by Thomas Sheridan
April 18, 2013
from ThomasSheridanArts Website

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Regardless of whether you are aware of this fact or not, whether you care or not - it does not change the fact that the Battle of Armageddon has already begun and you as an individual, and all of us in society are caught up in the middle of the greatest and most destructive conflict the human race has ever experienced.


However, this version of the Battle of Armageddon is not a tangible battle of human slaughter and carnage taking place across the landscape of some rather uninspiring real estate in the Middle East - as was predicted in the Book of Revelations.


Rather, this very real and destructive Battle of Armageddon is currently taking place right now in the domain of human consciousness - it is taking place within your own mind.

The Psychopathic Control Grid (a.k.a. The Global Elite), for me personally, represents the ultimate crystallization of several thousand years of pernicious assault upon the human consciousness.


The psychopaths that we encounter in our lives - from the devious and manipulative gigolo who targets mature women in order to charm them out of their wealth and dignity, to the scientifically-driven psychopaths of the Military Industrial Complex, media, Big Pharma, monotheistic religions and politics - are using their social engineering and twenty four seven bombardment of our minds with everything from psychotropic medications to subliminal and neuro-linguistic programming in the form of formal education (indoctrination), entertainment and news media.


Our thoughts are not our own.

The Psychopathic Control Grid is the all-evasive force which is instinctually driven to attack our empathic human consciousness due to the fact that it represents the predatory force - as an expression of the overall dualistic framework of the universe.


The cosmos, and everything we as individuals and collectively experience, is a result of the underlying duality which creates the universe.


The friction of these opposing forces spools new tangents and new possibilities in a never-ending ballet of probability and possibility tangents, by creating novelty and uniqueness as it spools out the quantum fabrics which our five senses and nervous system explore and navigate through during the course of earthly existence.

As duality is expressed all through the cosmos - from negative to positive, male and female, light and dark, to the left and right hemispheres of our brains - there is likewise a duality of consciousness.


There is positive consciousness and there is negative consciousness. In the modern world, we have come to classify this negative consciousness as the psychopath.


The psychopathic individual represents approximately (at most) four percent of the human race within the Western world.


This psychopathic consciousness is a subject I have written about and lectured extensively on, and Puzzling People - The Labyrinth of the Psychopath is one of the more popular titles in the genre dealing with identification and recovery from psychopathic abuse at both the personal and social level.

Our thoughts are not our own.


Our opinions which we hold dear are mostly fabricated paradigms for us to 'believe' in and thus we are coached from an early age to defend manufactured belief packages as if they are real - or as a result of some natural law of the universe.


None of it is real - in that these concepts were developed as part of some turbulent flow of naturally occurring discourse among the human race - as a result of agreed upon wisdom derived from an ongoing open dialogue.


It is nothing other than a mirage presented to us from the psychopathic magi at the top of the pyramid. We are given these belief packages to argue, quarrel and slaughter one another over - as the Psychopathic Control Grid carries on with its own agenda while we are being so passionate and fanatical about the controlling magician's illusions.

Contrary to what we have all been led to believe, we came into this reality for a far greater purpose than to become fodder for the institutions of the Psychopathic Control Grid.


As a human being, you are a consciousness entity currently undergoing a biological experience. Enormous efforts - on-going since the time of the Babylonian Empire - have been undertaken by the psychopathic magi to divorce you from this realization.


You are told that you are just a meat robot who is programmed to become a good citizen by being just aware enough, self-realized enough, enlightened and cognitive enough to perform the tasks assigned to you by socio-economic status - but not enlightened and aware enough to figure out that you are basically an animal on a corporate farm called Earth.


This farm is nothing more than an illusion, a piece of pathological theater engineered to keep you from waking up to your full potential as a human being. Held together by the sorcery of mind control and culture - you have no say in its implementation, agenda and outcome.


Your job is to spend seventy or so years being slaughtered piecemeal to feed the Psychopathic Control Grid.

Consider the tropical fish in an aquarium. Several times a day, a giant fuzzy shape appears which drops food from above the surface of the water and the fish soon become aware that this is their entire reality in terms of procuring nourishment.


Perhaps on some primitive fish level consciousness, these sub-aquatic residents of the fish tank may even come to consider this giant fuzzy shape as their benevolent god of sorts. After all, the giant fuzzy shape feeds the fish with regularity. This allows peace and cohabitation among the different species of fish in the aquarium.


That is, until the day the giant fuzzy shape does not show up for feeding time and the fish soon begin to devour each other, with the lesser species within the fish tank being eaten first.

These tropical fish have no concept that they are artificially marooned within a glass tank and kept far away from the rivers, lakes and seas from which their ancestors derived.



these fish have no understanding that their existence is completely controlled by the giant fuzzy shape who also makes sure the water has the correct pH level, keeps the thermostat on to make sure the fish do not die of hypothermia, and then this giant fuzzy shape - the godhead of the fish - sits back and admires its collection of blissfully swimming ignorance imprisoned within five panes of glass as they negotiate their way in and around a fantasy land of plastic sunken ships and submerged castles for the great shape's amusement.

