An Introduction: What is a Crystal Skull?


Well as this name or term implies we are speaking about a skull shaped object that is made from various types of quartz crystals (clear, amethyst, smoky, rose, etc…)


Most of us are all familiar with quartz crystal as this gemstone is a key component within all of our modern-day electronics; devices that we use each and every day (including the computer you are using to read this book btw).


There are many people today who work with their personal crystals in order to re-energize themselves, for healing (physical or emotional problems) or even to assist them in their development of their inner or spiritual gifts.

However, when one begins to work with a quartz crystal that is in the shape of a human-like skull – other strange phenomena begin to occur around them. We have received numerous reports from people all over the world having some very special experiences connected to the crystal skulls.


There are three different types of crystal skulls that are spoken about in the world today.





These are crystal skulls that are being manufactured by modern carvers.


There are thousands upon thousands of such skulls in existence today. Since the middle part of the 1990’s, there has been an explosion in the interest about the crystal skulls. There are quite a few people now, in all parts of our world, who have acquired their own personal skull to work with and use. The contemporary crystal skulls come in all shape and sizes and are being primarily done by carvers in Brazil and China.


These skulls can even be found for sale upon E-Bay.







A crystal skull that was created between 100 years ago to about 1000 years ago.


A number of these types of skulls have been discovered within or near ancient ruins in Mexico or Central America. In general, the appearance of these crystal skulls are somewhat crude in form and upon a close examination of the surface of an “Old” crystal skull, there are usually observed some type of tool marks left by its carver, similar to what can be detected with the newly made crystal skulls.



© Joshua & Desy Shapiro
“Portal de Luz” – a smoky quartz crystal skull created by a Master Carver from Brazil.

Caretakers – Joshua & Desy Shapiro







A crystal skull that was fashioned at least 1500-2000 years ago or created much much later. It has been suggested that some of these crystal skulls could literally be (hundred of) thousands of years old based upon the studies conducted by various researchers or as has been suggested through the legends or oral traditions of different indigenous peoples.


Presently there are only a small number of such crystal skulls known publicly. As to the exact number of the total number of ancient skulls that could exist, this answer is unknown.


At the present time, we do not have an exact scientific procedure to be able to date when a piece of quartz was shaped into a skull however there are a number of different ideas and theories about how one can definitively identify a crystal skull as being “ancient” (or even “old”). Again, many of these types of skulls appear to have some type of link with different Mesoamerican cultures as well as possible ties with various Native American tribes or nations within North America.


We have even heard rumors of crystal skulls that have been found or are known within South America and in other parts of the world as well.

In general, there are no carver’s tool marks detectable upon the surface of an ancient crystal skull. The implications of this are either this particular skull was done completely by hand (over a long period of time) or perhaps, there was some form of very sophisticated and advanced technology that was utilized to make the skull, of which we are not familiar with as of yet.


Most of the so-called very old or ancient crystal skulls we have met have a very intense energy field that surrounds them, of which most people are able to sense or feel. This energy field can be quite strong and powerful.

There are a number of different theories that have been given as to explain how these ancient skulls may have been manufactured; some of which are quite fantastic in their scope. It has been difficult to trace the true history about where these objects may have originated from or what parts of the world the skulls have traveled through over time. Attempts have been made by various groups to work with trained sensitives in the presence of a crystal skull and record the impressions that they psychically receive.


However this method does not always guarantee success as the historical information channeled by these psychics does not always agree and even can be conflicting at times.




History of the Crystal Skulls


The public first became aware of the crystal skulls during the later part of the 19th century. At this time, many museums of the world became interested in displaying antiquities from past civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Mesoamerica, etc …).


Thus, in the 1878, in the Musèe de l’homme (the Museum of Man) in Paris and in 1898, in the British Museum in London, each had a clear quartz skull on public display. It is believed that both of these crystal skulls originated from within Mexico (possibly connected with ancient ruins or tombs) during the 1860’s, at the time of the French occupation of this country. Eventually both of these skulls somehow came into the possession of a French antiquities dealer, by the name of Boban and eventually found their way to the stated museums.

During the research for our new book, "
Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer" we uncovered that there were a few other old or ancient crystal skulls that also made their way into private hands during the 19th century. Within recent years, these particular skulls are now held by various individuals who have publicly disclosed their existence and in some cases, are permitting other people to sit with them in private.



