by qbeac
December 10, 2009

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  • Can we trust Dr. Steven Greer, or not?

  • Is he sincere in wanting to bring to light Free Energy?

  • Is he honest or a double agent (gatekeeper, infiltrated)?

  • Does he work for a real contact with “positive ETs”, or for Project Blue Beam (faked or "negative ETs")?

Dear Bill, I know this is a delicate subject, but my question is:

Is Dr. Greer an honest person (or being), or does he have a hidden dark agenda? Does he work for the light or for the dark side?

These are just 3 examples about Dr. Greer that, IMHO, don’t add up too well:

  1. Dr. Greer says all ETs are good. But in your excellent interview with him (jul-26-09) you and Kerry said that was an irresponsible statement, and I totally agree with you.

  2. I witnessed the incident in the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit (jul-26-09) where some people said they were allegedly intimidated (or threatened) by Dr. Greer when they talked to him about their own Free Energy devices. I am aware it is not yet clear what really happened (Ex: if the accusations against Dr. Greer were true or just a misunderstanding), but still, that incident is kind of suspicious and I think it should be clarified.

  3. Dr. Greer says he wants to help people to develop their Free Energy devices. Well, Bill, you saw the “Pantone GEET motor” in Barcelona (jul-26-09): 30% gasoline 70% water and a huge reduction of pollution. It's important to note that his inventor, Paul Pantone, has given for free the plans of his invention so that EVERYBODY can replicate it (see video bellow).

So, if Dr. Greer is sincere about wanting to promote Free Energy devices, here he has a great one: Pantone motor.


Would he promote the Pantone motor (in CNN, as he said in Barcelona)? If he did, that would be a very simple, quick and excellent way for people to see for themselves this technology is real and it works.


Also, the word would spread all over the world!


Paul's Comments About GEET FREE PLANS
Paul Pantone gives for free to the world his plans to build the Pantone motor:







Detailed instructions to build the Pantone motor

But the “strange” fact is that Dr. Greer “is not” promoting such as simple demonstration of an effective Free Energy device like the Pantone GEET motor (or similar devices). Why doesn’t he do it ASAP?

Considering the above, one may wonder about these two possible “hypothesis”:

  1. Is Dr. Greer sincere when he says he wants to bring to light Free Energy, or is he perhaps a double agent (gatekeeper) who is trying to identify the best Free Energy devices (to suppress them?), while at the same time he is buying time to help bringing to fruition the elite’s dark agenda?

  2. Is Dr. Greer working for a “real contact” with “good ETs”, or is he working for Project Blue Beam?

I’ll explain that last option (“b”) a little better:

Could there be a “bad” Project Blue Beam and a “good and nice” Project Blue Beam? In this last case, that would be a very clever way for the elite to substitute the current “visible and fake” power structure (governments, official politicians) with a new fake one of a higher level: bad ETs pretending to be “good ETs”.

Please, what’s your take on that?






by Bill Ryan

December 11, 2009

Wow. (long pause)

In some ways I'd rather not comment. But your questions are very important.

Let me say this:

  1. Look at the promises, and then look at what has been delivered since The Disclosure Project Press Conference in May 2001. We started Camelot ourselves in April 2006 because of the huge silence coming from the Disclosure Project.

    We considered ourselves to be doing the Disclosure Project's work, in a 'barefoot' sense. We could not understand at the time why more information was not being released by him.

  2. Many researchers and commentators in the UFO community share our questions, but are too intimidated by Greer (or reluctant to get drawn into controversy or conflict) to make an issue out of it. He is ignored by many researchers who have good information. They know better. So they just leave him alone.

    A number of researchers have approached us off-record to acknowledge our stance. Here's a direct quote to me personally from one widely-respected researcher: "There is something very wrong with that guy."

  3. The three items we singled out - that he said, on record:

    • that there are no ETs who are not benevolent

    • that the US has no ongoing contact with any ET race

    • and that all abductions are military operations [MILABs]),

    ...are absolutely false.

    Why would anyone who is well-informed by the testimony of his own witnesses say that?

  4. His ethics and values are open to question. Visit this page and scroll down to the very bottom. Then click on the DCMusclewolf link. It is real.

    After this was leaked, within hours Greer closed his Manhunt account.

    Our interview was NOT a good one. We'd love to turn back the clock and do it again. But in our radio show archives I defended Kerry's passion, and still do.

    It could all have been better. We were not prepared, and were ambushed by Greer himself who suddenly declared that he wanted to be interviewed. We were caught very much on the hop. We'd like to do it again... but rather doubt if we will ever have the chance.

    Our favorite response in our huge mailbag about that interview was that from Clay and Shawn Pickering who told us that the passion and disagreement on these core issues exactly mirrored the disagreement and passion at the highest levels of policy.


    We can believe it.

No time for more right now, with apologies - will try to get back later in the day.

Warm wishes to all