by Davyd and Emma Farrell

from FantasticFungi Website








A message for you. Itís a message from the plants.

It all started with a big mug of nettle tea, an afternoon meditation and a heart-opening ephiphany.

In a state of deep spiritual connection, it became vividly clear to Davyd that he must begin a movement to bring awareness to our sacred relationship with plants.


Today, the movement is called Plant Consciousness, an organization and annual event that aims to re-establish our connection to nature and reveal why it is necessary for the evolution of our collective consciousness that we do.

Bringing together the principles of,

  • plant neurobiology

  • permaculture

  • deep-ecology

  • eco-psychology

  • shamanism

  • herbalism,

...Plant Consciousness explores our interconnectedness with plants and our place in the biosphere of life.


What youíll quickly learn from Davyd and Emma is that we are far more dependent on plants than we realize, we have a far greater responsibility for their wellbeing than most of us acknowledge, and we have only begun to understand the depths of intelligence found in nature.

In our dynamic interview, Davyd and Emma share how they have learned how to communicate with plants, what messages mother nature has for us, and how to bring conscious awareness into every day life in order to live more mindfully, and in harmony with ALL life forms that surround us.

Listen to the interview here: