Vaughan Smith
February 02, 2016

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Reported and Produced: Jonica Newby
Edited: Vaughan Smith


An Australian-produced documentary for ABC television, 'Battery Powered Homes' takes a peek into a not-so-distant future where clean and renewable energy can alter the way of life for countless millions.

Not too long ago, the notion of a battery-powered home seemed a distant hope.


But in the past few years, advanced technology has made this dream a reality for over one million residents in Australia; a number that's expected to grow exponentially over the next five years.


The film introduces us to several of these homeowners who have embraced the energy revolution from its earliest incarnations.

There's Josh Byrne, the congenial host of the popular television program Gardening Australia, the battery he's using to power his home is complimented by an energy management system.


Josh and his family, like most users of these technologies, expend most of their power needs at night.


The management system regulates itself to recharge during the day as his solar panels take over to fulfill his power needs.


The system then distributes the majority of its stored power during the evening. Any excess power is then fed back into the grid for modest compensation.


Utilizing this method, Josh pulls only 3% of his total power from the grid.

The obstacles to full implementation of these energy sources are quickly vanishing. For example, the price of these systems will continue to drop as they become more widely used.


In the last year alone, costs have plummeted by as much as a third.


The traditional power companies, which have long relied on the use of fossil fuels, are now faced with a challenge.


They must find ways to implement clean renewable energies into their business model, or their services will become obsolete.


Meanwhile, the South Australian government has offered $5,000 rebates to any resident who invests in battery power for their home.

The film also introduces us to the scientists and researchers who stand on the front line of these emerging technologies.


They're working to create more efficient and durable batteries that can run longer and create a full charge in a matter of minutes.

'Battery Powered Homes' is an eye-opening and inspiring look into a future that can have a positive impact upon all of us.