by Montalk

7 December 2006

from Montalk Website

Good news is that lots of people are waking up, finding themselves in situations similar to your own.


On the other hand, lots of people are also shriveling up spiritually, becoming increasingly empty and bitter. So before I say anything else, remember that because “saving the world” requires that people save themselves, only the willing can be assisted and there is no point in getting stubbornly frustrated with the rejection and ridicule you might face from those not ready or willing to expand their minds.

The surest way to work for the betterment of mankind is to improve yourself, educate yourself, become aware and skilled at delivering that awareness to others who are interested.


It’s more about building up your potential to serve than just going out there and trying to do good haphazardly. The actual opportunities to “do something” are called out of you by the needs of circumstance - you’ll be inspired with a good idea and your circumstances will just happen to be in the right place for you to carry it out.

By improving yourself, I mean becoming ever more mentally stable and emotionally balanced, acquiring wisdom from observation and experience, taking great care to deal with people according to their level of understanding.


Books by Rudolf Steiner, John Baines, Theun Mares, and Franz Bardon, and other esoteric sources contain decent advice on this.

By educating yourself, I mean learning more about what really matters, what is really going on in this world and within yourself, the hidden things that manipulate people that could be stopped if only they knew about it, and the positive principles that if known and applied would allow one to progress more intelligently and powerfully yet compassionately through life.

Becoming skilled means finding your niche for communication. Some are good at sending messages through music or art. Others through writing. Others through informal conversations. Others through public speaking.


If you can become a walking "help center" where those you meet who need a bit of inspiration or help figuring something out can benefit from what you yourself have learned, that’s a good thing.

Whatever you do learn about, be sure to ponder not just memorize it. Look for what it explains, and look for what it fails to explain. Over time you’ll grow talented at telling truth from deception, which is a very important skill because the road to higher knowledge is strewn with lures and traps.


I spend the most energy on my site laying out the various methods of manipulation and deception because I figure if people know about the bad stuff then they can more safely pursue whatever positive things they desire.

Networking with others of similar orientation works wonders. Ideas bounce back and forth, new ideas arise seemingly out of nowhere, one person gets an idea and another happens to have some needed skills to pull it off, and so on.


So whether on the internet or in real life (most likely both) you can optimistically pursue connecting with others, seeking them out, maybe putting yourself out there through a website or blog, in order to fish for those that would make good mutual team-mates.


Subtle synchronicity guides these connections but there has to be a nonzero probability that the connection can even happen - therefore as long as you take care of the mechanics, reality takes care of the rest. Your spiritual family exists right now scattered about, it’s just a matter of timing and preparation for these to gather.

Firstly how would one go about distinguishing a positive human from a Matrix agent?

The only way to know with 100% certainty is to have clairvoyant abilities where you can see the soul energy field of another, and even then you have to know what to look for. Otherwise intuitively gauging the “vibe” of another and using what you know from previous experience with people can get you close enough.


There are two risks to avoid here:

  • the first is getting suckered by an agent

  • the other is mistaking someone positive for an agent

When you get suckered, at least you learn a lesson and move on. But when you falsely believe someone positive is an agent, that really screws things up. Therefore I would recommend giving everyone but the most hostile cases the benefit of a doubt and let their further actions speak for themselves.

In my experience there are really only two types of “agents” to watch out for:


  1. Helpless super-drainer

    This person tugs on you to be their teacher, their rescuer, their advisor, etc… and comes off as emotionally needy and desperate. Yet no matter what you tell them, they never actually listen or improve - never. That is the difference between these and just your sincere seeker looking for advice.


    Instead of actually benefiting from interaction in a learning/wisdom/strength fashion, they just ask you for more and more time and energy. It’s like they don’t care about the advice you give them, only that you are being dragged down with them.


    Functionally they are like energy leeches. Give them a chance to learn from your advice, but if they become a pain in the ass by consistently refusing to help themselves then walk away.


  2. Bait-and-switcher

    This person comes to you strongly mirroring many of your beliefs but seems a bit hurried or pressured to build rapport with you.


    Then the moment they have your undivided attention they quickly switch over to a pile of disinformation, trying to lead you down a line of beliefs that make you feel uncomfortable, trying to make you doubt your own previously gained knowledge and wisdom - not through solid reason but through manipulative tactics.


    Often they will enter your life with a bunch of really weird synchronicities, like mentioning specific things you have just been researching but no one else knows you have, or talking about their personal history and childhood with details that very oddly and too closely match your own. And as soon as you show resistance they switch from sweet to bitchy in a split second.


    That’s a red flag if they do the 180 degree switch as soon as you refuse to bend to their will, which reveals what they are really after.

Both of these will be pretty obvious when you encounter them.


There’s this shallow surface mask, and beneath is something nasty that comes out from time to time. It’s the nasty parts that will stand out for you. It doesn’t matter whether they are individually souled or not, as a rabidly programmed and manipulated souled person is bad news regardless.

Remember there’s a difference between a nice person having a bad day and unintentionally snapping at you, and a dangerous person pretending to be nice except for moments when their disguise slips. You can sense intuitively what is beneath the surface of someone.


Does their niceness seem fake? Does their rudeness seem out of line for them? and so on.

A common mistake is for people to discern who is positive and negative based on whether they act nice or do nice things versus being mean and aggressive. But let’s remember that con-artists put on the charm to fool lonely old ladies all the time, therefore it takes seeing the bigger picture, the consistent patterns, the red flags unexcused by superficial niceties to catch a peddler of deception.

The best way to hone your intuition is to pay attention to what you feel as you interact with someone and to remember this feeling - then later, after time has passed and they have shown their true colors, you can recall this feeling and correlate it to whom they ended up being. Everyone that has ever felt “off” to me eventually ended up visibly revealing their negative intentions or purposes sooner or later.