This imagery is a suitable metaphor for us, the human race today, and we have been this way for a very long time. We are the fish in the tank, and the Psychopathic Control Grid is our own giant fuzzy shape who keeps us alive as long as we are useful.


Now and again, our food is deprived and we begin to devour one another for the amusement of our benevolent overlords.


Since the time of Plato, engineered starvation has been encouraged for population reduction when our numbers begin to exceed the levels which begin to make the Psychopathic Control Grid nervous.


Then we are culled, implementing everything from Eugenics to 'family planning'.

It's just business; nothing personal. You as a person, your workplace, your community, or your country had something the psychopath wanted and he or she moved in and manipulated you into handing it over.


It could have been anything from sex to the results of a collective effort, to the IMF raping your country's assets after the international bond holders softened up your national economy to such a degree where you as a tax payer are now expected - as your 'patriotic duty' of course - to bail out these billionaires and globalist institutions.


The psychopaths at the top of the food chain operate in precisely the same basic way as the ones you encounter in the streets.

During my time working as a graphic designer for several major Wall Street banks, I would often find myself gazing across the concrete canyons of Lower Manhattan at the countless architectural details which adorned many of the early examples of twentieth century skyscrapers.


Back in the 1920's, this skyline inspired Austrian movie director Fritz Lang to give the world the movie Metropolis - a film which portrayed a bleak transhumanist community which Lang referred to as the New Tower of Babel.


Looking at these older skyscrapers, I was constantly drawn to the many gargoyles which flanked the corners of several of these temples of capitalism. It was intriguing to me to understand why the architects of these buildings chose to decorate them with imagery derived from the European cathedrals of the Middle Ages, just as they would have been mounted on a gothic tower 800 years previously.


These skyscrapers - towers of the New Babel - seemed to be part of a continuum where power and influence still resorted to protecting their 'Almighty' dollars and other sacred institutions with hideous effigies in stone and steel.


But why? Why the monster, the dragon, the half man-half beast? Why present a facade of horror and ugliness to the world beyond the stone walls of the institution?


The origin of the powerful and wealthy utilizing gargoyles or grotesques would appear to be much older than the Middle Ages.


Previous civilizations in Europe and beyond have employed the motif of the demon on everything from Viking long ships to Chinese pagodas. Clearly, we are dealing with something much more profound and insightful than an architectural detail.


These carved stone grotesques hint at something much more ancient and perhaps even towards a clandestine undercurrent of demon worship which goes right back to Babylon and which was carried on both knowingly and unknowingly by the priests and black magicians of theocracy and commerce to this very day.

The grotesque and sinister design of the gargoyle is said, according to popular legend, to scare off and protect people from any evil or harmful spirits.

  • Does it not seem rather strange that from the exterior of your typical gothic church we could be forgiven for thinking one was about to enter a temple of demonic worship?


  • Also, how does the justification for such graven images tie in with the endless probation against icons contained within the pages of the Bible?

In the Old Testament, the creation of graven images is punishable by death.


Yet the Christian church, which claims to be the descendant of the same tradition and guardians of the holy creed, constantly violates this edict.

We must also consider the possibility that the underlying psychopathology of the Middle Ages, with its oppressive social and religious intolerance being expressed through demonic gargoyles via some pre-Jungian archetype manifesting as a tangible form is the underlying issue here.


An over-active 'reptilian' R-Complex of the human brain coming to the fore within the psychosis and neurology of the many, clearly psychopathic religious leaders at the time.


To understand the obsession with the gargoyle, the monster and the demonic, we need to go back to an earlier time. To a place and culture which was awash in demon worship and demonic effigies: Babylon.

From 1894 BC to 320 BC, Babylon was the Akkadian city-state in ancient Mesopotamia, now in the present-day Babil Province of Iraq. During its heyday, Babylon was a culture obsessed with and consumed by demon worship and the iconic representation of the demonic effigies in all aspects of that society's religious, social and political life.


According to Morris Jastrow's Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, these demons lurked in remote or hidden places such as graves, mountaintops and in the shadows of ruins.


They would go out at night, enter homes through holes and crevices, and torture their victims. They were responsible for anything bad that happened - from destructive winds, pestilent fevers and disease to headaches, petty quarrels, hatred and jealousy.

Among these demons was the Alu - Alu is a translation of the Sumerian 'Gallu' (French: gargouille?) which means 'tempest.' Alu were half humans and half animals that roamed the streets hiding in dark corners.


This description is highly significant when we compare the nature of the Alu demon to that of the gargoyle effigies.


Here are mythological creatures who are half animals and half human which roam the streets, hidden in dark corners. There is also a strong correlation between the alleged practical function of the gargoyle and certain Babylonian ceremonies involving demonic figurines and water.


Babylonian temples were essentially temples of demons; supernatural beings having entered into graven images or blocks of stone.

Babylonians believed that spirits came down in the rain and entered inanimate and living things through the soil. During most of the chronological time-frame of Sumerian culture, the gods were the demons - there was no distinction.


Depictions of them were represented in many varying anthropomorphic grotesques:

winged bulls or lions with human heads, a serpent's head, a body covered with scales, the fore legs of a lion, hind legs of an eagle, and a reptilian lower body.