Crystal Skull held by The British Museum since 1898

The first human-sized crystal skull on public display

"click" image to enlarge


As we entered into the first part of the 20th century, there was an entirely different group of crystal skulls that mysteriously surfaced. Each of these particular skulls also has a strong connection with the ancestors of the indigenous people living in different parts of Mexico or Central America.


Please find next a short description about some of the most well known skulls that came out at this time:


The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

Named after famed explorer and adventurer, F. A. Mitchell-Hedges, discovered in Lubaantum, an ancient Mayan city in Belize in 1924. This skull is human-size and made from an absolutely clear piece of quartz that includes a removable jaw. It is an almost exact copy of our own modern bone skull. At the current time this skull is in the hands of his adopted daughter, Anna Mitchell-Hedges (since the time of her father’s death in 1959).



Discovered by a Mayan family near Guatemala while digging on their property in 1906. This crystal skull was obtained by Joky Van Dieten in 1991 through a crystal store near Los Angeles. It is the only known human-sized ancient crystal skull that is made from smoky quartz. In appearance it has a resemblance to a type of “ET” shape with a slightly pointed chin and similarly pointed in the top part of the head. This crystal skull now travels the world with its caretaker who hopes to share it with other people (including world leaders) to meditate with for world peace.



An 18 lb (8.2 kg) clear quartz crystal skull purportedly discovered in a Mayan tomb in Guatemala between 1924-1926. The skull was gifted by a Mayan Shaman to a Tibetan-trained lama in 1970. It was displayed in his healing center in Houston, Texas and was used to assist numerous patients with all kinds of physical problems and illnesses. Upon the lama’s death, the crystal skull was gifted to his close friends, Carl and JoAnn Parks. Currently Mrs. Parks is touring (primarily in the U.S.) with her crystal skull, providing many people an opportunity to experience this ancient skull directly.


Ami, the Amethyst Crystal Skull

It is stated by its current owners that it was believed to have once been part of a collection of crystal skulls held by the Mexican President Diaz (from 1876-1910). Another report we heard stated that this skull may have been discovered in the Oaxaca area (Mexico) and was handed down generation to generation through an order of Mayan Priests. This is smaller than human-size skull and weights 8.5 lbs. (3.86 kg). “Ami” now resides in San Jose, California with a group of businessmen who are offering it for sale.


© Stan Chan & Al Ramirez
“Ami” – an ancient amethyst crystal skull,

notice the circular indentation in the temple areas and its style of design.

"click" image to enlarge




So, why are the Crystal Skulls so Important?


There is no simple answer to this question. The study of the crystal skulls is very complex and seems almost never ending. However, we would like to offer to our readers a few ideas or thoughts that we have gathered over the years from a number of sources, for your consideration:

“The Crystal Skulls function like our modern-day computers and were used this capacity by a number of ancient civilizations. They contain hidden knowledge and information that when it is fully revealed, will ultimately assist humanity to create a Golden Age of peace and harmony upon our world!”

“They were a powerful tool for healing [Body Mind and Spirit] within such cultures as the Mayans, the Aztecs or even the Atlanteans”

“Relative to today: We have witnessed many people’s lives being profoundly affected after having had an opportunity to spend time in the presence of a very old crystal skull. And even now, this type of phenomena is beginning to happen around the ‘Contemporary Crystal Skulls’ as well. Could the crystal skulls then be a type of mini energy vortex or better yet, a catalyst that is helping people to awaken to their true spiritual nature?”

In truth, the best way to truly understand what the crystal skulls are about and to appreciate them is to have your own personal experience with one. So if you have a chance to meet a crystal skull along your path, may we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and see what happens for you.


Feel free to contact us, as we would love to hear from you about your crystal skull encounters.




Desy ”Blue Arrow Rainbow” Shapiro

Desy is an open channel for Divine Healing Light Energy. She utilizes her training to channel this energy through Vortex ® Healing and M.E.L. (Mankind Enlightenment Love).

She is also an artist who is able to create special paintings based upon the energy of the individual that she links into from their personal photograph.

She is a guardian of nine contemporary crystal skulls that she shares with her husband. “Mozes of Peace”, a small clear quartz crystal skull made in Brazil is her special healing skull. Desy is working to create a circle of “13” crystal skulls to work with in the future.

Desy saw her first Crystal Skulls at the Wolf-Song IX gathering held in Holland in August 1998. In June 2001, she began to devote her life to working with the Crystal Skulls as she joined Joshua to offer public events and consultations in Europe and North America.


In December of 2002, Desy and Joshua married in a special ceremony where all of their crystal skulls were present. During these travels, she has had an opportunity to meet a number of the ancient and old crystal skulls in the world.

Desy has been involved in helping her husband write their new book,  “
Journeys of the Crystal Skulls Explorers”. She is also supporting and assisting with the crystal skull research that is being conducted on behalf of the “World Mystery Research Center” located in U.S. and Holland.



R. “Joshua” Shapiro

Joshua has been involved with the crystal skulls since 1983 when he saw one made out of amethyst in northern California (“Ami”).


He felt such a strong connection with this artifact that since that time he has devoted his life and resources to sharing the best information he can about these crystalline artifacts with other people all over the world and the future role they will play to help our planet.

He has had an opportunity to privately visit with a number of the well known crystal skulls in the world including: the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull", "ET", the “British Museum Crystal Skull”, and “Ami”.

Since Desy has entered in his life, they have been working closely together. The Shapiros offer various crystal skull presentations (lectures and workshops) to the public as well as a unique type of private consultation with their personal skulls that combines their individual spiritual and creative talents. In the picture shown here, we see Joshua holding his crystal skull known as “Portal de Luz” (this is Portuguese and means “Portal of Light”), who has traveled with him all over the world and was carved in Brazil in 1998.

Joshua is the author of various books including his first book about the crystal skulls entitled “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed”, written jointly with Sandra Bowen and F. R. ‘Nick’ Nocerino. This specific book was published in 1989 and there is also a Portuguese edition issued in Brazil in 1993.

Joshua is the co-founder of
V J Enterprises, located in the Chicago area which has been in operation since February of 1992. V J Enterprises is dedicated to sharing the best information that describes how our planet will be transformed into a “Golden Age” by the year 2013.


Joshua has also given a number of lectures about UFOs and discusses the controversial Bible Code and the Crop Circles. He and Desy are working hard to support their non-profit organization (the World Mystery Research Center). The purpose of this center is to study various world mysteries through research.


We believe that somehow hidden within these mysteries is information and knowledge that is absolutely vital for humanity and will help us to create a peaceful world in our near future.



Meet our Crystal Skull Family



Portal de Luz

"click" image to enlarge


Portal de Luz” (Portal of Light) weights 10 lbs (4.5 kg) and is the largest crystal skull in our family. “He” is made of light grey smoky quartz crystal which was mined and carved in Brazil. His first initiation occurred at a Mayan Sun Rise ceremony conducted in Sedona, Arizona in 1999.

Since the summer of 1999, “Portal” has worked closely with Joshua participating in his lectures and private consultations. When an individual chooses “Portal” for their consultation (or healing session) this represents a person who seeks more balance in their life or wishes to have more clarity about their life’s purpose. When “Portal” interacts with others, “he” will often change his weight and color. “He” loves to participate in our crystal skull research, and to work with the Natural Energies of “Mother Earth”.


“He” is our musical skull who is often seen dancing with his “papa” (Joshua) during our public presentations.





"click" image to enlarge


“Unity” is a small 1 lb. (.45 kg) rose quartz crystal skull. The quartz comprising this skull was also mined in Brazil. This was Desy’s first personal crystal skull that she had an opportunity to meditate and work with. “Unity” was initiated on a warm sunny day as Desy sang to her.


Afterwards, this lovely small skull spoke to Desy and said: “Only the true wife of Joshua is able to open me up for my spiritual work”. “Unity” has helped Desy in uncountable ways especially to heal the tears and pain in her heart.


This crystal skull teaches a person how to Love themselves first, and then how to Love others.




Mozes of Peace

"click" image to enlarge


“Mozes of Peace” (Note: His original name in Dutch is: “Mozes van Vrede”) is a clear quartz crystal skull that weighs 3 lbs (1.36 kg). “He” is the main crystal skull that Desy uses in her healing sessions. The quartz itself was again mined and carved in Brazil as the two previous skulls.


“Mozes” came upon our path in September of 2001. Prior to “his” arrival, the image of his face energetically appeared to Desy in her mind’s eyes, even before the quartz was physically carved into its present shape as seen above.