Everyone who has felt fully-rounded and good-natured eventually proved themselves to be creative souls with life-spark.

To avoid suspecting the wrong people, don’t go nitpicking for red flags in the behavior of someone who seems so-so, otherwise you will force yourself to see things as you wish rather than as they are. If there is a warning sign, it will come to you. All you have to do is avoid rationalizing away these warning signs when they smack you in the head.


So stay calm and neutral to avoid injecting bias into your observations.


The Matrix control system can use a combination of implanted thought loops and orchestrated misunderstandings to make two positive souls distrust each other, so beware. Unlike noticing real warning signs, this artificially induced paranoia comes with an irrational impulse of irritability and oversensitivity. The difference between prudence and paranoia is that the first is sharp yet serene, free from irrational compulsions, while the second is a type of intoxication.

What signs should I be aware of that signify a pending “attack”?

I can only discuss what signs consistently come my way prior to an attack:


  • Number sightings

    I may see certain numbers on clocks, license plates, receipts, signs, etc… only around times when I’m in some kind of danger. For me, “911” and “141” respectively signify “emergency” and “watch out.”


    For you, other numbers might show up. Keep in mind the things that come to your attention prior to some really aggravating or depressing experience. You’ll notice certain ones occur again next time before similarly negative events. Then you can predict the impending nature of an attack by these precursors.


  • Synchronicities

    These show up whenever I’m about to undergo a disturbance or expansion in my beingness. So if I’m heading on a new positive path, or learning something important, I get synchronicities.


    But I also get them when I’m about to undergo an emotionally distressing experience. Therefore when you get clusters of synchronicities, pay attention to what if anything happens in the next 48 hours.


  • Dreams

    Watch for dreams of storms, tornadoes, violent attackers, gunfights, animal attacks, zombie attacks, evil things lurking outside your house trying to get in, and so on. For me these symbolic dreams almost always predict a related literal event happening within three days. Journal your dreams and then use hindsight to correlate them to experience.


    Among its many functions, dreams serve to tune you into probable futures in the works. If one is right around the corner, it will likely show up symbolically in a dream. But I have confirmed that probable futures are quantum in nature - if you can observe them with enough precision, you “collapse the wave function” and freeze them from manifesting.


    Therefore, based on such prognostications, if you can sufficiently determine the timing and nature of the attack it will fizzle out. Awareness radically shifts the probability distribution of impending futures - negative forces will call off an ambush if chances of success take a nosedive.


  • Ear ringings

    Especially ones in the left ear. These sound like tuning forks going off inside your head, low or high pitch, often preceded by muting. The louder, the more serious.


    For me they signify being monitored, like some predator spying on its target to gain last minute intelligence before pouncing. Whenever I get an ear ringing, I know something is up and increase my awareness level for the next couple days. Sometimes you’ll get these when talking with a certain person who seems fishy, especially one of the two agent types mentioned earlier.


    As for right ear, for some people it means “Bingo!” in response to a thought worth investigating, while for others it have related positive meanings. However for me, my right ear ringings have correlated with impending screw ups and frustrations.


  • Deja vu

    A strong feeling of already having lived this particular moment. Like in The Matrix this means “they changed something.” It signifies an artificial alteration of the timeline to place an unexpected obstacle in your immediate path.


  • Omens

    These will vary from person to person. Myself, I have noticed an unusual amount of police and fire sirens occurring on days when I’m about to deal with an emergency. Sudden unusual insect problems or wild animal intrusions may also be significant.


    Look in a dream dictionary like for clues on what these might mean.


  • Feeling of doom

    Feels like something is terribly wrong but you cannot place what exactly it might be. Sometimes you’re just being toyed with by entities milking your fear energy, especially if it becomes a debilitating panic attack, other times it really is an intuitive premonition when the feeling heightens your alertness.


  • Animals acting crazy

    We have a cat that goes nuts running and huffing when an attack is underway. Dogs and cats may act strange, aggravated, or scared, especially if a negative entity is lurking around to monitor or attempt a proximity attack through etheric/telepathic means.

(For more articles on these phenomena, please see In 2 Worlds - Waking Up to Another Layer of Reality)

How would one go about encouraging a “Sleeping” person to free their mind?

The goal is to pique their curiosity without brow-beating them. Almost everyone has a threshold of openness where rational pondering turns to irrational defending when some ego-based belief is crossed.


Some reach that threshold right away… those more open minded may never reach it in conversation.


If you are good enough at conversing that you can lead them right up to that threshold, then that’s as far as you can take them at the moment. Any further and they won’t budge, only get turned off. It’s not about being cunning or manipulative, but rather speaking from a noble, caring, and lucid place within yourself while keeping their conscious responses in mind.

One way to pique curiosity is to ask a question, mention a phenomena, that they cannot explain or account for. Something that brings to their attention an inadequacy or hole in their view of the world.


If you’re dealing with someone conscious but asleep, they might frown and go “hmm, I never thought about that one. Interesting,” while those who are more heavily programmed can dance in circles with logical fallacies trying to dismiss anything that does not match their programming; for those, smile and back off.


For the interested, this is where it pays off to be knowledgeable on alternative subjects and know what further sources to recommend.

It also helps to be genuinely earnest and sincerely kind when relaying some belief or experience of yours, instead of arrogant or combative - this way they can still see your good side even if they don’t believe you. They are being held hostage by their own egos, and when you step out of line and provoke their ego more than necessary, their minds turn off and the ego takes over shutting you out.


Speaking to their hearts, their reasoning minds, their latent spark of curiosity works best.

You can also try raising your vibes by thinking of lofty and positive thoughts, memories, and ideals before getting on with the interaction, which helps make them feel more comfortable and wards off negative forces that might otherwise whip them away from opening their minds.