by Charlotte Wilson
August 26, 2009

from WorldViewOpinion Website


Introducing: Pete Sumaruck, Steve Greer, Jan Bravo, Steve Robinson, Larry Bailey and others...



Pete to me,

“I was not a Navy SEAL (or Se.A.L.); I keep telling people I was a civilian contract employee, taught by Navy SEALs. To go into combat - paramilitary work, in the boonies, where Americans legally couldn’t go - but everybody wants to say I’m a SEAL.”

I to him,

“I know it now, but I wrote it that way because it was simpler not to go into all those details. It just didn’t seem that important. It was what you did… not how you got into ‘the business.’”


“and anyway, if the Navy had any doubts about me, if they didn’t like what I was doing, why didn’t they come after me? These Steve Robinson people don’t act like real Navy; they‘re living in their own past, not mine.”

This is an era of quick gratification; people want to get a FAST response - from sex to money - to getting your answers right here, right now.


If that is what you want, you can scroll to the bottom of this article and click on the attachment - the old expression applies, “pictures are worth a thousand…”

Let’s get some background on this - on July 24, I received an email from Steve Robinson stating that Pete had been saying he used to be a Navy SEAL. Pete wasn’t doing that, no reason to do that. He isn’t a grandstander.


What Pete did in combat, he did as a civilian contract employee, akin to a pre-Blackwater.


To Pete it was always the job that was important, not the talking about it. Also, years ago, Pete signed a secrecy document. Therefore he will not detail his military or civilian contract combat experiences.



“they want me to give names and places. I won’t break honor.”

Pete does not receive any pension or health benefits from the government. He never asked for anything, but that hasn’t stopped government representatives from visiting him, trying to persuade him to accept.

“Our chief warned us years ago to never accept any benefits - he was so right.”

Steve Robinson obtained a copy of Pete’s supposed DD-214 from government open sources.


The DD-214 is a person’s Navy discharge paper… but what Steve posted on the internet was not a DD-214 (no official statement on the page to that effect). It looked like a cut and paste with broken lines and blurred text - an almost empty text at that.


It showed Pete being in the Navy for less than a month, two days short of the end of book camp. Pete says a real DD-214 would be generally one page, completely jam-packed with expository text. Not the 3 nearly empty pages on the internet - just Pete’s name and dates of entry/exit, and a favorable discharge.

Pete said,

“Looks like a spook’s DD 214 to me”… and “If Steve is going to post DD 214s of his victims, why not post his own for us to see. He expects us to just take his word that he was actually a Navy SEAL. Show us the roster of SEALs, brave guy.”

For twenty years, Pete Sumaruck has been pursuing the dream, making inroads in the established corporate and social order with his revolutionary power production system; that’s it, quite simply.

The word has gotten out to some degree. In the 90’s, Pete did not seek out Ross Perot.


Perot’s men pursued him, found him, begged Pete to build an energy system to power Perot’s island. Now, ever since last November when the throngs started appearing at Pete’s garage in California, a natural rhythm has established itself. There will be some disaster or challenge, to a greater or lesser degree. That problem solved, immediately another will pop up - now along comes another attempt to delay Pete’s trajectory.

There are those who want Free Energy and there are those who are,

“scared shitless their worlds will be turned upside down.”

It’s not the fear of the New. It’s fear of Change; some people don’t want to disturb their money-machines, their lofty positions, their personal control networks - what if we actually don’t need oil like we used to; what if we don’t need coal at all? No need for natural gas… what if we don’t/won’t ever need nuclear power, ever again.

Pete’s technology does that for you… without any pollution, ever again.

We are going to talk about how a group of “swiftboaters” has been harassing Pete - like wet road kill on your tire - stalking, and demeaning, violating the human rights of inventor Peter Paul Sumaruck. We’ll talk about that harassment, who these people are and their motivations… and we will tell you who hired them to perpetrate this crime against the world.

If you did follow the scroll, you saw pictures of Steve Greer, and his henchwoman, Jan Bravo, of Aero2012 (the year they say the world will end), and The Orion Project.


Aero states they want to help inventors, while Orion talks about eternity - the universe and it’s inhabitants, UFOs, space people, spiritualism… 80'style "New Age" religion - they have made this quest into a religion. They ask others to pray for Dr. Greer… and they ask for your money, donations to further their work (whatever that may be).

These people want to convince others that they are the new mainstream; they want to transform the world to reflect their own image. [see section below on “Hypocrisy”]

Pete had no idea about Orion’s beliefs when he met them. Your question may be, “how does advanced technology relate to UFOs… only that there may be life forms that have more advanced technology than we possess.