As soon as Desy unwrapped the crystal skull from the delivery box; “he” spoke to her and said:” I Am Mozes, Mozes van Vrede and I will help you to get millions over the border.” By this, Desy understood “Mozes” to mean that he would help many people who would have contact with “him” in the future to be able to open up their Hearts to become more peaceful and spiritual.” “Mozes” is definitely our ‘healing skull’. Just like his brother “Portal”, “he” is able to change his weight and color when he becomes activated and emits a very high frequency of energy.


“Mozes” loves the Vortex ® healing courses that Desy takes; the country of Peru; stormy & snowy weather and “he” is very fond of bathing in lukewarm water.




Xian - Adonai

 "click" image to enlarge


“Xian Adonai” is a small dark smoky quartz crystal skull that weights less than a pound.


“Xian” told Desy that “she” has the ability to re-connect a person in many different ways. For example, “Xian” can help a person make a reconnection with a specific past lifetime or the gifts that this individual used at that time. This crystal skull also will help a person who is about to transit from this plane of existence into the next, to do so in a peaceful way. “She” also has a strong link to ancient Egypt.

“Xian” asked to be initiated during our wedding ceremony, held on December 21st 2002 in Chicago (ten years before the “Year Zero” according to the Mayan Calendar). One of the roles she played during this ceremony was to help us connect to a former lifetime from the 19th century (as we actually dressed up in the same type of clothes as we had in this former time), where we were in love but due to certain circumstances, were unable to be together.


“Xian Adonai” was able to assist us to complete this cycle and close the energy of this former time, so we are now free to be together as husband and wife and move forward.





"click" image to enlarge


“Kosmoz” is a crystal skull made from Moon quartz mined in Brazil. “Kosmoz” is the smallest crystal skull in our crystalline family that weighs 150 grams. Since “Kosmoz” can fit into one’s pocket, Desy carries “him/her” everywhere (“Kosmoz” is more of an androgynous skull).


“He/She” really likes to experience everything!!! Whenever Desy goes out, this skull almost “demands” to tag along with her, even to the cinema or watching the fireworks on “Independence Day” in America. “Kosmoz” also loves flowers!

He is the “clown” of our crystal circle and will put a smile on your face and make you giggle or laugh. “His/Her” job is to let individuals know they need to have more laughter and fun in their life – this is how one can really LIVE their life to the fullest.




Golden Draagonfly Grandfather

"click" image to enlarge


“Hooli Sucyashiva Kwa`a” is the original name given by various Elders in North America to this citrine crystal skull.


In English this name means, “Golden Dragonfly Grandfather”. “He” physically remained for more than 2 months with various Elders and participated in 22 special ceremonies that included some form of chanting. We are grateful to our special spiritual brother “Moonhawk” who personally brought our skull to these locations so he could record the energy from these ceremonies inside of “him”.

We received this crystal skull in the spring of 2003. “His” weight is 3 lbs (1.36 kg). “He” doesn’t like to be photographed or to participate in any of our crystal skull related events where there are too many people. “He” even doesn’t like to work so much with our other crystal skulls and prefers to do “his” own work independently. “Golden Dragonfly” is a more private skull that chooses which people he would like to spend time with and help.


“He” loves to be included in Native American sweats and likes to be surrounded by the four sacred herbs (tobacco, copal, sage and cedar).




ChinZon Shine

"click" image to enlarge


“ChinZon” Shine arrived in March 2003. “He” is a clear quartz crystal skull with an E.T. appearance and weights less than a pound.


We saw him for sale on the internet (E-bay) and while Desy was gazing at “his” image, “he” spoke to her and asked:

”May I work in your crystal circle?”

This crystal skull really likes to watch science fiction (sci-fi) movies and was jumping up and down in Desy’s hand during the film, ‘Star Trek Nemesis’ when the name “ChinZon” came upon screen (the name of the new Romulean leader). So Desy had no choice but to call him “ChinZon”. Then the last part of his name, “Shine” comes from the word sunshine, because “Zon” in Dutch means sun.

“His” purpose in our crystal circle is not clear yet. However, what we can say is that we have noticed that many young people (ages 10-20) are especially drawn to hold this particular crystal skull. Also his alien form seems to fascinate people.


All we know is that there is an Asian carver who is making these types of crystal skulls right now.





