Our planet is undergoing extreme changes while a great portion of humanity lives in stress and anxiety.


At the same time, amazing discoveries are being made that have the potential to transform our lives in a way that is nothing short of remarkable. Unfortunately, the majority of people have not received these findings, and oftentimes when they do, the information is fragmented and difficult to comprehend.


An array of credible, professional scientists and scholars will present definitive evidence that consciousness is a field of energy, independent of one’s own mind and brain.


Common knowledge and implementation of this science has the potential to dramatically increase world peace and harmony, and dramatically decrease catastrophic Earth Changes, and this report will give compelling scientific evidence to back up these claims, as well as the philosophical and spiritual understandings to go along with them.



  1. Shift of Ages - Internet Publication 12/06/2000

  2. Science of Oneness - Latest Update 10/29/2003 (Title change only)

  3. Divine Cosmos - A Breathtaking New View of Reality - Published 6/4/2002