The Orion people came on WOW to Pete, like the blush of a political campaign. They were so enthusiastic about their interest in promoting new technology, they absolutely bubbled. They heard about Pete’s invention (he has over 30 patents pending - listen below to, and were first on his doorstep to want a demonstration.



Amazed at what they saw, they wanted it, had to have it - they courted Pete Sumaruck.

Jan was sweet to Pete, patted his inventor’s back. The men convinced Pete to choose Orion, as the destination for his technology. Once started, things moved very fast, too fast to catch a sensible breath - here’s a signing bonus… build a prototype for us, and the rest of the money will follow right away… “trust us,”… “believe in us,”… “we’ll take care of you.”


...Steve Greer’s assistant, Jan Bravo, contacted me, asked me to lunch. Outdoor café between the leaves of lettuce, Jan reached for her expandable briefcase to extract a handful of papers, in tandem with her words,

“I’d like you to sign this non-disclosure agreement today; Pete signed one; he’d want you to do it.”

She paid for the lunch… in exchange for me signing?

I backed away,

“Oh I don’t think I want to do that, (hedge), I’m a writer, I’m writing a book about Pete.”

Jan returned the papers to her case,

“Sure… well… you might sign later; this is just to protect Pete.”

I smiled, she smiled, in a non-friendly way, while I’m thinking, “how would that protect Pete?” Close call - if I had signed then, I might not be writing this now. How close we came to losing our freedoms.


For details refer to my article on the Greer/Orion/Sumaruck cooperation agreement below.

It’s possible Jan is a professional actress. She displays many emotions: hot for Pete - to win him over; cold for business; and a flood of tears when something doesn’t go her way - a half hour of crying over the phone, heard by both Pete and by Army Major Todd Hathaway.


Now she seems to be the deal-maker between the two Steves (Steve Greer - Steve Robinson.) We have her written word on that.

Jan went to Waco, Texas, where Pete set up shop to build his prototype. She stayed for four days and was thrilled with his work. A few days short from finishing a 12kW generator, she decided they wanted something smaller, something that would fit in Steve Greer’s private plane… and she/they wanted something using batteries. Yes it still would be closed looped and over unity (defeating the physics law of thermodynamics - more energy coming out than going in).


Pete hates batteries, doesn’t need batteries, but Jan insisted, saying academics would give it more credibility if it incorporated an outdated technology.




Zero-Amp Technology


Pete quickly switched his adaptation to comply (above video) - there it was, the prototype bright and beautiful, ready to be picked up.


Suddenly, Steve Greer and Orion didn’t have the money - the money wasn’t there; they told Pete he would have to go out on the road to promote his invention, find the buyers before they would pay him.


This was not in the agreement.

Then we found out Orion had contracted to purchase 5 other technologies - Greer’s millions spread too thin. Pete refused to go on the road - that was what he was doing before he met those people. Now Orion was worthless in more ways than one. Pete had fulfilled his part of the agreement. Since the final money was supposed to be given to Pete when the prototype was completed and now no money, the contract became invalid.

Steve Greer doesn’t like to lose; he hates Peter Sumaruck because his technology works - they hadn’t expected that.


Of all the various technologies/inventions Aero/Orion has begun to support, Pete‘s is the only one that actually works, the only tech that can make it to market and more. Greer hates Pete enough to try to stop anyone else from buying his products.


Steve hates Pete enough to pay Steve Robinson and his swiftboaters to harass and stalk Pete - Steve Greer must be paying a hefty stipend to Steve Robinson…but I thought Greer didn’t have any money, ha.

What we believe is that Steve Greer never intended to promote/develop Pete’s technology, only suppress it… that Greer is in turn contracted by factions of our government who do not want New Energy to spread; these people are willing to kill, to stop Pete Sumaruck.


While looking at Pete‘s power system, that first time in his garage, Greer told the assembled group about his many dealings with the CIA (Pete has this on his home surveillance system), how proud Greer was of his close government connections.


Over the 20 years Pete has been working to bring out his technology, there have been 6 serious attempts on his life.


...Question Two: how did Pete and I make the connection between Steve One and Steve Two. It’s actually Steve Robinson - the vigilante - who supplied us with the concrete connection between the two Steves. Thanks Steve R.

That was The Steve Greer/Orion chapter of this story.


Now comes talk of the current harassment and depravity… call this chapter: Steve Robinson and his Swiftboater Henchmen.

First I’m sure you’ll want to know what Steve R. does for a living. Ah, yes.