"click" image to enlarge

Infinity is a 1 lb (.45 kg) rose quartz crystal skull that comes from the same Brazilian mine and carver as “Portal”, “Unity”, “Mozes” and “Xian”. “Her” first initiation occurred in Holland in the summer of 2003 during Desy’s first public crystal skull talk.


During this talk, Desy discussed some of her adventures with various crystal skulls she has encountered outside of our circle during her travels with Joshua. “Infinity” insisted that “she” be present at this presentation.

“Infinity” has the ability to assist other individuals to open up their throat (or 5th) chakra in order to enhance their ability to better communicate with others. In addition, this crystal skull will facilitate a stronger connection between the heart and throat chakras which allow an individual to more easily express their emotions and what they truly feel in their heart.


At this time, “Infinity” is the last crystal skull to enter our circle of skulls.


We expect however, there are a few more skulls that will be coming to us in the future to be used for healing (as Desy guides have spoken to her about a circle of 13 skulls).



El – I

"click" image to enlarge


EL – I  was a gift to us from Susan Isabelle, who is the caretaker of a small but believed to be very old crystal skull known as “El-Aleator”.


Susan initiated “El – I” by placing it next to her own crystal skull. “El-Aleator” was a gift to Susan by a Mayan Shaman in Belize. The purpose of this crystal skull has not been revealed to us yet, but it is another skull in our circle that has a strong link with the more indigenous ways to work with a skull.


What do you feel?



Hidden Messages within our Crystal Skull Family

(Unusual pictures derived from of our crystal skulls using a digital process. See what images you can observe within the pictures in this section. )



Golden Dragonfly Grandfather


"click" image to enlarge



Images to Look For: Do you see at the bottom of this picture what appears to be two African or Australian-looking men with yellow paint around their eyes? Do you see an Angel at the top of this image and slightly below this is a dark man with a beard?



Golden Dragonfly Grandfather




Images to Look For: Can you see a Mayan girl at the very top of this image? It helps if you squeeze or squint your eyes a bit, to see her more clearly! There are a lot more pictures and images you can see here also. Find them!


Mozes of Peace

"click" image to enlarge




Images to Look For: In this picture you might be able to see a crystal skull near the bottom and then we see two Angels near the middle at the very center.

The small picture to your left, is the same image as above but greatly reduced. We noticed when we view this image at this size, there is the face of a man.


Could this be the biblical Moses of whom this crystal skull is named after?


Mozes of Peace



Images to Look For: In this picture, it’s pretty obvious there is a spaceship near the bottom and the girl who is directly underneath it (you see this yes?). But do you also see a dark man with a helmet on, in the top part of this image and the Angels and horses in the very center?


The Angels have wings!


ChinZon Shine

"click" image to enlarge



Images to Look For: Do you see towards the top of the picture a big bird? Additionally there are a few faces towards the very center and a circus tent.


Finally do you see a big animal’s (like a beaver?) head at the very bottom of this image?


ChinZon Shine

"click" image to enlarge


Images to Look For: At first this image might look a bit blurry but if you look closely you can still detect many different kinds of faces all over this picture.


If you move back a distance from your screen and look again, you might see the face of a man throughout the entire picture.


Portal de Luz


"click" image to enlarge



Images to Look For: The Alien eyes seen from the perspective of looking at the entire picture is obvious but can you find several faces that appear in the crystal skulls’ eyes and other ones that are between the eyes?


Portal de Luz (zoomed view)



Specific Image to See: The Spaniard with his helmet on is very easy to be seen (appears in the teeth of “Portal”). Where could this image have come from?



Xian Adonai (zoomed view)

"click" image to enlarge


Specific Image to See: In Xian's picture we find what looks like a Jewish man who is wearing his “Yamulke” (the Jewish skull cap religious Jews wear). Again this image shows up in the teeth of the skull.




What is Going on Here?

You might be wondering what are the source of the images you have been viewing on the last few pages. Each one was created from a digital photograph taken from one of our personal crystal skulls. Then we used a computer graphics program to perform a special series of processes upon it that produced the final result you see. We have read that the Mayans used a similar technique to study hidden messages related to some of their special symbols involving reverse images.

In our comprehensive e-book (Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer), we will take a much closer look at the details about this interesting imaging technique as we applied it to various pictures of some of the ancient crystal skulls which are featured there. As you may have noticed under each image, we provided for you some suggestions about what type of pictures or distinct images you might observe. Don’t worry if you are not able to see these images right away, it just takes some practice.

