by Julian Wash
January 28, 2014
from RattleberryPie Website

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Dear Humans,

Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that peeks through the shadow of thought and plays in the light of dreams.


It's a shy and gentle expression - like an essence carried on a summer wind. And in the whisper of its path it paints the mindscape fantastic in rays of light too wondrous to describe.

This aspect does not respond to the vice of correction, the tone of authority or the wrath of judgment. It is not a thing or a thought but rather a stream of consciousness that cannot be labeled, categorized, weighed or measured.


You'll sometimes sense it near the edge of awareness, in the twilight of contemplation, where it is safe, observant and completely free. It's here between two worlds where the vibration manifests and shares company with orders of higher self and Universal love.

You may wonder where I'm going with this, and yet for some, it may already be apparent. So let's take a short journey to another dimension outside space and time and into the ever-present now.


And just for fun, let's call it the "fifth" dimension.


Outer World, Inner Child

There's a part of you observing this world in wide-eyed fascination like a child, hypnotized by the panoply of lights and sounds of a carnival.


It's the curious, exuberate and often euphoric self that knows everything there is to know, but cannot adequately reconnect with this information amid the chaos and confusion of third dimensional space.


Caught in a trap of density, mind consciousness is relegated to a confining backseat journey through this circus of illusion and the proverbial "house of mirrors" called life.

There will be moments, however, when you'll be reminded of your power and divine connection with source.


For reasons that go beyond the breadth and scope of this observation, it seems necessary that we be challenged by the expression of third density in order to more fully experience it.


In the denser form, exploits of the senses and emotional energy are necessary to help create a functional structure, a place to nurture ideas and cultivate emotions.

Though inundated by vibrations of all kinds, the most spectacular entering the fray is called "love."


You will all know this vibration in one form or another. Love cannot sustain itself in three dimensions but rather you must beacon it and hold it in your vibration. It is only through your expression of love that it can manifest in this reality.

Love helps us to see through the prism of space and time and into other dimensions. This view offers confirmation of something so grand in scale that it can easily bewilder the strongest minds.


Love, as a vibration, can be irrational and amiss. It doesn't really care about logic or timing, and you cannot trick or fool it.


When shared coherently between two people it defies explanation, evades comprehension and yet can fill a room with a palpable sense of joy.


This vital expression is there to remind you of a world beyond this existence in a dimension just outside our own. So curious a force, even spelled backward hints at being an evolution of consciousness. (LOVE = EVOL)

Children cultivate the vibration of love on a level that often transcends adult comprehension.


They are closer to source - and for this reason - "they" and not "we" are the teachers. From imaginary friends to powers of precognition, children remind us of what is beyond physicality.


And it's best to stay connected with the "inner-child" - the part of you that has no bias, no prejudice and can remain free of the trappings and underpinnings of societal expectations. It's that part of you that will stop to smell the flowers, play in a meadow rain and delight in the wonder of things.


Children are the first to know if you're one of them - or just another boring grownup.


Lower Density, Higher Influence

In the space that commands higher awareness we find an interesting paradox.


Because the rules that govern fifth density are different, certain virtues do not translate very well into third density. The heavy vibrations of anger, hate, fear, jealousy and aggression flourish in third density and can be readily exploited through manipulation.


In that sense, it can be used as an instrument to effect considerable change and not necessarily for the better.

On the other hand, concepts that come from a higher dimension have less "push" and can only be felt by those attuned to the higher aspects.


So the fundamentals come down to this:

  • Lower density ideas are very visceral and often come in the form of rules and laws and allow for higher influence in a narrow spectrum.

  • Higher density (concepts) initially offer little to no influence - but have the potential to touch an entire population.

There are those who've accomplish this feat despite the challenge.


Such people include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and John Lennon. A divided populace scoffed at their ideas of peace, equality and truth as too "airy" and unrealistic - and indeed they were. The air is plenty rarified in the fifth-dimensional realm.

On an intuitive level you are innately familiar with this higher dimension and so the physical domain is rather novel in its simplicity - yet challenging for exactly the same reason.


You're met with a variety of inflexible principles that tether you to laws and opinions, rules and routines. To further muddle you in the muck of density, your amnesia (of who you are) is ignored by the very institutions that claim to "teach."

Because there is more influence in denser realms, institutions of learning dispense copious amounts of language and math, mostly parroting what others have "taught" them.


Once you've managed to show competence in parroting, you graduate to a (lower) level. The institutions serve the purpose of building the stage for third-dimensional compliance. The nuts and bolts are opinions and ideology.


The platform is built on fear and insecurity, and the entire foundation rests on a curiously-maligned construct called the monetary system.



Music and the Fifth Dimension

Our point of attention in this physical expression can be likened to a stylus on an old phonographic record.


The needle sits in a groove rectifying tiny bumps into audible sounds, but can only play one spot at any given moment. The phonograph serves as analogy of the illusion of beginning, present and end - or past, present and future.


We know that the entire record exists, yet we are only privy to hearing a tiny amount per every second of time. In fifth density the entire record is fully realized instantaneously.


There is no past or future, just an ever-present now.

As an example, consider a record (or digital equivalent) that you are especially fond of. You are hearing it in a three-dimensional space, but "listening" with a fifth-dimensional awareness.


You already know the entire song from start to finish as you listen to the singular moment. Yet you allow the singular moment to trickle its way through the song as if something new is to be gleaned.


But it goes way beyond that. What you are adding to the music is a cascade of thoughts and emotions that are nowhere found on the physical recording.


What you are sensing is brought to you from a dimension that eclipses both time and space... The fifth dimension.



Final Thought

There are no easy ways to escape the 'energy trap.'


Third-dimensional reality comes replete with a whole litany of tortuous experiences like duality, illusion of time, anger, depression and remorse. Tortuous if you let it. You do have the option to remain above it.


The energetic self has been condensed into a solid state and so it is not free to drift in and out of places on merely a whim like the fifth-dimensional playground allows. On a subconscious level we miss that freedom.


As a result there are numerous psychological manifestations that, when properly vetted, can be traced to this longing for lost freedom. Trapped in the third dimension, there are poorly defined boundaries between suggestions of right and wrong, good and evil.


There is illness and sorrow, but perhaps worst of all - a nagging amnesia of trying to remember who you are.

To many, all that's left are the vaguest memories - and maybe a slight glimpse every now and then of the fifth-dimensional self. On some moonlit night, when the feeling is right, you might see the inner child peeking out from behind a tree, laughing at how serous you've become and all those big rules and titles you've pinned upon yourself.


You may try to greet this child, but you haven't a chance of catching him or her - not in their playground of light and wonder. The best you can hope for is a fleeting glance or maybe the distant sound of an innocent giggle.


If by chance you should happen to see a face looking back, a face swollen with sadness, imbued in disappointment, then you may want to ask yourself,

  • when did I abandon this part of me?

  • when did I forget how to play?

Until next time...