Steve Robinson hopes to ferret out any former soldiers or civilians whom he believes are undeserving of military medals, military compensation benefits, i.e., pensions, health or recreation benefits or accolades. Did you know the government gives out “whistleblower payments.”

Robinson does speaking engagements and promulgates himself like butter on toast. He claims military wannabes want to attract attention for themselves, but that is exactly what Steve Robinson does.


Note: as he offers his comments to FOX 4 Kansas City on the shooting of Somali pirates off an American freighter.

April, 2009. Robinson must have an agent for all his gigs. There’s a video of Steve on stage, on - most of the comments listed below the video are not favorable - Steve dispenses vigilante justice.

Money also comes from donations to the, note the sub-title of an article in the Chicago Tribune, December, 2008, “False claims spawn cottage industry of war watchdogs.”

The POW people” have a lavish “Gala” every year - much money spent - from your donations - but for what? So that hundreds of people can play dress up and puff their bravery… and for a few short moments, they can forget the real meaning of the POWnetwork - how they did not succeed in bringing home all the Prisoners of War from Southeast Asia.


The Gala is a dance party, much like a tablecloth to cover up a shattered vision.

The POW has expenses so they ask for donations. But I have a website and I don’t ask for donations. I am not trying to make money with my website; I do not sell advertising like so many other sites. I suppose running up to someone’s door to harass them does necessitate travel expenses, but the POW people say they are manned by volunteers…so why to they need donations. Because that is how they live.

Pete says,

“Can’t these people work for a living, I work, why can’t they?”

Compare this to Steve Greer’s Orion operation (see insert far below).


He needs money for his expensive lifestyle, his private plane, his 3 homes, his worldwide travel expenses, his expensive friendships - Steve Greer is heavily into procuring donations.


Is Greer now Robinson’s mentor, helping him increase his donation flow. Whatever, Robinson certainly has found a cash cow in Steve Greer.

Steve Robinson holds court over the website, While the site is administered by a Vietnam veteran’s wife, Mary Schantag, Robinson is their self-appointed star. Keep in mind, he is not an employee of any State or Federal government. His job title of “Special Investigator - SEAL Authentication Team,” does not come from a company or institution, just something he and his buddies call themselves.

Some brief history on “The Movement”… if Greer’s group can be called a religion, Robinson’s group should be called a movement.


In the past, there was an online roster - Wall of Shame - of potential miscreants and AuthentiSEAL which did verifications (not legally but because it is their obsession), but the latter “ceased activity completely in Nov. 2005 due to lack of volunteer manpower” and the “Wall of Shame listing no longer exists.”

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Contract of Cooperation

Between Peter Sumaruck and Advanced Energy Research Organization (known as AERO) and The Orion Project
April 9, 2009

from WorldViewOpinion Website

Peter Paul Sumaruck, the inventor of Zero-Amp Technology wants to make certain printed text available for public analysis, concerning his working arrangement with The Orion Project and Advanced Energy Research Organization, known as AERO.

In the following pages, you will be able to view the actual complete text of the contract Pete Sumaruck signed on November 26, 2008, as his agreement with Orion/AERO.


This will be compared in part to AERO’s “Strategic Overview” (below insert,) describing how they help inventors - their raison d’etre.


You can read the Overview at:


Mr. Sumaruck acknowledges he was remiss in carefully ascertaining that certain details of the contract were omitted - the Steve Greer Team, acting as principals for Orion/AERO were each so enthusiastic, so confident, so reassuring, and so convincing that Pete was also convinced.

But Pete is the inventor, his mind is on creating, problem solving, building - that is his job. Let’s let Pete do his job.

Time to get clear on the participants in this cautionary tale - the scene is the living room. There is Pete; you can see his picture on various videos of him giving demonstrations of his power producing system. Renate, Pete's sister was also present.


For pictures of the Greer team, see below insert.



There you can see the three principals of the company, Steven Greer, MD, formerly an emergency physician, now President and CEO of AERO. Next is Theodore (Ted) Loder, Ph.D (earth sciences and oceanography, and UFO researcher); he came to the demonstrations but was not present in the living room scene.


Recently retired ER physician, Jan Bravo, was present, as was Bill Costantino (chemical engineer and energy researcher) - the one who drew up the contract.

Note that no one on the Greer team has any extensive background in business management, or marketing - no MBAs in the group (not to imply this is necessary for success, but exceedingly helpful).

As they all gather in the living room, talk revolves around how wonderful this collaboration will prove to be - much enthusiasm from all concerned. Just as any good movie requires filming, a video camera records the entire proceedings, covering all three hours plus, of this historic meeting:

to include Bill saying to Pete, “tell me word for word how you want it [the contract] to read.”

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