We would recommend however, that when you do have the proper time to really sit and gaze at these special pictures, that you will most likely see a great deal of other recognizable images (such as people, places, animals or certain activities, etc ...). If you stand farther away from your computer monitor, you may be able to observe other scenes or discernable objects that you couldn’t see close up.

When we have shared these special images in our public lectures we always get “ooh-s” and “aah-s” from our audience. We decided to include this section in our free e-book because it is one of the most fun things we have uncovered to do with pictures of the crystal skulls.

We would like to offer to you a simple technique for working with the pictures in this book that various people in the crystal skull community use and are having good success with. This technique can be done with either a normal picture of a skull (such as one from our crystal family) or you can experiment with the special images from the last section.

First, just casually glance through this page and observe if any specific picture or image speaks to you; or if you find yourself strongly drawn to look at one in particular. Don’t try to rationalize why you feel this strong connection to the picture (or that specific crystal skull), just trust that there is a reason for this. Then print out this picture on your printer and take a personal quartz crystal (or crystal skull) and place it on top of this picture for 48 hours. If you don’t have a personal crystal to use, see if you can find one at a local new age or gem shop (but again don’t just pick any quartz crystal, take one that calls out to you and feels correct!).

The purpose of this exercise is to transfer a part of the energy that is linked to the particular crystal skull you have chosen into your personal crystal. It has been observed on numerous occasions that when a person links into any facsimile of a crystal skull (such as a photograph) they can experience to some degree, the essence of that object’s energy. We have personally worked with this system and done so with a number of friends and clients, and have been pleasantly surprised by the results that have happened.

Once your crystal (or crystal skull) has been charged, begin to work with it in some fashion. For example you can hold it during your personal meditations, sleep with the crystal under your pillow or just have it in your pocket when you go out of your home. It can be used as a healing stone or just to hold it when you are feeling low in your physical energy.


You can even work with this crystal to protect yourself with a positive and strong energy field around you or to amplify and increase your vitality.



Crystal Skull Meditation for World Peace 

Today we live in very challenging times. Many people are concerned about our future and if humanity will ever be able to live together in peace and harmony. In our studies we have uncovered a number of different prophecies originating from various indigenous cultures in the world. The common theme discussed by each one deals with some very specific warnings of potential disasters we could face in the future.


The solution that is given to prevent such situations is that it is very important for people to become more aware and focus on taking responsibility for the care of our planet (“The Mother Earth”) as well as to respect all life that lives upon ‘Her’. To not do so in a timely fashion, there will be dire consequences, as these prophecies state. Now, it is not my intention by making such statements to create more panic and fear in our world, as we already have enough of this.


However, it is only to remind our readers that we live in a time of decision and that through the appropriate action, we can and do have the ability to transform our world in a positive way.

So the main question that we can ourselves is: Can we do something that will make a difference and truly prevent or diminish these dark forecasts from ever coming true? We believe that the answer to this question is absolutely “YES”!

Therefore, we invite you to participate with us in a special meditation (that was inspired by spirit) that can help us in creating a better world. We have been performing this mediation since the beginning of 2003 as announced it and initiated it through our internet website. This meditation is a little bit different from other types in that we work with the energy of the crystal skulls. Of course, we recognize that any meditation which focuses upon sending a good and loving to our planet is very worthwhile and that each one which is conducted works synergistically with all the rest.


For this specific mediation, we have had people join us who live all over the world. Most of these individuals have a strong interest in the crystal skulls but that is not a prerequisite to be able to participate. We have developed a simple method to link into the energy and essence of the crystal skulls that we use as the main focus.


The crystal skulls appear to help us in amplifying the peaceful energies that we send out to the world during this exercise. In order to allow as many interested people as possible to participate with us, we have setup this meditation to occur at three different time slots. Thus, no matter what time zone a person lives in, they can participate at a reasonable time. If you would like to join us for this meditation, you will find the instructions to do so in the following sections.


Even if you do not have your own crystal skull, you can still work with us.




Times to do the Meditations

We suggest that you perform your meditation for about 10 or 15 minutes (or you can just allow the energy of the meditation to guide you for its duration).


