as low levels of neutron particle emissions seemingly unconnected with heat production, should have been a tip-off that other puzzling and erratic effects in similar physical systems might also have something to do with nuclear phenomena.

  5. Use extreme caution in dismissing experimental results just because theory suggests they are "impossible." Theory must guide science, but it should not be allowed to be in the driver's seat - especially when exploring the frontier.

  6. The fear that possible scientific error would be ridiculed, or worse, interpreted as fraud, is stultifying. A witch hunt against cold fusion affected researchers: Some who wanted to work in the field did not get involved for fear of scorn; others hid positive results from colleagues, anticipating career problems; and some laboratory managers refused to allow technical papers to be published on positive results obtained in their organizations. Most incredible, some scientists publicly decried cold fusion, while privately supporting its research.

  7. The peer review process by which articles make their way into journals is not infallible. While peer review is meant to act as a filter against spurious results and sloppy science, mismanaged or unchecked it can be a tyrannical obstacle to progress as well. It is unwise to be persuaded by the editorial position and selection of technical articles that appear in a single well-respected publication.

  8. Vested scientific interests are not easily persuaded to share their resources. Too small a total funding pie, in this case limited federal expenditures for energy research, led naturally to rivalry and antiscientific tendencies that would have moderated with a policy of broader research support. The hot fusion fraternity, like any scientific community with its back to the wall, may find it difficult to draw impartial conclusions about a perceived threat to its dominance.

After reviewing mounting evidence from cold fusion experiments, I am persuaded that it provides a compelling indication that a new kind of nuclear process is at work.


I would say that the evidence is overwhelmingly compelling that cold fusion is a real, new nuclear process capable of significant excess power generation.

The Cold Fusion Revolution is alive and well, resurrected from its grave and ready to make a come back. But we can’t do it alone… We need your help.

Send this video to as many people as you can, help us get the word out there. Give Cold Fusion the chance it needs to prove itself, and I promise you won’t be disappointed this time.


The science is real and to ignore the mountains of evidence in front of us is to gamble away the promise of a clean energy future that might have already happened if it weren’t for attitudes and ignorance.