The head is the head of a serpent,
From his nostrils mucus trickles,
His mouth is beslavered with water;
The ears are like those of a basilisk,
His horns are twisted into three curls,
He wears a veil in his head band,
The body is a suh - fish full of stars,
The base of his feet are claws,
The sole of his foot has no heel,
His name is Sassu - wunnu,
A sea monster, a form of Ea.

In one of the magical demon worship rituals, the water-pouring ritual was implemented for individuals seeking to release a demon which may have been causing disease and hardship.


The adept would fashion a demon out of wax and clay and then pour water over the effigy in order to release the demon that was causing the problem. Which brings one to another aspect of the gargoyle - that being:

where does the demonic energy or entity go to precisely after it has been washed from the effigy?

Considering the number of these gargoyles on the major cathedrals of Europe and elsewhere, this is a considerable quantity of demons to be washed off the church by the rains.

  • Were the church fathers of the Middle Ages and up to the present era knowingly or unknowingly worshiping demons and harvesting 'demonic' forces?


  • Which came first; the misery of the Middle Ages or the gargoyles?


  • Was this a chicken-and-egg effect in that the misery of that time was a result of deliberate demonic harvesting by the control structure to create misery and havoc among society and thereby making them easier to control and manipulate?


  • By extension, are the temples of capitalism, which are still built with effigies and grotesques, operating under the same tradition?


  • Are the material-encapsulated monsters of the psyche purging misery upon the masses for the advantage of the few in control?


  • Perhaps robbing them of their spiritual, economic and personal empowerment?

Be they the Priesthood of Politics or the Cardinals of Capitalism, it would seem the Emissaries of Babylon are still with us to this day.


The New Towers of Babel and their rain-soaked demons have never left us. We have been living under this same Babylonian system ever since.


The demons of the past which the Babylonians worshipped are our celebrities and stars today. The Babylonian priest class spellbound the population with complex rituals and pageants which took place at night.


In the modern world, we are given a parade of stars and no end of other aspects of movie 'magic' and showbiz sorcery.


While the descendants of the Babylonian culture - the Romans - descended into blood savagery and murderous entertainment in the gladiatorial areas, today we have mindless vampire porn TV shows and Grand Theft Auto.


Our consciousness is constantly under attack - psychopaths know no other way to exist.



Non-compliance with the Psychopathic Control Grid is essentially a reverse spell placed back upon the system.


When you refuse to play their games by simply ignoring them, you have placed a hex of extreme paralysis upon them in terms of what they can do to you in your own life. It matters not what laws they pass; you can quietly ignore them without making a fuss. You begin by recapturing your consciousness from mass media.


Switching off the TV, or better still getting rid of it completely will have the most remarkable effects upon your psyche.


At first, you may find yourself having cravings for the reality, sports and vampire porn programs which you have been made addicted to. This will pass after about a month.


You will then begin to notice that you are less fearful, and your blood pressure is no longer affected by watching the nightly news broadcast of the same fear-inducing controls which government and corporate press offices are subjecting you to. The externally imposed Demons of the Mind have one less path to your psyche.

Indigenous peoples still retain this knowledge of the unseen demons of the mind.


Apart from Muslims, the Western world has become a free-for-all for these 'demonic' consciousness inorganic 'mind parasites' to exploit, torture, harvest our energy and manipulate us at will.


Our almost total belief in scientific materialism has also been a part of their attack plan - our rationality and self-righteous notions of education and scientific indignation provide the means for this 'demonic' archetype to indoctrinate modern humans away from maintaining the battlements around our consciousness.


In the rush to become 'men of reason', we have become lambs to the slaughter.

Look around you - after one hundred and fifty years of adopting the Scientific Method as the only means to rationalize superstition and ignorance, humanity as a species is more neurotic, murderous, suicidal, perverted, vicious, pathologically obsessive, gluttonous and insane than ever. In terms of mental health policy, the psychiatric industry, which prides itself on scientific understanding of the mind, has been a miserable failure.


Rather than hold up their hands and accept this, they have reached the absurd heights of declaring just about everyone on earth as essentially being psychologically disordered.


We have lost something, and that something is an obligation to protect ourselves within this reality by giving tribute and acknowledgement to the higher states of ourselves, both as individuals and as a collective consciousness.


We need to protect ourselves from these predatory consciousness incursions by the psychopaths, mindless government kill-bots and social zombies of the modern world, who are directly hard-wired into these archetypal states of 'demonic' consciousness.

In 2010, during a discussion I had with a Congolese Shaman, he became very interested in my work on psychopaths.


He turned to me and stated, very matter-of-factly, and with a somewhat serious tone during an otherwise jovial conversation,

"Ah yes, the psychopaths. That is the demon world trying to invade this world. They hate us, you know."

I stood there amazed, and then I inquired of him what is the reason for this invasion, and he replied,

"You (Westerners) hate yourselves - so you see no point in protecting your bodies, minds and souls from the demons you know are real but you think you are much too clever to believe in.


Until you wake up one morning and one of them is staring you in the face."