The three specific time periods we conduct our meditation are shown below. Please check to determine which one is the best for you. The Local Time that is given is based on the perspective of a person living within the U.S. (EST- New York City); England (GMT) or the Time Zone in Sydney, Australia (Note: Mon. = Monday of the next day).

  • Meditation Time #1:   8 AM (EST); 1 PM (England); 10 PM (Sydney)

  • Meditation Time #2:   12:00 Noon (EST); 5 PM (England); 2 AM (Sydney-Mon.)

  • Meditation Time #3:   6 PM (EST); 11 PM (England); 8 AM (Sydney-Mon.)





If you are unable to participate with us on a specific Sunday during any of the times listed here; there is a special technique known as "Programming your Meditation Ahead" that you can implement instead.


How this technique works is that you go ahead and perform your meditation at any time during the current week, but you setup in your mind the intention that the energy generated from your session will move forward in time so that it will coincide and link with the rest of us at the specified time period you chose.


Thus by using this system, you will still be able to join us on the next Sunday and never miss a beat!




An Overview for the Meditation 

Philosophy behind the Meditation


On the very first day I had received our crystal skull known as "Portal de Luz" in 1999, "he" showed me an image in my mind about how all of the crystal skulls that exist upon our planet are interconnected through some type of etheric energy network.

“He” told me that within each piece of quartz, there exists the potential of an inter-dimensional doorway that can open or become activated when this specific piece (or crystal skull) is awakened. Once the quartz is activated, it can begin to receive and project out various fields of energies and information that can originate from any crystal skull that is linked to this network.


This is very similar to how the internet works, as all of the computers on the net are inter-connected and can send and receive information from each other.

Furthermore during the research we have conducted on behalf of our research center (see the full details of our tests in our comprehensive e-book), we have received information that there might exist a very large clear crystal skull in rotation at the center of the earth (i.e. – this implies that our planet does not have a molten core at the center but could be completely hollow) which is the control skull for this entire network.


Since we believe that each crystal skull is unique until itself and specializes in certain specific frequencies of energies it contains (i.e. -- for healing, awakening consciousness, activating one's spiritual gifts, a vessel of universal wisdom, etc ..), this large control skull can and will select the energies that are appropriate to emit through each individual skull.


We believe that the determination of what energies the central skull will send through the other ones is dependant upon that skull’s current location and how this particular crystal skull is be utilized by its owner (or caretaker) at that precise moment (such as in our meditation).

Thus, if our understanding about how this mediation functions is correct, then each crystal skull that participates in this process, will emanate a powerful and peaceful energy through it, coming through its connection to the etheric energy network and be sent out in that part of the world. The key is that for this process to work, it require a human being to activate and open this dimensional door within their skull (or crystal) so the higher spiritual energies from the network are being broadcast out through it.


Additionally we have experienced during these times that each participant will receive and channel a portion of this energy through their body which can be very uplifting, healing and electrifying. Therefore, one of the main goals we have for this meditation, by working with a number of people from all over the world, is to create many points of light all connected together at the same time.


Can you visualize what we are describing here and its potential?




How to Perform the Meditation


The other part of the vision I received from "Portal" related to the crystal skull etheric network itself was a process to fully link into it. I was shown that there is a special antenna that an individual can inwardly call for and that they can create by visualizing it in their mind (for some of you, this antenna could just appear in front of you literally when you do this).





This antenna helps the participant to more fully connect with the energy of the energy network and brings a portion of it into their individual meditation space.

If you will look to your left, there is a crude diagram I have provided to represent what this antenna looks like which you can use as a reference point. A key to the success of our meditation is to link into this antenna, so do your best to visualize it.


The antenna itself is actually more spherical and round then the flat representation I have given it.



Instruction for the Meditation

To begin your meditation, first decide which room in your home you would like to conduct your session in. Then find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Shortly, I will discuss how to hold or position the crystal or crystal skull you will use in the meditation.

Now visualize in your mind this antenna and position it at the very center of your room. Again this (imaginary or invisible) antenna will be way to link into the crystal skull etheric network so you can receive the vibrational frequencies from it. As you begin to move into your mediation, see an energy beam that shoots out from the top and bottom of this antenna and extends upward and downward to infinity. Also make sure that you see a somewhat smaller antenna that extends out of the main one at the exact place where the main antenna meets the floor in your room (as shown in the diagram above). This small segment or addition, stands upward at a 45% degree angle.

