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Below are scans of the brochure that has the above skull image. The brochure is trifolded.

The brochure is published by "The Diagnostic Imaging Centers of Halifax Medical Center" which is part of the Halifax Hospitals in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Port Orange, Florida. Drop into them if you want to get your own copies of this brochure.





Someone contacted the P.R. department at the hospital and they said it is the skull of a deformed child. I guess they have to say something.


Do you think they would apologize for putting an alien/reptilian/non-human on their brochure? Why don't they have a caption explaining this bizarre photo with a hole in its head? What is the point of this picture?

We believe that this skull is of a non-human species. For more evidence that non-humans have access to our hospitals, please read "The Mars Force, Pat's Story - Book 2" which gives evidence that reptilians have a base or a tunnel leading to a base under 90+% of hospitals in North America.


By coincidence, this information came to me within a month or two of coming across the brochure below.