For those of you who have your own crystal skull to work with during the meditation, here is how we suggest you should proceed (Note: if you do not have a crystal skull, please view the next section for some alternative ways you may still be able to participate with us).


Hold your crystal skull in your hands in any fashion that is comfortable for you. It is not important which direction the front part of the skull faces, only that the hand position feels correct for you. (Please note: each time you perform this meditation, the positioning of the skull can and will change over time.) For example, If you are in a sitting position, the crystal skull might rest comfortably on your lap or if you are lying down position it could be placed by your side or on top of a part of your body.

We recommend that you listen to a beautiful and/or peaceful music in the background, and if possible, to use headphones (to prevent outside noises from distracting you). We have found that when a participant adds music to this meditation, that it can greatly amplify the energy present and their experiences during it. Now take a minute or two (possibly even before your meditation starts) to do a relaxation or breathing exercise to help calm yourself down and release any anxiety or tension from your day.

At this point, you are ready to enter into the active part of the meditation. First, see a beam of light (in whatever color comes to you) emanate from the main antenna and touch your crystal skull in its third eye.


Feel the energy begin to build up and expand within your crystal skull. Eventually the skull will transfer a loving and peaceful energy to you that you will begin to experience inside yourself until it flows in all parts of your body. Usually we find if we visualize the energy coming from the antenna in a pink color, this is quiet helpful.

Next, after a period of time (you will know for how long), this powerful and harmonious energy the skull has given to you will start to expand and move outside of your physical body. See or feel this loving energy fill the entire room you are in. Then after a minute of two, see the energy continue to expand and cover your entire home. Again this loving and peaceful energy (which also may have a color to it) will continue to expand and is now filling every part of the city you live in.


Again after a minute or so, this energy will be covering your entire provincial area (i.e. -- your state, province or district); and then eventually visualize this loving energy completely covering your entire country. And lastly, watch this special healing energy cover our entire planet, touching all the living beings that inhabit our beautiful “Mother” (the plants, the animals, and the people). As you are going through this process, don’t feel rushed, take your time and move from place to place as it is comfortable to do so.

We suggest at this point of the mediation, that for a few minutes you might want to remain with the vision of the Earth surrounded by this loving energy. Then, just before you are ready to return to your physical body, pick one location on our world that you feel drawn to, where there is a great deal of unrest or confusion and send to this location a little extra light and loving energy.


After you are finished, begin to return to your physical body by retracing your steps back the way you came (from the view of the Earth, to your country, to your provincial area, etc ....). When you come back to your body, you may wish to take a few deep breaths to help ground yourself as well as feel your feet firmly touching the ground before you open your eyes.

Suggestion: If you happen to have more then one crystal skull, why not invite a friend, family member or neighbor to join us during our time together one Sunday?




What to do if you don’t have your own crystal skull?

Is this is your situation, you can still meditate with us and work with the energies of the crystal skulls. Here are a few suggestions of how to do this:

1) If you have a picture of a crystal skull that you personally feel an affinity for (such as one shown in this page), you can stare at its image during your meditation to bring in the energy of the skulls into your room. Then visualize the special antenna that links to the energy network and imagine that you are holding in your hands the crystal skull you are gazing at. The rest of the mediation follows as we have described in earlier sections.

2) You can work with the piece of quartz that you have charged and activated with a picture of a crystal skull, (as we discussed earlier) and then hold it (as it takes the skull’s place of course) and do the meditation. Again you can pretend as if the crystal you are holding is a real crystal skull.

If you prefer to work with a picture of an older or ancient crystal skull, we have setup on this page consisting of such pictures. Some of the people who have joined our meditation before, use these pictures. There are twelve different crystal skulls (ancient, old and contemporary) shown here and again, you can just print out this page on your printer and select the crystal skull that you have decided to work with for the meditation.

3) Another option is to take one of your personal crystals that you have at home and try to see if there is an actual crystal skull that is someone has who lives close by. Then, just place your quartz crystal near their skull for a period of time (15 minutes at least is recommended) and let it be charged.

4) Finally, I have met some people who don’t need a physical skull to work but have the ability to visualize one in their mind instantaneously or even can see a crystal skull appear right in front of them through their gift of clairvoyance. So this is just another suggestive method a person can use to participate in our group meditation.